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How I would rework necromancer

after reading the reactions to the BB change here and reddit and seeing the youtube reactions, it is clear that 99% of the players think the change will hurt necros and a large majority of players think this class needs a complete overhaul. I've read many great ideas on how necromancer can be playable and implementing half of them would at least make necromancer playable. having played necro myself, specifically magicka, the class is extremely underwhelming and taking away BB would make the class nothing more than something to store gear. Here are the change I'd bring to the class.

Bone tyrant:
-Bone goliath now heals to maximum health instead of 30k health
-Impenetrable goliath give you 30k armor and 5k critical resistance while decreasing the duration to 12 seconds
-Everlasting goliath, consuming corpses with necromancer abilities increases the duration by .6 seconds per corpse
-Death scythe remains the same but now uses your max resource
-Ruinous scythe no longer heals, instead the damage is increased by 50% and another 10% for each enemy hit, up to 5 enemies. the hemorrhaging and off balance remain
-Hungry scythe remains the same
-Bone armor now last 26 seconds instead of 20
-Beckoning armor remains the same and now also decreases the damage and healing of pulled targets by 8%
-Summoners armor increases the duration of class pets by 30% and effectiveness by 10% while decreasing the cost by 15%
-Bitter harvest and necrotic potency remain the same
-deaden pain now generates a damage shield, scaling off max health. each corpses consumed increases the shield strength by 10% up to 60%. health and ultimate generating remain
-Bone totem has its radius increased to 8m and now applies minor vulnerability
-Agony totem allies can activate a synergy that inflicts enemies with minor brittle
-Remote totem now last for 15 seconds
-Grave grasp the morph empowering grasp remain the same
-Ghostly grasp is now a single target stun and if the target cannot be stunned, the target's movement speed is decreased by 40%

-Colossus and its morphs remain the same
-Flame skull now uses your max resource and the speed is now increased
-Blastbones and its morphs remain the same
-Boneyard and it's morphs now have a radius of 12m
-Avid boneyard will spawn a corpse ever 3 seconds for 24 seconds. Once the duration is over 3 more corpses spawn
-Unnerving boneyard now applies minor and major breach, enemies that leave the radius will have the debuff for 8 seconds
-Skeletal warrior now uses your max resource and will either spawn an archer or mage based on your resource, for 24 seconds and while slotted on either bar, gain major brutality and sorcery
-Skeletal arcanist now increases the effectiveness of your other gravelord abilities by 20%
-Skeletal army now summons 2 skeletal archers/mages that deal an increased 5% damage per tick up to 40% for 20 seconds
-Turn undead (new skill) turns up to 3 non-boss undead enemies around you into allies for 20 seconds
-Army of dead now increases the number of enemies that can be turned to 5
-Raise the dead now consumes corpses to raise up to 3 zombies to fight along side you for 20 seconds

Living death:
-Reanimate and it's morphs remain the same. while slotted on either bar, increase resurrection speed by 50%
-Render flesh and its morphs remain the same
-Expunge and modify and its morphs remain the same
-Life amid death and its morphs remain the same, just increase the duration to 8 seconds
-Spirit mender's duration is now 20 seconds
-Intensive mender now increases the effectiveness of living death abilities by 20%
-Ghostly knight no longer heals, but attacks enemies. 15% of the damage taken is transferred to the knight
-Restoring tether remains the same
-Braided tether you restore 200 magicka and stamina every second while the tether is active
-Mortal coil you gain minor mending and minor vitality while the tether is active

Passive changes:
-Reusable parts is replaced with another passive that while a class pet is active, gain major savagery and prophecy
-Death knell is now for enemies under 35% health
-Dismember now grants you 750 penetration for each corpse consumed, for 6 seconds
-last grasp increases max health to 2k and allows you to resurrect yourself with full health and resources once every 8 hours, knocking all nearby enemies back. you gain major berserk for 6 seconds after revival

Necromancer is one of my favorite classes to play, its just been poorly implemented. Just some of these changes would give the class what its missing and what every other class already has. Petcro would absolutely be a monster
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