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PTS Update 41 - Feedback Thread for New Item Sets

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This is the official feedback thread for the new item sets in Update 41. Please try out the new item sets and let us know what you think! Specific feedback that the team is looking for includes the following:
  • Which of the new item sets did you try out, and what did you think of them?
  • Did anything you received feel under or over-powered?
  • Would you include any of the new item sets in any of your current builds?
  • Do you have any general feedback?
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  • cicisch
    Class Representative
    Hello! I submitted feedback about Slutharg's already, but I wanted to post here as well. I love this set concept and think the feedback loop is amazing, but I think in its current state it won't be used in PvE content because of the true healing requirement. I would suggest that the set should proc for a shorter duration on overheal, or have a chance to proc on overheal, rather than on any healing. That would balance it out to be usable in both PvE and PvP scenarios and ultimately result in more engagement with the set.
  • DrNukenstein
    These new sets are so dope and so sick at the same time.

    I will definitely be golding and regularly using Tarnished nightmare, Cinders of Anthelmir, and Anthelmirs construct.

    I plan on finding some time to use oakenfathers retribution too out of respect for how good of an idea that set is. Didn't really get to test that one though.

    As far as sets are concerned, 11/10 doctors agree. This patch is GOAT.

    I don't think any of them feel out of line compared to current popular sets, it's just a strong set patch compared to what's been introduced over the past 5 patches. That's a good thing, because the sets are good enough for people to try something new.

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  • CordingOnyx
    Soul Shriven
    sorry for the wall of text, just wanted to get all the things out

    ---- The dungeon sets have the potential to be really intesting but i think they might be a bit too "niche"/underpowered of a scenario to be head turning.


    --sluthrug's hunger---> SUPER interesting idea but probably not enough "oomph" to the %'s to be viable trade-off for some of the other major healer sets ( spell power, jorvuld's, pillager, roaring opportunist, etc. ) although I have really high hopes for this one being a really good contender with them, at it's current stage, it just doesn't have enough power to it. Maybe if it was about on par with something like ( way of martial knowledge[ 8% damage increase ]). I also think that the way to proc it outta be when you overheal due to actual current "" , high hopes.

    --Black-Glove Grounding---> so i'm not a tank so i cant really provide real feedback of this set and i dont want to say something while having no real experience with what tanks would want/need out of a set.

    --Cinders of Anthelmir---> so this one confuses me. Don't get me wrong, i like it and i think it can provides really neat RP opportunities and i see some use cases for it but at the same time, it might be a bit niece.

    --Anthelmir's Construct---> Again, really like the idea of it, especially from an rp perspective, but at the same time it doesn't have quite enough " oomph ". This one isn't to far off though, it feel's really nice to use while also doing descent damage. I think the scaling just needs to go up just the smallest bit or maybe it also does full damage to the main target and half the damage in a 3~5 meter radius, but at the same time, i think it wouldn't be too hard to make it work as it is. Im gonna try and spent some more time with this one and see

    --Blind Path Induction---> honestly, not really any complaints with this one. I can see a few case scenarios when it might be a bit overpowered(especially in PvP) but at the same time it those scenarios, it's already balanced by the changes made to major/minor defile.

    --Reflected Fury---> Again i'm not a tank so i cant really provide real feedback of this set and i dont want to say something while having no real experience with what tanks would want/need out of a set.

    --Tarnished Nightmares---> again high hopes but instead of having it apply sundered, maybe have it apply it's own specific buff akin to sundered where the buff gives 20 weapon and spell damage(just spit-balling numbers), but the buff can stack depending on how many enemies you hit (kinda like azureblight reaper or plaguebreak, where it scales off of enemies hit) again, high hopes

    --The Blind---> I dont THINK i have any complaints about this one. I'll have to spend some more time with is but at the moment, nothing to add
  • Aliyavana
    This is general feedback:

    So the antiquity entries for the new Mythic, Torc of the Last Ayleid King, has me disappointed. They are giving the Triquetra to the Ayleids under the entries for the Meteoric Iron Triquetra piece. This is disheartening since the Triquetra is a symbol created by the druids around 1E 330 and has become a symbol closely related to the Bretons. Sure, it's possible that the Bretons do not have a monopoly on the symbol and it can be explained away as having multiple origins, but the Ayleids already took High Rock away from the Direnni, displacing their presence with no Direnni Ruins in sight (the direnni had a pretty impressive hegemony in high rock but no ruins to show for it), now they are claiming another thing deeply rooted in High Rock? The entries even phrase it as a thing that seems to be as ancient as the royal house in Nenalata, and this influence wouldn't come from the Druids as they would be too isolated in the Systres to even interact with the Ayleids of Nenalata by the time the Alessian Order razed the city in the Fourth Century of the First Era.

