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Necromancer no longer fits into the game. A clear disconnect.

Out of every single pain point listed in my previous thread about Necromancer no longer following ZOS's own core combat values I can't find another way to say this but they are seemingly just making up issues that don't exist. The recent change to one of the blast bones morphs shows a complete disconnect from the community as a whole. The stated reason below:
We’re finally taking a stab at adjusting this ability to help Necromancers who don’t want to constantly manage a short duration ability, as it put a significant demand on creating complex and dynamic rotations in real combat. The reworked version will allow you to use the ability itself more dynamically, where you can continue to frequently activate it to produce and gobble up corpses or use it less frequently and simply enhance the rest of your toolkit, so you can focus on other elements of gameplay like spell slinging or tether interaction.

In this pass we’re also trying to ensure there’s a way to continue playing the way many Necromancers have become accustomed to, with a high skill mastery and robust rotation, so we’re making sure one of the morphs is left alone - while making it slightly less cost heavy - so it remains accessible to most build types.

Comparing it to the other "burst abilities", what about Nightblade Bow? Templar Power of the light? Sorc frags even? Warden shalks? DK seething fury stacks? Arcanist Beam? In my opinion these would be the comparable skills. It seems the player base has no issue with the short duration of these skills otherwise they would be re-worked alongside this which leads me to one conclusion that zos simply invented a reason to change this.

The stated reasons are even contradictory in the sense that they want to make the skill more dynamic for corpse management but then enable you to... cast it less if you want to? Casting it more in most situations isn't going to benefit the damage loss from this morph and casting it less is just going to make players use something else just like when they play every other class with its own burst ability?

Every single pain point brought up with Necromancer from the community and even on this very forum. Ignored. Something that no one asked for. Implemented.

Re-work the class finally. We do not want another "Templar house" situation from years ago for those that remember that particular travesty.
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