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PTS Patch Notes v10.0.2

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The Elder Scrolls Online v10.0.2 contains many more fixes for Gold Road content including quests, zone content, and the new trial. We’ve also made a number of fixes for Scribing, including some skills and the questline. We've seen your feedback about script acquisition and are discussing possible adjustments for the future, and will keep you posted on how we intend to go forward.

Also this week, we’ve activated the Whitestrake’s Mayhem event for testing, and have made some adjustments to Guild Trader item sale timers. Note that today, April 29, we’ll be testing a number of commands on the backend that may periodically affect some Scribing skills or functionality; this test should be complete by 6pm EDT.

All PC EU characters have been copied for testing this week, and the approximate size of today’s patch is 521MB.

  • Overview
  • New Features / Updates / Big Changes
    • Event Testing: Whitestrake’s Mayhem
    • Guild Trader Timers
  • Combat & Gameplay
    • Combat & Abilities
    • Itemization & Item Sets
    • Scribing
    • Companions
  • Fixes & Improvements
    • Chapters & DLCs
    • Base Game
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    Event Testing: Whitestrake’s Mayhem
    Arm yourself and march against the <insert loathed alliance here>! The Scroll of Pelinal’s Ferocity remains retired, with all bonuses during this event being passive; no buffs to track, no scroll to use. That said, the alteration to the associated Achievement remains in place, where you need only use the Basin of the Gore Virtuous from the intro quest to complete it.
    • As a refresher, the passive bonuses for this event are:
      • +100% Tel Var earned
      • +100% AP earned
      • +100% XP earned in PvP-enabled spaces (Cyrodiil, Imperial City, Battlegrounds)
    • You’ll receive Pelinal’s Boon Boxes from completing daily quests in Cyrodiil or Imperial City districts, or as a bonus reward in Rewards for the Worthy mails you receive.
    • Event tickets stay the same as previous Mayhems, with 2 tickets coming from the first Cyrodiil daily quest completed each day, and an additional 1 ticket for the first Imperial City district daily completed each day.
    • This season, boon boxes contain the usual offerings plus a chance to receive an unbound, tradeable style page for the Ayleid Lich outfit styles. If you’ve already earned such a page that day, you can instead earn pages from the returning Dovah’s Du’ul style or even the Gloamsedge style.
    • Imperial City bosses have a chance to drop pages for the Sancre Tor Paragon or Dovah’s Du’ul armor style.
    • The Impresario will begin carrying fragments of the new Anchorborn Welwa mount, starting with the first fragment.
    • This season’s Bags of Veteran’s Glory can contain the following items below, and will always give you something you don’t already have. All contents of these bags are bound to you.
      • Legion Zero Armor Style Pages
      • Legion Zero Vigiles Armor Style Pages
      • Second Legion Armor Style Pages
      • Standard-Bearer Emotes
      • Standard-Bearer Staves and Shields Style Pages
      • Ebonsteel Knight Armor Style Pages
      • Black Drake Armor Style Pages
      • Battle-Scarred Body and Face Markings
      • Black Drake Warpaint Body and Face Markings
      • House Dufort Banneret Armor Style Pages
      • Tools of Domination Weapon Style Pages
      • Gloamsedge Outfit Style Pages

    Guild Trader Timers
    Guild trader item sale timers have been reduced from 30 days to 14 days to allow for improvements in server performance by reducing strain on the database. Note that existing item listings will not be affected by this change. Please see this forum post for more information about this adjustment.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    • Soldier of Apocrypha
      • Rune of Eldritch Horror
        • Rune of Uncanny Adoration (morph): Fixed an issue where Minor Vulnerability could fail to apply from this ability.

    • Werewolf
      • Roar
        • Deafening Roar: Fixed an issue where this ability’s passive slot bonuses would disable after your character dying.

    Dungeon Sets
    • Maligalig’s Maelstrom: Fixed an issue where this set could trigger on non-group members.
    • Mighty Glacier: Fixed an issue where the Immobilize Focus Script didn't count towards the Immobilize ability for both Vault and Soul Burst. 

    Monster Sets
    • Magma Incarnate: Fixed an issue where this set could trigger on non-group members.

    Overland Sets
    • Hexos Ward: Fixed an issue where this set would not always proc off direct Critical Damage. 

    Trial Sets
    • Lucent Echoes: Fixed an issue where the damage reduction bonus from this set was additive instead of multiplicative.

    • Fixed the title displayed in the Archive UI to read “Archive” instead of “Scribing” in Gamepad Mode.
    • Fixed an issue with skills not correctly appearing on the Ability Bar when newly scribed. 
    • Fixed an issue in German to reduce bad line breaks in longer script names. 
    • Fixed an issue where the loading screen flashed or wouldn't load in the Scholarium.
    • Fixed issues where lorebooks would still glow even if you added them to your lore library.
    • Fixed an issue where you weren't able to purchase certain merchant products in Gamepad Mode even when meeting the requirements.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause an incorrect Focus/Combination “Scribed” name to display on the Scribing UI when viewing a blank Grimoire.
    • Skill tooltips in the Archive section of the Scribing Altar are now hidden when leaving the Altar.
    • Fixed an issue that caused scribed skills in the scribing Archive screen to use the name of your currently configured version of the skill.