    Entries for the Ayleid Triquetra:

    Ugron gro-Thurmog
    Good metal, this. The Ayleids were masters of meteoric iron and crafted many fine blades from it. But I do not think this was part of a weapon. What is the significance of these interlocking rings?
    Reginus Buca
    The three-ring loop is a triquetra. It symbolizes land, sea, and sky. This one appears to be an amulet or medallion of great age, although it's missing the central stone.
    Verita Numida
    I've seen this triquetra before, in the ruins of Nenalata. It was the emblem of the royal house. This medallion might have been looted from a king's tomb when the Alessian Order razed the city.
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  • RandomKodiak
    Anthelmir's Construct: Great damage for heavy attack builds ties Stormfist in 4 tests each. My only suggestion is maybe 1 meter extra on the grab for the time reduction. On the trial dummy it falls right at his toes so (pardon the image) you have to be right face to butt to grab it. Have not been able to be near a dragon or such but could see the grab range as a problem with larger hit box bosses.

    Cinders of Anthelmir: Good damage, not quite meta damage but quite nice. I have not tested on a DK or Necro and think they could get even more out of it than my sorc. Cool animation.

    Tarnished Nightmares: Even on my sorcs (have tried bow, melee and Mag) the damage is a bit low and the buff seems a bit sub par. Great idea I just think the damage and/or the buff need a bit more work.

    Overall the new sets show some great ideas and potential just think a few need a bit more tuning. Thanks guys.
  • Aznox
    Monster set : The blind.

    please mention the 6 seconds cooldown in the tooltip.
    also it doesn't proc from several sources of crit healing (Blood magic, minor lifesteal, etc..)
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  • DrNukenstein
    Also Sluthrugs and The Blind look like very fun sets to combine with rallying cry for an offensive support playstyle.
  • chessalavakia_ESO
    The Blind:

    Unless I was really unlucky it appears to have an unlisted cooldown.

    If you like the visual it seems like it would be fine (bit more flashy than my personal taste) but I don't think it's really that good. The shield is pretty small for the apparent cooldown and minor force is rather common.

    You might have some people that might try to spam it in crowded areas to create a light show and annoy others.


    Reflected Fury:

    The visual seemed to be quite bright.

    I'm not sure the set seems terribly effective in PvE. I'm not sure Major Maim is all that useful, the delay in actually having it apply is five seconds after your last taunt, the range isn't that great, and the Frost Taunt applies Major Maim already.

    Maybe, you have some situations where it might be good in PvP

    Anthelmir's Construct:

    The sound on it is awesome. The Axe's position can be a bit awkward for retrieval if you aren't on top of the npc. Visually, it seems like we are throwing a huge axe head rather than throwing a throwing axe.

    Cinders of Anthelmir

    Moth itself looks cool, part of the visual of it arriving looked a little odd to me, the bone on the hip of the style is a bit distracting when you move.

    Oakfather's Retribution - Theory Craft Only

    I think most people in PvP that are threats are running enough Major/Minor buffs that it might be a little too good.

    Torc of the Last Ayleid King

    It seemed fine in my usage of it.
  • Tyrant_Tim

    Sluthrug’s Hunger would be an incredible PvE support set if the 2 and 4 piece bonuses were changed to Critical Chance, if the proc condition was changed to Overhealing your targets, and if the values were increased to 5% or 6%.

    One set to reference in comparison would be Encratis Behemoth…


    If a 2-piece set has the strength of 10% total, I see no reason why a 5th piece couldn’t reach 10-12%, especially considering that the stat lineup is pretty horrible at the moment.
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  • RaptorRodeoGod
    If the Torq of the Last Aleid King is the answer to overland difficulty, giving it any kind of buff is counter intuitive. Sets are also not the only issue, the ring does nothing for CP, another major source of power for players.

    Additionally, having it disable sets feels kinda bad. I want overland to be harder, but I also want to see my fancy set procs, even if this ring were to reduce their damage by a lot.

    If it's not the answer to overland difficulty, who is the intended audience for this ring? This seems to be a bit point of confusion among players from what I've seen on the forums and YouTube.

    Posted this on the overland content difficulty thread, probably should post it here too.

    Edit: To add, if this is not the intention for this mythic, having a mythic to increase the difficulty of content would be nice since there are no plans to do anything to overland content difficulty. I'm sure the crowd that wants it would appreciate literally anything at this point.
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    Give all classes access to a Scribing skill that works like Arcanist beam.
    Overland difficulty scaling is desperately needed. 10 years. 6 paid expansions. 25 DLCs. 41 game changing updates including One Tamriel, an overhaul of the game including a permanent CP160 gear cap and ridiculous power creep thereafter. I'm sick and tired of hearing about Cadwell Silver & Gold as a "you think you do but you don't" - tier deflection to any criticism regarding the lack of overland difficulty in the game. I'm bored of dungeons, I'm bored of trials; make a personal difficulty slider for overland. Make a self debuff mythic. Literally anything at this point.
  • Alchimiste1
    My opinion is that all these sets are not worth using. Except for maybe the monster set.

