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Concealed Weapon no longer sets a general buff

Oh, that's crap! :( The ability gets worse from update to update and limits its usability for different types of play.
Especially considering the hybridization and the “play as you want approach” it had more potential!

For example, in the last updates you also had the opportunity to use this ability as a ranged fighter, as + 10% damage for all attacks suited every build depending on the situation.
Now only melee fighters who want to use this skill as spam benefit... and no others like weapon types or similar...

1. It was best with the + 10% damage (without being linked to a buff) which gave the class a peculiarity (comparable to the Arcanist's 5% from the ink of the tentacles.)
2. then Nerf. for greater frenzy (also 10% but nothing of your own) If you already had the buff straight away - 10%
3. and now no more general buff (means clear direction is given -> up to 20% more damage for melee fighters, ranged fighters get nothing)

Why always these complete revisions with different approaches, if something is too strong you can first go to the numbers. :*

e.g. with 1. 10% individual damage buff on everything is too good -> then I go to 8% or later to 6%...
  • bar_boss_A
    it was a head-scratcher for sure. While melee did not need that big a buff, I do absolutely think it is good to get rid of the named/unnamed 10% more damage Buff from slotting an ability. That is what passives are for. I am quite sad though that there wasn't any change to said class passives instead of this uber buff to the one exceptionally strong melee class spammable.
  • MashmalloMan
    It shouldn't of ever been introduced to begin with, the skill is a spammable, the fact that people were using it once every 15s to buff all their damage dealt was absurdly silly.

    The new effect is more in line with what a spammable should be, my only gripe with it is the fact that the 10% conditional damage bonus does not work with Major Expedition, only Stealth. Why would you do that after making the skill more accessible for pve?

    If NB's need more pve dps, than they should get it in more reasonable ways. Buff some of the underutilized skills. Take a look at Path and Cripple. Those would be great skills to bump up DPS, without over buffing a NB in pvp environments because they're damage over time sources.
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