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[REQUEST] Allow quest reset for a region and per character

Of course without skill point gain or the non gold reward. One could exchange the item reward for quests against some low quality furniture from the area or furniture blueprints.

But sometimes I really wish I could redo some quest lines with a specific character and it is not possible...
  • MreeBiPolar
    Many quests have effect on other quests and general stuff (e.g., different conversation lines, etc) depending on the choices/outcomes. Would be a mess to deal with that.
  • tsaescishoeshiner
    100% agree! This would make playing through dungeon quests and re-visiting old content a lot more convenient.
    in-game: @tsaescishoeshiner
  • Hapexamendios
    I don't see the appeal of this myself. I have little to no desire to repeat those quests on alts let alone the same character.
  • tuxon
    Very cool to see this kind of post. I actually just replayed Stonefalls and Deshaan for that reason on an alt, but I don't see this be realistically implemented.
    Resdayniil kan tarcel
  • Erickson9610
    If I could, I'd keep the skill points I earned, but there are some zone stories I'd rather see undone. I have to play an alt to see how the world looks without the quest choices I made long ago on my main.
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