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killing a dead class (a bunch of ritorical why's)

Short timers on buffs is really biggest class weakness, u have to do so much buff managment in PVP, it spoiles all of the expirience.
Why necro has shortest timer on class major resolve buff? upgrading it to 30s will go a long way to make this class a bit convinient to play
Spitit mender and mortal coil also would be much better if they were at least 20s timers.

It really goes like:

1. Aplly major resolve;
2. Apply race against time;
3. Aplly vigor;
4. Apply spirit mender;
5. Pop damage/crit/single-resourse potion;
6. Apply major breach to a target;
7. Set up blastbones;
8. Try to cc your target on class that has no instant or convinient setup block/dodge pierce cc;
9. Fail to cc;
10. Whif the dawnbraker;
11. Try to survive until you get another ultimate/pot cd;
12. Return to step 1;

At this point i guess we have to demand this changes, why are necro left so far behing every other class on timer changes?

Making a longer timers on this buffs would increase necro pressure uptime, which on its own will help this class alot, and adding major brutality/sorcery or major savagery/prophecy, or both is really essential to free up potion slot for all that fancy potions that was addded into the game over the years. Necro is the only class that cant use alchemy which is super weird from fanatsy point, like cmon dark mage has no benefit from alchemy...

And the blastbones rework... highest use rate skill gone... all to make PvE rotation smother...
And they rework BB while necro has half of its kit severly underused due to it being weak, awkward, inconviniet, underpowered.

Why not rework Grave Grasp? that ability that literally useless, NOBODY runs it in ANY content, because its hard to hit even on PvE encounters?simply making circles stick to a target or to a caster will make it so much better

Why Agony Totem has 2s delay before first burst? why does it need 3 more bursts of fear afterwards? enemies thats got feared onse would't get feard again in same cast of totem,cuz of cc immunity, and you rarely get someone to walk into that even in PvE. making it fear on cast and adding other effect on subsequented burst will help it a ton.

Why Skeletal Minion was treated like a dot during a dot changes, but games doesnt recognise it as dot? This one is actualy so bat that morphing it into sceletal arcanist actually reduce its damage in pvp due to becoming aoe damage, that gaet reduced by major/minor evasion. making it deal dot damage will help it scale with class passives at least, and increasing summoned pets amount up to 3 will play into rising dead fantasy of necro.

Why Hexproof has no secondary effects? warden has it purges tied to a skill that not even primarly for purging, and templars had stron ally synergy on his with aoe dot/heal that also procs his class passives. making it add flat armor/weapon or spell damage/ mitigation / healing/ anything per negative effect removed will make it a great ability, espesialy in this dot heavy meta

Why Sythe has so much cost for its damage, inconvinient cone-shaped aoe (more of a PVP issue), no real utility? adding ramping damage on it with sucssesive casts, or execute scaling, will make it an actual class skill worth slotting

Why both skulls morphs are basicly the same rn, diferentianting only in a damage type,while also slowest projectile speed in the game... Well ... Do you wanna miss a green skull, or do you wanna miss a blue skull?Why not making it projectile faster, and remaking secondary effects to really differntiate a choises?here is suggestion off the top of my head -
Fire skull - secondary aoe exploisive near primary target every second cast
Poison skull - applies poison dot, each cast stacks up on dots damage, up to 4 casts.

I dunno, I feel like devs shun necros, just like the rest of Tamriel does... or maybe the plan to overhaul it... or maybe spell crafting system will bring a new perspective on necro... I just wish that they would at least acknowledge necro issues, just write down one line of text on any patchnote, like: "we know that necro bad, we will fix it soon"...
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