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Would you play ESO if:

  • katanagirl1
    Whenever people complain that there aren't unlockable cosmetics I feel like I'm being gaslit.

    Antiquities-- so many cool furnishings, motifs, body markings, etc via the scrying system

    Achievement furnishings-- there are SO many, and some are VERY hard to get.

    A millions dyes-- maybe not a million, but a lot. And again, some of these are hard to get.

    Mounts-- every trial since vSS has had a mount, Necrom has a mount via completing content, stablemasters sell you mounts for gold, pretty sure there'sa mount for completing some achievements in infinite archive.

    Pets-- DLC public dungeons have collectable items to combine into a pet, there are pets you get just from going to certain areas or completing specific dungeons

    Titles-- literally ALL titles are earned in game, 0 are available in the crown store

    Houses-- yes houses can be bought for crowns, but there are some that are only available to buy in game after you complete quests, and there's been a house available via event ticket morphing now too.

    You have some good points, and I agree with you somewhat.

    However as far as most mounts go, you have to complete the most difficult-game content to get them. I’ve been in a trials team for well over a year now, working our way up from normal trials to get gear and learn to work together as a team. We have yet to get to the more recent trials that have mounts and it will be a while before we get there. Sure I could pay for a carry and get them now but I want to earn them. So these rewards are available to a very small percentage of the player base.

    The stablemasters offer only a handful of very basic mounts, I think 3 of them, all of which are horses. No zone specific mounts like senche or guar can be purchased in game with gold.

    There's an indrik of every color, and some other mounts available via event tickets.

    I'm.... actually very happy with my free level 10 sorrel mare, 5 of my characters use that. So I don't have a lot of the event stuff, but I know they are there.

    And regarding trial mounts being hard to get: isn't the point of earning it in game to earn it?

    Keep up the good work with trials and you'll get the mounts. It took me just over 3 years from when Sunspire dropped to me getting my gorgeous fire and ice mount, but it wouldn't be the same as buying it in the crown store.

    Yeah, I am not arguing against the mounts being hard to get, just stating that is not something a casual player, or most players at all, will attain.
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  • Charlotte_Loreley
    No. A single company making, publishing and selling a single game doesn't count as a "service".

    A single game is just that - a game. A single source of limited entertainment. You can't monetize it as a service.
    The only reason it works for WOW is because they have a lot of hardcore fans. ESO can't even compare with the sheer numbers there. Not to mention a sub is not the only source of money for them. They also have a game shop, real shop, BlizzCon. But yeah, the main reason is their reach.

    ESO has issues with performance, story & setting, game shop, maybe other lesser known evils. All of these prevent them from grabbing more market share in order to support them properly.
    • Performance is a big one. A lot of players are put off by clunky animations, lag and overall bad user experience, especially when a game is designed to be RPG-friendly. I won't even mention group content or Cyro.
    • Story & setting might not be for everyone. There are some things in ESO that might be frowned upon in certain cultures. Also, story can be very disconnected at times and the player might get confused. I know I was super off-put by the story when I tried this game. It took me like 4 tries to finally just give up and let it go. I am still baffled by some story elements.
    • Game shop is a menace. I know there are some people out there that would not touch a game with a shop with a 10-ft pole, especially if there are randomized items - crates. I personally hate it because they don't sell the craft bag in it separately, and let's face it - subs will go down significantly if they did; that is how much this one "feature" is carrying the sub currently. (I put "feature" in quotes because it's not really a feature. It's a solution to a problem that ZOS created themselves. They could easily get rid of the issue if they wanted to, but it's in their interest to keep it and further drive its importance and need.)

    Overall, the game is lacking in many aspects to deserve the subscription requirement.
    I think if you're going to be subscribing to a service, then that service should be excellent, especially if it has been established a long time ago. I'd forgive shortcomings from a company if it was a startup or indie, but Zenimax/Bethesda/Microsoft? Come on; there's literally no excuse other than "no good talent available in the market".
  • barney2525
    GooGa592 wrote: »
    I'd happily resume paying monthly to play ESO provided the following two conditions were met:

    1- Craft bag perks were included in the sub
    2- Cyrodiil population was 200/faction or higher and performance was good

    I'd be willing to pay more than $20-25/month for these conditions. I just want ESO to be a fraction of good as it was 2015-2019, and would be happy to pay for it.

    As is, I will not give ZOS any money for anything anymore. Eight years of subbing and participating in the crown store already cost me way too much for the product that is currently being delivered.

    This is obviously not a serious response.
    1) craft bag perk is Already in the sub so they are asking for Literally Nothing to change.
    2) No company can force 200 players into anything at any time, much less guarantee it ALL the time.

    Rather invented feigned indignation


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