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PTS Patch Notes v9.3.2

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The Elder Scrolls Online v9.3.2 includes a number of adjustments to combat abilities and effects – including some changes affecting the Hemorrhaging status effect – in addition to more fixes for the new dungeons, Gold Road prologue quest, some UI elements, and more. We’ve also activated the Anniversary Jubilee for testing this week and have copied all PC EU characters. The size of this patch is approximately 320MB.

  • Overview
  • New Features / Updates / Big Changes
    • Event Testing - Anniversary Jubilee
  • Combat & Gameplay
    • Combat & Abilities
    • Itemization & Item Sets
  • Fixes & Improvements
    • Chapters & DLCs
    • Base Game
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    Event Testing - Anniversary Jubilee
    Happy 10th Birthday, ESO! Chef Donolon has decided to travel the world in search of new recipes and the secret meaning of cake. His adopted son, Apprentice Mogh, substitutes his cake-baking duties for the event. The young Khajiit is beset by envious bakers, and will need some brief help deterring their culinarily criminal caper before giving you your very own celebratory cake! The Molag Bal sculpture is made from 100% pure Black Marsh chocolate with bright blue toxic marsh slug dye, guaranteed to cause instant death to non-Argonians gratification and wonder for all!
    • As with other events, such as Witches Festival and New Life Festival last year, the experience bonus previously provided by eating the cake is now PASSIVE during the event. You don’t need to do anything to get it. It applies to everything! There’s no buff to track and no need to summon the cake more than once a day for your 3 Event Tickets (which come from the cake as normal).
      • Note: We are working on a way to display some in-game indicator that the effect is active just to put minds at ease, but that will be forthcoming after solving some technical hangups associated with buffs that are not buffs.
    • During the event, completing any daily quest in Tamriel will give you an Anniversary Jubilee Gift Box in addition to its other rewards. These boxes will have a smattering of potential rewards including crafting materials, recipes, transmute crystals, and a chance to get an outfit style page for the new Earthbone Ayleid Armor Style.
      • The first of these boxes you acquire in a day will be gold Glorious quality (substantially more rewarding than previous iterations of this box), while any subsequent daily done will be a purple-quality one (about as rewarding as previous iterations of Jubilee boxes).
      • Glorious boxes also have a guaranteed fragment for the brand-new, event-unique Jubilee Steed!
      • This event will run for an extended period this year, and you will need to expend some event tickets on fragments of this cantering colt as well in order to acquire it – if such is your fancy, of course.
    • You can now also get Jubilee boxes from the following activities while playing:
      • Killing and looting any final Dungeon boss.
      • Killing and looting any final Trial boss.
      • Killing and looting World Bosses
      • Completing any Incursion event (Dolmens, Geysers, Dragons, etc.)
      • Rewards for the Worthy mails
      • Tales of Tribute reward bags
    • The Bag of Jubilee Yesteryear can offer you things you don’t have from among Bonemold, Saberkeel, Worm Cult, Jephrine Paladin, Imperial Champion, Prophet, Lyris Titanborn, Sai Sahan, and Abnur Tharn outfit styles/motifs. It also has a chance to give you an additional style item for the Worm Cult motif, and if you somehow end up with a grab bag after claiming all of the rewards it can offer, the bag will instead contain a Group Repair Kit.
    • In keeping with our 10th year of shenanigans in ESO, certain activities in the game will now offer you some unique, never-before-sourced cosmetic rewards from exploring certain areas or systems of the game.
      • As an extremely small chance from any fishing node during the Jubilee, you may find Outfit Style pages for the Trueflame Sword Replica. Yes, really!
      • Any Dolmen reward chest has a chance to contain a style page for the Staff of Worms Replica, in recognition (though not honor) of Mannimarco’s dark deeds.
      • Any World Boss in Vvardenfell has a chance to drop a style page for either the Sunna’rah Replica or the Barbas Wolf Helmet Replica, as seen during that chapter’s story.
      • Any Geyser in Summerset has a chance to drop a style page for the Ul’vor Staff, as seen during that chapter’s story.
    • The Impresario will offer cake furnishings for all cakes, including the new one, as long as you have the cake for the corresponding year.
      • She will ALSO offer new furnishings for the individual slices of cake representing each of the major cake visual styles. Each of these cake slices are a single Event Ticket.
      • She will also ALSO carry bound style pages for the Earthbone Ayleid armor style, as well as all three fragments for the Molag Bal Illusion Imp pet.
      • She also also ALSO carries the first and second of three total fragments for the next morph, the Master of Schemes personality. The third fragment will become available in later events for that quarter.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    • Hemorrhaging:
      • Adjusted this status effect's damage to be less penalizing while not at full stacks. This will result in a ~89% increase in damage at one stack, 20% more damage at two stacks, and the same damage at three stacks. Overall this means this status effect will now be 25% weaker than Burning at base, the same at two stacks, and 25% stronger while at three stacks, resulting in a status effect that should be far less weak with low investment.
      • Increased the sources of this status effect for non-Warden builds to obtain the effect. Let there be blood, bloodletters.

