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Eidetic Memory

Soul Shriven
During quest "Turning a Page" in delve "The Disquiet Study", there are two lorebooks "The Curse of Blackscale Island" and "Tamrielic Twins of Myth" which are available only during quest. In this new update you added "The Curse of Blackscale Island" outside of delve after quest is completed.

A copy of “The Curse of Blackscale Island” is now present outside of the entrance to the Disquiet Study when the delve quest is completed.

Would be nice if you add also second lorebook from quest, "Tamrielic Twins of Myth", outside of that delve.

Im currently missing both of them now. One because you move it from one category to another and other one because I did the quest with my friend and he was the one who read it during the quest.

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