    • Grimoires
      • Mender's Bond: Fixed an issue that caused Mender's Bond to impact targets beyond its intended range.
      • Shield Throw: Adjusted the animation to not cause funkiness after blocking. 
      • Trample:
        • Fixed an issue where you could see a hostile telegraph from your own ability. 
        • Fixed an issue where the mounts wouldn't despawn when changing zones. 
      • Traveling Knife: Fixed an issue where a temporary icon would appear when using the Pull script.
      • Wield Soul: Fixed an issue where the tooltip indicated an incorrect duration for the Major Cowardice Affix.
    • Signature Scripts
      • Fixed an issue where the Necromancer and Warden Class Mastery cooldown were not shared among scribed abilities.
    • Second Era of Scribing:
      • Added additional quest bestowals throughout Skingrad to make it easier to find this quest. These will only appear if you are at least level 30 or have at least one Champion Point.
      • The portal into the tutorial ruins will now lead you back to the last zone you took the portal from instead of always being Rivenspire.
      • Fixed an issue where logging out before taking the portal into the Sunnamere Ruins could cause the portal to not appear upon logging back in.
      • Fixed an issue where an audio effect wasn't playing when closing the unmarked door.
    • Wing of the Dragon: Fixed an issue where the quest could become blocked around the Third Key Fragment if you left the zone prematurely. 
    • Wing of the Gryphon: Fixed several issues involving quest assist pins. 
    • The Wing of the Indrik: This quest will now display the correct tracker text when on the second set of wards. 
    • Wing of the Netch: Added an icon for the quest item "Mementos of a Fallen Soldier".
    • Finale Quest:
      • Fixed an issue with location maps zoomed to an incorrect location. 
      • Fixed an issue with maps not showing a player pin.
      • Fixed an issue where Echoes were flying higher than intended. 
    Skill Styling
    • Fixed a typo in the name of the "Whirlwind, Ochre Orange" Skill Style. "Orchre" isn't a thing, no matter what Urgarlag says.
    • Fixed an issue where the Icons for "Snipe, Scarlet Red" and "Poison Arrow, Crimson Red" Skill Styles were swapped.

    • Ember is now more likely to comment when you are caught trespassing.
    • Mirri will now give negative rapport when harvesting a Honey Bee.
    • Azandar will no longer think Ice Pillars are, uh, Ogres.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    • Expanded the area at Deserter's Lagoon in which crafting stations can be attuned to the style “Threads of War”.
    • Crafting stations attuned at Leftwheal Grainery now properly attune to the style “Highland Sentinel”.
    • Enabled a number of cooking fires throughout the zone.

    Lucent Citadel Trial
    • General
      • You can no longer increase your character’s speed with abilities and item sets while in Ghost Light form outside of the Ghost Light Speed ability.
      • The portal in Lucent Wastes will now always take you to the proper location.
      • Cavot Agnon’s Radiance ability now deals damage in an area on normal difficulty.
      • The achievement “Embrace the Dark” now correctly references “Darkness” instead of “Creeping Dark”.
      • Keshargo and the expedition members no longer talk over one another upon reaching the Null Arca with the Arcane Knot.
    • Count Ryelaz and Zilyesset
      • Updated Zilysset’s targeting to match other Fractured Remnants.
      • Count Ryelaz and Zilyesset will now properly prioritize players after teleporting.
      • Count Ryelaz will now always walk through the Mirror of Opposition when intended.
      • You can no longer apply affects to allies on the opposite side of the Mirror of Opposition.
    • Orphic Shattered Shard
      • Orphic Shattered Shard will now be immune when charging and consistently remain immune when channeling the room color change.
      • Crystal Hollow Sentinel will no longer randomly throw its shield while running.
    • Arcane Knot (Final Encounter)
      • Temporal Splinters now correctly deals increased damage to targets that were affected by Splintered Passage when the Arcane Knot fractures.
      • Baron Rize and Defensive Prisims will now properly reset when the Arcane Knot encounter is unsuccessful.
      • Arcane Conveyance will no longer have its visual effects disappear should you move far away from other players.
      • You will no longer see “Joining Encounter in Progress” multiple times.
      • Xoryn’s Tempest Assault ability will no longer target players carrying the Arcane Knot.
      • Chain Lightning will no longer strike the same target within the same cast of the ability, nor will it arc to targets carrying the Arcane Knot.
      • Reduced the damage of Chain Lightning and Accelerating Charge.
      • Increased the duration of Fluctuating Current with Hard Mode active.
      • Increased the duration of Overloaded Current.
      • Visual effects for the Arcane Knot will no longer mysteriously disappear.

