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The Idea For The New Blastbones Is Flawed

And here is how you can fix it! The main issue with blastbones is that it can have issues tracking a target and can get confused easily, the in turn makes the skill take longer to function than what the player expects, leading to a janky rotation, in that regard having the summon jump to the player themselves was actually a fantastic idea as it would tremendously mitigate such a problem, however adding such a long cooldown was detrimental to the sustain of the class as well as removing the damage to what was the best skill the class has. My proposed changes to the skill are:
  1. Keep the cooldown as it was before
  2. Give back the damage of the skill but make it so that the explosion is around your character now
  3. Reduce the buff to less than 10% as it will be too much after you return the damage of the skill
  4. Make the buff part of the skill apply on cast
  5. Allow us to use it outside of combat the same as we can with regular blasbones, if you want to make te buff only apply in combat.

Aditionally to that making furher changes to the stamina morph would be much apreciated, in my opinion leaning further on the debuff side of that morph would be the way to go, such as adding major or minor breach for example.

P.S. English is not my native language I'm sorry if there are any typos or gramatical mistakes of any kind.
  • Zezin
    Another thing I forgot to mention was how much harder it was to manage the corpse mechanic without the constant influx of corpses from blastbones, in that regard the class got even harder to master.
  • Stardustrevolution
    thats right i totally agree with everything listed above
  • katorga
    Now that you cast BB at yourself, I wonder if it will still get confused and just stand there?
  • Zezin
    katorga wrote: »
    Now that you cast BB at yourself, I wonder if it will still get confused and just stand there?

    Maybe if there's a negate, but to be honest I'm cool with that, as you know it's an ulti.
  • CameraBeardThePirate
    Their reasoning was "making rotations easier" yet the corpse gameplay becomes harder as you now have to be careful about things like the Tethers attaching themselves to yourself instead of under the boss.

  • Rasande_Robin
    I am so confused why this "buff" is not on the skeleton archer, magicka morph.

    That skill is not seen anywhere outside of it's aspect for role-playing as a necromancer.

    You don't even morph it in pvp since then it becomes a splash. It can't proc EC in pve, the stam morph is slightly better but still worse than world/weapon skills.

    May I ask how the Devs think?
    PC/EU: Orcana "something"-stone
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