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[Arcanist] Rune of Freedom cancels Resolving Vigor

As the subject line describes.

What is the reason for Rune of Freedom cancelling Resolving Vigor on cast?

When you cast Resolving Vigor than immediately cast Rune of Freedom then Resolving Vigor is cancelled. However, when you cast Rune of Freedom than Resolving Vigor then both are active.

Edited by Sahidom on February 3, 2024 12:13PM
  • Jierdanit
    Doesnt look like Vigor is being cancelled to me.

    Also when i tested myself Vigor kept running.
    PC/EU, StamSorc Main
  • CameraBeardThePirate
    It doesn't get cancelled.

    The Minor Resolve from Vigor is being overriden by the Minor Resolve from Runeguard.

    The timer for Vigor may disappear, but the heal remains.
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