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Disconnect and Unanswered Needs


These patch notes seem totally out of touch with what the community's been asking for. The changes to the necromancer class? Way off the mark. Necros are already trailing every other class, and what do we get? A complete overhaul of their best ability, turning it into something completely different. Cool, but it doesn't fix the core issue of it being unreliable. And the DK changes? They're pushing us even further into this hybrid playstyle, and the weapon skill lines? They're seriously lacking compared to class skill lines. Vampires are still a must-have in PvP – no change there.

The nightblade reworks are puzzling, too. Can't nail the light attacks, so now we have to mess with siphoning? Nightblades are already killing it, and I say that as a nightblade main. And why in the world does Incapacitating Strike need more damage when it already hits hard? And cloak, don't even get me started. Ganking is out of control. PvP might be somewhat okay in terms of balance, but these changes feel way disconnected from what we actually need. Can't grasp the reasoning here, and I'm pretty sure most folks will agree.
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