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Necromancer - Lack of interest for the class

Since the necromancer (magicka) was released there was no other class for me. It's my go to choice in any game if possible.
I never did see much problem with PVE for the necromancer. Necro might not always have top damage but in terms of parsing the class was always viable. Yeah the rotation is clunky and i get stuck a lot at skull weaving but i can live with that.

PVP which i play equally if not a bit more than PVE was always a problem since they introduced the first nerfs with decreasing DOT damage and changing vulnerbility on the colossus.
It did already show there that the class in its core was not fleshed out when stripped of its busted skills.

The formula for a satisfying PVP setup in ESO is:

Burst - Necro does not have that
Execute - Necro does not have that
Escape - Necro does not have that
On demand stun - Necro does not have that

Tankiness and Selfheal can be neglected because every class has that. Necro is in a good spot there but so are other classes which have all the others points i listed above.
What i wanna say with this is that the class lacks everything which makes PVP fun.

Stalking Blastbones like it is now, might be unreliable at times but it was the only real mean of burst we have as a necro. I think a lot of necromancer player grew to that skill as the defining class skill. Its a nice concept ZOS did introduce there.

I do not understand why among all the other skills, which are not used in either pvp and pve they make such a fundamental skill change to the most iconic and important skill of the necromancer.

I just think they do not care for necromancers and they just introduced necro for marketing because they are aware that its a good selling point like in the diablo series. I think it finally clicked and i accepted it after all the frustration and that is the worst part of it.

...and its not the skill change per se but more the disinterest in the class that bothered me really. Like there is no love for it. But here we are.

Maybe i deeply misunderstand what ZOS wants the necromancer to be like. It seems they wanna go with something like "you are the corpse and benefit from it" but i do not see it really. Then they should rework the necromancer and give them a lich form and go from there.
also known as Overlich.
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