    It would be nice if you guys went back and buffed sets like 7th legion (remove the health recovery that is now useless) and buff the overall weapon/spell damage to be more on par with proc sets. Play how you want right? well I enjoy playing with stat sets :)
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  • Tyrant_Tim
    Well, this got buried fast.

    Some of these sets do have potential, like the two I mention earlier, and if given the appropriate treatment, both the Support set and the new Mythic will have a place within ESO, where currently they are going to drop dead-on-arrival.
  • Butterbauch
    Soul Shriven
    So, some words to the new Sluthrugs Hunger Set coming from a usage perspective;
    As you may have noticed in the past two weeks, the set only allows for actual healing to activate it, which removes the real potential this set has, due to how ESO's Healing works; actually healing someone is pretty rare, due to damage shields among other things. In group content you can't proc it reliable, as the DD's don't get damaged a lot of times, thus only the tanks are benefiting from the 4% less damage taken.

    What would undermine the gluttonous nature of this set is to allow overhealing to activate the bloodied buff aswell or make it only activate from overheal outright; making it work among the likes of Spell Power Cure; Increasing it's uptime- Making it worth using as a damage support set and more to the likes of Ozezan the Inferno when it comes to damage taken, by allowing the tanks to get damage resistance for the first few hits if not actively healed, and allowing the group to have more survivability overall.
  • ZhuJiuyin
    Cinders of Anthelmir is fun and the special effects are great.
    But Cinders of Anthelmir doesn't need the Offensive Penetration bonus, and for Light Armor, the Offensive Penetration is already severely overflowing.
    Please replace Offensive Penetration with Critical Chance.
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  • Rkindaleft
    I agree with several others in regards to adjusting the proc condition of Sluthrug's Hunger. At the moment the uptime is inconsistent on a lot of fights due to the fact that doesn't proc on overhealing and as another poster said the DPS are not being constantly damaged a lot of the time so they do not benefit much from either buff.
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  • lostineternity
    Even without reading lore books i guess i know now why this king was last. This item not worth to gain even for collection. As for other new sets they are pretty boring, some of them are just reskin of older sets and i don't know how and for what even one will be used.
    I don't blame developers because there are already so many sets and it's pretty challenging to make new interesting sets without making them obviously overpowered.

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  • Lalothen
    Torc of the Last Ayleid King should disable anything above a 2-piece bonus rather than all bonuses altogether, then the actual buff percentages could be tweaked a bit if necessary to keep it in line. The point should be to encourage diversity of viable builds, and in its current state the mythic is just.... bad.
  • Tyrant_Tim

    Hopefully once the solution to this is found, it can be visible on a buff bar under “permanent effects” when certain mythics are equipped.

    Mythics like Torc of the Last Ayleid King.
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  • Tyrant_Tim

    Anthelmir’s Construct monster set could be a lot of fun, my only problem with it, is the “fully-charged” heavy attack condition applied to it. If this could be changed to just require any heavy attack, it would give players a lot more fluidity in combat when using the new monster set.

    Generally speaking, when something requires a fully-charged heavy attack, it should be extremely impactful, and after testing, that monster set does nowhere near the damage it would need to, to warrant the loss of an extra damage skill by holding down your heavy.
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  • M_Chudan
    Soul Shriven
    Hello, this is my little opinion about the new sets

    1. Sluthrug's Hunger, It would be a very interesting set for healing if the activation was done from over healing and gave not 4% but 4.5.

    2. Cinders of Anthelmir, very low damage every 8 seconds is very little, no one will use this set in this form.

    3. Black-Glove Grounding, maybe it will be used somewhere in PVP, but it’s definitely not needed in PVE.

    4. Reflected Fury, a very weak set, Major Maim should be replaced with something more necessary, for example Minor Brittle or Major Vulnerability. Also, the activation method is very inconvenient

    5. Blind Path Induction, Increasing the effectiveness of shields by 13% is too weak for anyone to use this set, and the second effect, in principle, will never work because 15 meters is too far.

    6. Tarnished Nightmare, very weak damage that activates once every 8 sec. and unnecessary Sundered. If they did DoT damage in an area and replaced the effect, for example, with bleeding or something like that, then the set would be good and DD would be constantly used and would add variety to Meta.

    Sorry for the mistakes, English is not my native language
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