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Dissatisfied with the PvE DPS Nightblade

I'm dissatisfied with the PvE DPS Nightblade.

"Major Berserk (damage +10%)" for "Concealed Weapon" is given by Sorcerer in Trials.
In other words, "Major Berserk" for "Concealed Weapon" is useless in PvE end content.
This is one of the reasons why Nightblade is not popular as a PvE DPS in Trials.

PvE Magicka Nightblade DPS (Concealed Weapon) is 130k+ dps, but PvE Stamina Nightblade DPS (Surprise Attack) is 120k dps.
By the way, PvE Stamina Sorcerer DPS (without Major Berserk) is 135k dps.
So Nightblade is actually the lowest and weakest PvE DPS.

[PvE DPS tier list]
Tier1 Arcanist (AoE dps king), Sorcerer (Single dps king).
Tier2 Dragonknight, Templar.
Tier3 Necromancer, Warden.
Tier4 Nightblade (AoE dps weakest and Single dps weakest).

The contradiction that Nightblade, which is supposed to be good at single dps, is the weakest.
The solution is to remove "Major Berserk" from "Concealed Weapon" and enhance other Nightblade skills.
Since "Major Berserk" from "Concealed Weapon" has been removed in PTS, PvE Nightblade DPS needs a buff.

Game creators don't have to do anything difficult.

For example, if you reduce the ultimate cost of Nightblade's ultimate skill "Death Stroke" from 70 to 60 and increase the duration from 8 seconds to 12 seconds, this will result in a +5% dps increase.

For example, increasing Nightblade's passive skill "Dark Veil" from 2 seconds to 5 seconds will improve DPS and make skill rotation easier.

For example, increasing the "Pressure Points" of Nightblade's passive skill from 438 (Critical ratings +2%) to 657 (Critical ratings +3%) will improve dps.

DPS can be improved by simply changing Nightblade's skill numbers. Very easy, right?

Also for PvE Nightblade Tank and Healer, need the duration of "Minor Vulnerability" on "Lotus Fan" should be increased from 10 seconds to 20 seconds.
And for PvP Nightblade, need remove the useless "Empower" from "Ambush" and add "Stun". (the old ESO "Ambush")
Also for PvE Nightblade Tank, need give "Minor Courage" of "Power Extraction" to 11 people in the group and make it last 15 seconds.

These requests are the easiest and simplest way for game creators to improve their gameplay experience.
Just change the numbers. That alone will change for the better.

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