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The Blind Monster Set

This set looks really interesting in conjunction with the changes to Major and Minor Vitality and the new healer set from the same dungeon that increases shield strength by 13% to targets within 15 meters. However, the Minor Force on it feels kind of redundant with what DPS usually bring to content anyways due to how powerful and thus common Barbed Trap is. Also thinking about the upcoming scribing system and the new sources of Minor Force that will likely bring, Minor Force on this monster set means it likely won't see use in organized group comps.

This is a let down mainly because of the Sorcerer's new synergies with damage shields in a support/healer role. If this set were to have its Minor Force swapped for Minor Berserk, it could be an interesting set that would allow Sorcerer to add some extra beefy-ness to the group while also eschewing combat prayer, given it already has a similar heal in the new Encase morph.
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