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PC/Mac Patch Notes v10.0.6

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The Elder Scrolls Online v10.0.6 fixes quite a few issues from Update 42 launch, including a number of fixes for Gold Road and Scribing quests, a few Wayshrines around West Weald not consistently functioning, some art model and effects-related issues, and more. We’ve also fixed an issue where Luminous Ink was not dropping from boss enemies, giving you more opportunities to obtain Ink for Scribing. The size of this patch is approximately 748MB.

  • Fixed an issue where Luminous Ink was not dropping from boss enemies.
  • Mages Guild Scripts will no longer be looted as level 50 items. Players below level 50 can now pick up the Mages Guild Scripts and use them to unlock the Script knowledge on those characters.
    • This will not affect existing Scripts that you have already looted. You can destroy these Scripts, which will allow you to pick the Mages Guild Script up again and the new item will have no level requirements to use.

  • Mender's Bond: Fixed an issue where the healing done from the Sage's Remedy Signature paired with this Grimoire derived its healing from your Max Magicka/Stamina 10.5x higher than intended.
  • Vault: Fixed an issue that resulted in this ability granting Crowd Control Immunity after casting.

  • The Wing of the Crow
    • The Fox no longer gets stuck in a “slow” state if you speak to it too quickly.
    • Fixed an issue where Wards would sometimes not show up.
    • Fixed an issue where the Fox would get stuck on the bridge and not move.
    • Added a hint to the quest to tell you how to reset the path if you get stuck.
  • The Wing of the Dragon
    • Fixed an issue where you could lose access to various portals to get back to the quest objective areas.

  • Fixed an issue where the Scribing UI in Gamepad Mode would not re-narrate when adding, removing, or clearing Scripts.
  • Fixed issue where tooltips in the "Change Style" dialog in Gamepad Mode from the Skills screen was not being narrated.
  • Fixed a UI error that could occur when showing ability tooltips in Gamepad Mode.


  • Fixed an issue where ESO+ enabled players might see inconsistent locked/unlocked statuses on the portals at the end of Gates of Adamant.


Lucent Citadel Trial
  • General
    • Adjusted the visual effects of the Darkcaster Slasher’s Darkness effect for performance purposes.
  • Arcane Knot (Final Encounter)
    • The visual effects will no longer persist if your character dies while holding the Arcane Knot.

  • Psijic Portals in West Weald will now properly award overland Item Set gear.

  • Bosses Shaman Rezzutum and Bone-Breaker in Silorn will now respawn properly when the fight resets.
  • Delve Bosses Vralkuun and Commander Hanhael will now spawn correctly based on achievement progression.
  • Oakenclaw will now drop aggro when you leave the fight area.

  • Cavy will now behave like regular critters, as expected.

  • Wayshrines throughout West Weald now function more reliably.
  • Added Eyevea to the locations in the Map UI.
  • The Wendir ruin now shows up in the Zone Guide
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Shrine of Stendarr in The Great Chapel of Julianos could not be used.

  • Another Death in Ontus: Fixed an issue wherein the map would not correctly display quest markers when destroying alchemical tools during this quest.
  • Hold the Line: Shardborn Hunter, around Feldagard Keep, will now aggro and can be targeted.
  • Ithelia’s Fury: Fixed an issue with the visuals in the Ithelia fight intro.
  • King Nantharion’s Gambit: The Miscarcand Well now glows with power.
  • Seeds of Suspicion: You can now examine the Recollection Map discovered during this quest.
  • Paths of Chaos: Toned down the strobing effects appearing during this quest to acceptable levels.
  • Seeds of Suspicion: Updated King Nantharion’s appearance to be consistent throughout the quest.
  • Self-Preservation: Fixed an issue wherein the compass pins to gather river flowers would not display correctly.
  • Terror of the Weald: You will now get credit for defeating Balandrus if a group member finishes the fight.
  • When the Ground Shook: Fixed a typo in the compass text.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Saint Alessia deck to not show which player is favored during longer matches.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause mounts from other players to appear to have identical upgrades to your own.
  • Fixed an issue where some staves were suddenly using the wrong model after Update 42 launch.
  • Fixed an issue where characters wearing the Werewolf Hunter Hat would lose some of their textures.

Whitestrake’s Mayhem
  • Fixed an issue where Tel Var rewards from the passive bonus were double-dipping in certain containers.

Zeal of Zenithar
  • Corrected the Zeal of Zenithar Help entry which describes what drops from reward parcels, in which it was incorrectly stated Gold Road Dragoon style pages could come from any box.

  • Adjusted the Furnishing Limit Type of the "How to Scribe" collectible furnishing to be "Collectible Furnishing" rather than "Traditional Furnishing", to match other collectible books furnishings.

  • Corrected the name of the achievement in the Merryvine Estate's gold requirements.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not preview Rosewine Retreat or Merryvine Estate unless you owned the Gold Road Chapter.

  • Reverted unused DXGI changes that could have negatively impacted graphics performance or stability.
  • Updated the Privacy Policy with minor verbiage and link location changes.

  • The alert that appears when taking attachments from COD mail now properly includes the sender’s name.
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