    • Gravelord
      • Sacrificial Bones
        • Blighted Blastbones (morph): This morph now always applies the Diseased status effect on hit.

    • Dawn’s Wrath
      • Backlash
        • Power of the Light (morph): This morph now always applies the Sundered status effect when it deals damage (both the initial and explosion), rather than applying a unique 10 second form of Minor Breach, as Sundered will cover Minor Breach for a duration between. Note this does mean Minor Breach can fall off for a very short period of time if this is your only source of triggering the effect.

    • Bow
      • Snipe
        • Focused Aim (morph): This morph now always applies the Sundered status effect, rather than a unique form of Minor Breach for 10 seconds.
    • Dual Wield
      • Lacerate: This Ultimate and its morphs now also apply the Hemorrhaging status effect each tick.
    • Two Handed
      • Reverse Slash
        • Executioner (morph): This morph now deals Bleed Damage, rather than Physical Damage. This was done to help additional sources of the damage type enter the game, to help balance out ways to apply status effects.

    • Vampire
      • Eviscerate: This ability and its morphs will now also apply the Hemorrhaging status effect.
    • Werewolf
      • Pounce: This ability and its morphs initial hit will now always apply the Hemorrhaging status effect.

    Weapon Sets
    • Cruel Flurry: Fixed an issue where this set could occasionally enhance channeled abilities.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    • Bedlam Veil
      • The Veiled Historian achievement now correctly requires reading all five plaques and can be progressed in Veteran difficulty.
      • The Bedlam Veil pledge quest now correctly displays the Bedlam Veil map (rather than Bloodroot Forge) when using the “Show on Map” feature and the quest now also correctly identifies the The Blind as the target rather than [Final Boss].
      • The quest NPCs will no longer repeat their lines if your character dies, wayshrines, and you return to the location.
    • Oathsworn Pit
      • Reduced the number of lootable chests in Oathsworn Pit to the correct amount (2).
      • Bolg of Wicked Barbs no longer removes negative effects from himself (such as Taunt) when he teleports, though he still cannot be damaged while teleporting.

    • The Artifact-Hunter Amber dye is now awarded upon completing the Retribution Takes Time achievement.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    • Fixed an issue where the Skilled Antiquarian achievement was not being awarded when meeting the requirements.

    • Fixed an issue with “High Isle Trapdoor, Turquoise” where you couldn't pass through it when it was opened.
    • Adjusted the collision on the furnishing “Tree, Young Gentle Weeping Willow” to better match the asset.
    • Fixed minor visual issues with the following furnishings:
      • Apocrypha Alcove, Stone
      • Apocrypha Doorway, Library
      • Apocrypha Alcove, Library
      • Tree, Young Gentle Weeping Willow
      • Tree, Tall Gentle Weeping Willow
      • Tree, Swampshadow
    • Adjusted the selection node on the furnishing “Redguard Canopy, Florid”.

    • Updated the description for Willowpond Haven to mention candleflies instead of lanternflies.
    • Moved several resource nodes near the updated Willowpond Haven entrance.
    • Fixed an issue with Sword-Singers Redoubt where your character would face the door after leaving the home.

    • Large blocks of text (100+ lines) no longer have line breaks in the middle of a word.
    • Large blocks of text no longer cut off before all text is displayed.
    • Tutorial text no longer has line breaks in the middle of a word or button icon.

    Gold Road Prologue Quest
    • Fixed an issue where quest progression was not shared while in a group.
    • Leramil and Gadayn now follow your character correctly and only despawn/spawn at appropriate times.
    • Recollection and Shardborn Faction members now have more diverse appearances.
    • Fixed an issue where Torvesard’s portal to the Mythos would not be visible to the entire player group.
    • Fixed an issue where you could see group members' portals from the Outlaw's Refuge earlier than intended.
    • Fixed an issue where you could not interact the book "The Nine Coruscations, Volume I".
    • Butterflies in the Reliquary Ruins now wait an appropriate amount of time before respawning.

    • Made additional fixes to controller support for non-Xbox controllers.

    • Fixed a UI error that could occur when clicking on a blank tile in the Collections menu.
    • Fixed an issue where the preview keybind in the Collections menu could disappear after navigating back from another screen.

    • Fixed the GetActivityZoneId API to return the right values.
    • Added some additional backwards compatibility functionality to recent ZO_ComboBox changes.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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