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Feedback ?

Alright, be honest here ZOS. Do you guys actually listen any of the Feeback from any of the players?

It feels like none of it has even been read let alone taken into consideration. It feels like the 4/5 weeks of pts changes have already been planned in advance and the weekly changes will go through according to plan regardless of the opinion of the player base. Some really strange and lackluster changes this week is all I can say.
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  • sh4d0wh4z3
    You should at least explain why you feel unheard, because it's not clear.

    To be fair, they did listen about the Hemorrhaging criticism, it was hard to obtain and the lowest stack felt unrewarding. The 75/100/125 split they changed it to is much better than the original 44/88/132 from week 1.

    There is now a universal Bleed Spammable, Execute, and Ultimate. Pretty huge to make those types of changes in 1-2 weeks, so they clearly listened and agreed with us there.

    However, tons of other issues remain and I could summarize it off the top of my head.

    Pick your option:
    1. Templar? Who dat lol?
    2. Necro's new BB morphs miss the mark, delete an original playstyle, and fixes nothing about their major pain points like no access to Major Brutality/Sorcery or compensation for the synergy bomb nerfs they relied so heavily on.
    3. Sorc's like their new morphs, it will help, but pve no pet sorc still can't keep up with pets. Many skills need reworks still, Daedric Prey is too strong, class still has no access to major prophecy despite having minor prophecy, bad bar space still, Atro ult cancels no pet sorc's 10% stam/mag passive, Hardened Ward heal is a bit strong for 50-60k mag stacked builds.
    4. NB's suck even harder in pve dps, Concealed Weapon doesn't get the 10% bonus from major expedition anymore so it's only useful for pvp where NB's don't need the help. Siphoning Attack and morphs are OP af and give way too much bang for their buck, the off resource should at minimum be cut in half.
    5. Class sets still suck.
    6. Vat destro is still ridiculous.
    7. Ele sus is still free and gives guaranteed status effects + major breach for WAY too long. It's a must have on every pvp build and even finds its way on pve builds as a 30s pseudo dot, it will definitely be mandatory with the status effect buffs.
    8. Warden pve dps still sucks, Northern Storm has better burst, but no one is going to drop 20% of their pve dps from bear for it ever. Stam Warden still has no class identity, completely eclipsed by frost mag warden.

    I'll add that the Infinite Archive is still bugged/unbalanced for many bosses, especially for solo players. They somehow decided that solo players want an extra 20% experience from Tho'at instead of tuning down marauders, adds, and boss telegraphs.
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