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Grave Lord's Sacrifice nullifies Nobility in Decay

I haven't seen this brought up yet in the plethora of comments regarding the change to Stalking Blastbones. I'm making this a new thread because I think the precedent is important enough to warrant its own discussion...

Why did the devs choose to duplicate the unique corpse consumption mechanic of Nobility in Decay with this new change to Stalking Blastbones?

How does this duplication not just completely nullify the entire point of the set?

Am I missing something and another class' set has also been duplicated by a different skill? Can both Grave Lord's Sacrifice and Nobility in Decay be used together to allow you to have two tethers to yourself?

It just seems really thoughtless that they would introduce this unique mechanic via a set that players need to farm for and then the immediate next patch make it a baked in feature of the necro tool kit.

Has anyone tried using both yet?
  • MashmalloMan
    There's about 40+ damage proc sets that deal more damage and/or proc more easily than the Sorc Storm Calling set.

    Does that count as redundant?
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  • IncultaWolf
    All the class sets are bad except for dragonknight and nightblade...funny huh
  • ItsNotLiving
    All the class sets are bad except the nightblade helmet looks cool too bad no one can wear without being a nightblade…..
  • Twohothardware
    All the class sets are bad except for dragonknight and nightblade...funny huh

    I think they’re all just bad period. The DK set isn’t worth running over Daedric Trickery and I’ve seen like one YouTube build video of anyone running the NB set simply because even with the damage buff from the set Swallow Soul is barely on par with other spammables.

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