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Can we get a Quickslot option for our Primary house

On console we have to either open the map and find our house or we have to go 5 selections deep in the Collections menu to fast travel to it.

Why can't we add our primary house to the Quickslot wheel when we have all of these open free slots?
  • LunaFlora
    it would be nice to have a house wheel for having quicker access to 8 houses
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  • RaptorRodeoGod
    +1 this
    Give all classes access to a Scribing skill that works like Arcanist beam.
    Overland difficulty scaling is desperately needed. 10 years. 6 paid expansions. 25 DLCs. 41 game changing updates including One Tamriel, an overhaul of the game including a permanent CP160 gear cap and ridiculous power creep thereafter. I'm sick and tired of hearing about Cadwell Silver & Gold as a "you think you do but you don't" - tier deflection to any criticism regarding the lack of overland difficulty in the game. I'm bored of dungeons, I'm bored of trials; make a personal difficulty slider for overland. Make a self debuff mythic. Literally anything at this point.
  • lillybit
    100% would love a quick wheel. Not just for our own, would be lovely to be able to slot a guild house too
    PS4 EU
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