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Blind Path Induction: Another ball group set?

Why are you seemingly buffing ball groups in Cyrodiil again (as if they need it) with this new Blind Path Induction set? Are you going to offset this with maybe a cap on the stacks of vigor, resto, etc. when Battle Spirit is active so ball groups can't just come into Cyrodiil and take every keep at will anymore? All they do is spam stack heals and Ultidump over & over. It takes no skill whatsoever and all the server side checks they produce with their AoEs do nothing but cause the server to lag and FPS to drop for everyone. Why give them a way to be even stronger?
  • acastanza_ESO
    Strongly agree with this post. Ballgroups already have absurdly excessive shielding, backed up by overpowered HOTs with the insane stacking behavior. This is already extremely broken, and this set will only make it worse.

    The new monster set "The Blind" is also going to compound this problem with no cooldown on the shield that it grants, and minor force allowing for the complete replacement of Race Against time in favor of quick cloak (since these groups already use treaders making the snare removal part of RAT already useless).

    Both of these sets seem to exclusively exist as a way to increase the power level of groups that are already overperforming.
    Edited by acastanza_ESO on February 1, 2024 6:54PM
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