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Buff Leap For PVE

I can already hear the pvp'ers yelling, but where suppose to be able to use everything in all forms of content. But when in the past 10yrs has anymore seen this skill on a pve parse or build?

While similar burst Ulti's like:
Cresent sweep out damages it and only costs 71ult
Incap out damages it, stuns or reduces healing, gives resources or ulti. On top of all that, you even more damage for 8 sec. Which is going to be 12 now on pts, on top of a 10% damage buff. For 70-120 ulti.
Flawless dawnbreaker: Out damages it, gives damage for being on bar, and increase damage for using it. Everyone and there mother is now running this on all the YT build videos.

Meanwhile: All leap gets is a damage shield, or a 15 ulti cost reduce with like a 1k damage increase(on my magdk).
Should get one morph with a dot, and the other with all the pvp stuff. Have the damage morph be like a cheaper meteor, where the smash leaves behind a flame dot enemies have to stand in. Not original, but provides value, while keeping it in check for pvp.

Edit: Also since i'm here buff Dark flare!
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  • Beavisaur13
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  • Tyrant_Tim
    It would appear that noone else will tell you so I will take up the mantle…

    Dragonknight currently has one of the strongest PvE DPS ultimates in the game…


    So therefore it wouldn’t make the most sense to try to create a competition between Dragon Leap and Standard, that being said, Dragonknight is by far the best class ultimate-wise. Every morph of each has its use, unlike every other base game class...

    Solar Disturbance has no use anywhere in the game, and that unique Major Maim has just been handed out lately, first with Destructive Clench, now Sorcerer is getting our debuff with ultimate level up-times on an active ability. o7jszye0ildi.jpegqi1yzjolwa0n.png

    Consuming Darkness is hands down one of the worst ultimates in the entire game and both morphs need a rework. g8n44ovks6oc.jpeg

    Negate and it’s morphs have got to see some of the most minimal use cases out of every ultimate in the game, only slightly above Consuming Darkness, as ball groups will throw on Negate from time-to-time. Sadly, that “Silence” interaction is near useless in PvE as the cases where you would want it to work most, the skill just does nothing. c9n37d3zvxqf.jpeg

    Hopefully after viewing those ultimates, it painted a bigger picture for you on why people are avoiding the subject.
  • Beavisaur13
    O boy, I'm not here to make leap competition against large aoe dps ultimate's , or other niche support ultimates. I'm here to make it competition for similar class burst ultimate's that provide more value for half the cost in pve. Since you brought up standard, that's literately are only good class dps ultimate.

    I mean negate, is let down by its overall design
    Disturbance: I don't care, I run prison
    Consuming darkness: Again don't care, I use Veil of Blades: Which Skinny cheeks said in his recent Nightblade video, that it was underrated. That it did similar damage to a fiery rage, which is great considering all the defensive stuff it adds.
    Edited by Beavisaur13 on February 1, 2024 8:12PM
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