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nercromancer's grave lord skill-line rework

seeing that ZOS is tunnel visioned on changing the necros style of play by turning this class into a DoT focused class, a class that has a poor damage and clunky offensive toolkit. I've thought of some changes that could be made to make necromancer viable post blastbones changes, and most of these changes go to the grave lords skill-line

-Colossus ultimate and morphs are unchanged

-Flame skull and morphs now use your highest resource pool, and will deal either flame or poison damage based on which resource pool you use

-Blastbones and gravelord's sacrifice remain the same, stalking blastbones replaces blighted and the cost is split between magicka and stamina similar to molten whip

-Boneyard now has a 12m radius and the duration is increased to 20 seconds. Enemies that enter the radius are inflicted with a DoT effect of "x" frost damage over 10 seconds. consuming a corpse increases the damage by 15%
-Avid boneyard now spawns a corpse every 4 seconds for 20 seconds
-Unnerving boneyard's major breach now sticks to enemies that leave the radius for 10 seconds.

-Skeletal warrior now uses your highest resource pool and will either spawn an archer or mage based on which resource pool you use. while slotted, gain major brutality and sorcery OR savagery and prophecy
-Skeletal arcanist morph remains the same but increases the duration to 24 seconds
-Skeletal army now summons 2 archers or mages for 24 seconds and deals an increased 15% damage with each attack capping at 150%

-Shocking siphon remains the same
-Mystic siphon, now also applies a 4 second shock DoT to enemies hit by the tether.
-Detonating siphon, you pulsate a wave of energy, causing up to 3 corpses around you to explode dealing "x" amount of disease damage to enemies near a corpse. Enemies hit are inflicted with minor defile for 4 seconds.

one problem i have faced with necro is the constant recasting of skills for buffs and debuffs, the durations are just too short and the class kits are lacking to the point where you cast so many skills, the class becomes a clunky mess. An increased duration on multiple skills and buffs and debuffs will make the rotation much more manageable. increasing the radius of boneyard to 12m puts it on par with that of templar's ritual and making the DoT stick to enemies also makes the rotation easier to manage now that I don't have to keep reapplying the skill every few seconds . I've reduced the damage increase consuming a corpse applies to 15% from 30% since it will now apply a sticky dot. many others have said here, necro should have brutality/sorcery or savagery/prophecy, every class has access to one or the other and 4 classes have both, necros have neither. next i would have summoner's armor increase the duration of summoned pets by 30%. Spirit guardian would go from 16 to 20 seconds and skeletal mage would go from 20 to 26 seconds or 24 to 31 seconds if the initial duration is buffed. lastly i would change the ghostly embrace morph of grave grasp to a single target stun, as every class has one. just giving necro's a longer duration on skills and some buffs and debuffs, would make this class so much better
Edited by brandsnipe on February 13, 2024 5:41AM
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