    • “Daedra Worship: The Ayleids” is no longer incorrectly listed as a Mages Guild book in the Zone Guide.
    • Fixed a number of Treasure Chest placement issues throughout the zone.
    • Several Safeboxes in West Weald are now appropriately guarded.
    • Safeboxes will now spawn the correct number throughout West Weald.
    • Fixed a number of issues related to the obtaining and stacking of contraband in West Weald.
    • A very smart crow was guarding a Thieves Trove in West Weald – the corvid has since been moved.
    • Heart-leather Wristwrap and Bronzed Bat Wing contraband items are no longer labeled twice as Oddities.
    • Fixed an issue where the skyshard in Fort Colovia wouldn’t display on the map if you've collected it and have the Acquired Skyshards filter checked on your map filters.
    • Adjusted several skyshard hints for greater clarity.
    • Fixed an issue causing item sets in Lucent Citadel to not respect curation rules.
    • Fixed various typos, collection issues, and text mismatches in books throughout West Weald.
    • Fixed several heavy sack placements so they aren't floating or waterlogged.

    • You will now see your Infamy while in the Skingrad Outlaws Refuge.
    • Updated City Service icons in Skingrad.
    • Fixed various issues with monsters and interactable objects floating off the ground.
    • Added the Three Points Wayshrine to the Colovian Highlands.
    • You can now acquire and complete Fighter's Guild quests in Skingrad.
    • Adjusted a number of NPCs so they don’t walk away or move out of view during conversations.
    • Fixed several issues with the Echonir visions not sharing among group members.

    Mirrormoor Incursions
    • Valkynaz Uldazzan will no longer target the same player repeatedly with the Ice Spray ability if more than one eligible target is present.
    • The protective barrier surrounding the Valkynaz trio will now always appear during the Mirrormoor Champion encounter.
    • VO lines announcing the boss’ arrival will now always play when appropriate.

    • Ayelid Altercations: Narsis Dren will now stop following you around if you abandon this quest.
    • Fate of the Forgotten Prince: You can now navigate between the Central Orphic Tunnels and Depths if you abandon this quest.
    • Ithelia’s Fate:
      • You will now be kicked from the Mythos and also lose Leramil if you abandon the quest.
      • Your character will now disappear from the floor correctly when collecting the relics during this quest.
    • King Nantharion's Gambit:
      • You should now have an easier time finding Beragon for this quest.
      • Fixed an issue where the theater scene could freeze and block your quest progression.
      • This quest will now properly advance if your character dies after destroying the portal.
    • Relics of the Three Princes: Fixed an issue wherein you could be prevented from progressing if you entered combat while using Abolisher to open portals during this quest.
    • The Untraveled Road:
      • Leramil will now reappear if you leave and later return to the Mirror Puzzle room.
      • All group members will now see the puzzle mirrors light up when activating them during the quest step "Find a Way to Open the Portal”.
      • You will no longer be transported further into the instance if your character dies and uses a wayshrine while on the quest step "Use Abolisher".
      • Fixed an issue where you could get a second Leramil follower if your character died during the battle against Shardmaster Vargas.
      • You will now continue to see your companions in a glassy texture when trapped in the mirror.

    Public Dungeons
    • Quest steps for the quest “Caught in a Trap” now share correctly in the Leftwheal Public Dungeon.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    • Corrected the error message you receive when using "doors" that transport you to High Isle, which were erroneously telling you that you had to own Elsweyr to enter.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Chronicle of Fate: Fixed an issue where the Chronicle of Apocrypha could sometimes spawn inside its podium, making it appear missing or inaccessible.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    • Cleaned up yet more stray Witches Festival decorations. Sorry, the crows keep stealing them and putting them back, they think it’s all about them.

    Zeal of Zenithar
    • Updated the coin garland decorations with new textures to make them look fancier.

    • Removed non-obtainable Cumberland Cavalier outfit styles from the UI.

    • Adjusted the audio for the following furnishings:
      • Ayleid Blacksmithing Station
      • Scholarium Door, Dragon
      • Scholarium Door, Study
      • Scholarium Door, Gryphon
      • Scholarium Door, Indrik
      • Scholarium Door, Netch
    • Adjusted the collision on the furnishing "Leaf Pile, Autumn" so you can walk through it like a normal leaf pile.

    • Fixed a crash that could occur with non-standard methods of changing localization settings.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when enabling the Occlusion Culling option on a machine that does not have enough CPU threads available to run the system.

    • Outlaws Refuges from Blackwood, Fargrave, High Isle, Vastyr, and Necrom are now properly flagged as Outlaws Refuges and allows bounty to calculate.

    • Crimes of the Past: Fixed an issue where the quest bestower could despawn by approaching her from certain angles.

    Gamepad Mode
    • Fixed a UI error that could occur in the house editor retrieval tab.
    • Fixed a UI error that could occur when selecting a style for a skill.
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