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I Give Up On This Event

  • MidniteOwl1913
    mctaff wrote: »
    So I am going to lend a slightly different personal experience here.
    I pay for my own and my three kids accounts. We all don't get a great deal of time to play, so the endless hours of grinding isn't something we can always do, so I already feel failed by the system being linked directly to a grind.

    1) The four of us joined a guild-run event, and did a three-boss circuit grind, with 12 participants. Throughout the 2.5 hrs, we had a total of eleven style pages drop for group members, which already brings the average amongst our small sample set to "1 page per 2.5 hrs grind".

    And of course, one of my kids got nothing, one got both, and another (and myself) got only one. Knowing that time is running out, and despite having plenty of event tickets and her willingness to put in hours of effort/work for it, she walked away empty handed. I had to have the talk that we all have to get used to disappointment in life.

    But to say "Here is your celebration event for ten year anniversary, have an absolutely meaningless grind with the potential to miss out entirely" is an example of awful marketing.

    This should always have been attached to an achievement.

    My daughter was devastated, and although I used all this as a learning point of how life can be really sh!tty to you - why am I teaching her using a game that is supposed to be fun, inclusive and represent a way to relax, unwind and earn nice things? Plenty of opportunity for me to teach her that in the real world.
    She wants to cancel her account, and it's not my job to convince her to stay; ZOS are the ones that need to come up with incentives to keep her wanting me to spend my money with them. If she leaves? Sub gets canceled and no more purchases.


    2) Furthermore, whose daft idea was it to not give enough confetti packs, requiring you to "spend, um, some tickets, not sure how many, hope you are a CPA to figure it out because you need to predict it correctly"? You may have seen this as a way to encourage crown store ticket purchases, but all you did was just introduce an annoyance into the game.


    How are ZoS going to address (1) and (2) above? Will they ignore this feedback, just like the countless others in this and other threads? Will they trash the hours of grinding that people have done by giving them away to people who missed out? Will they retroactively apply achievements and award them based on that?
    I already know the answer. And sadly, that is where they will continue to slowly and almost imperceptibly lose players until it's too late.

    @ZOS_GinaBruno I rarely tag people, but as the community manager you need to go in there and champion for your players, get everyone to understand what goes wrong, and figure out the right way to do things for the future.

    I believe that everything is working as intended. The best theory I've seen is low drop rates were meant to keep people in-game and to provide good numbers for the event.

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