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PTS Update 41 - Bug Reports for Housing

Community Manager
Please report any issues you run into while testing the new homes and furnishings. In general, we prefer you to use /bug in-game but if you’d rather submit a report here, please give us as much information as possible, including screenshots and/or video if applicable. Thank you!
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  • RedJohn_COF
    As it is currently the case, in the gamepad ui the buttons, after you placed an item in your house, still overlap.


    As you can see in the bottom part of the screen shot.

    It usually happens the first time to tp to into a house.
    Cyrodiil Orange Farmers
    Xbox - EU
  • Grizzbeorn
    This isn't a report for either of the new homes, but an existing issue with the map in one of the already-released homes, and the issue is still in effect on the PTS.

    The problem is with the map of Shadow Queen's Labyrinth. When you call the map while in the house, the map for Gladesong Arboretum is displayed.
    This is currently in effect on Live, and these are screenshots I took yesterday evening on the PTS...


    I am certain that the map for Shadow Queen was displaying correctly at some point, probably when Update 39 was on the PTS and prior to 10/30/2023 when Update 40 went live.

    I am guessing that the Shadow Queen map somehow got corrupted when Gladesong's assets went live with Update 40.
      PC/NA Warden Main
    • Snowfaeriewings
      Is this a Bug or Intentional that this furnishing does NOT have a purple option like the other diffusers do? Which really sucks because I have plans for the ones in purple!

      Also I really reallllly hope the book furnishings structures like walls and arch and such are not all crown purchase only and can be earnable in the game.. I LOVE anything to do with books and want to build a free standing book house!
    • alternatelder
      I had previously posted in feedback thread, but I'll cut/paste here.

      Willow Pond Haven:
      This area on the map where my cursor is (pic) needs adjusting. There is a hole you can crouch into that lets you walk inside the rocks, literally inside them. Behind my cursor, behind the tree, there is some ground that needs to be flattened, the edge is clipping a bit above the ground.
    • bike9876
      Soul Shriven
      Thanks for renaming the old Ayleid Bookshelf, Cluttered (itemid 130200) "Ayleid Bookcase, Short Cluttered", and the old Ayleid Bookcase, Cluttered (itemid 130198) "Ayleid Bookcase, Tall Cluttered" (update 40 had them both with the same name "Ayleid Bookcase, Cluttered").

      There were other name clashes/inconsistent renamings introduced in update 40 (see Could they be fixed too?
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