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Since Q3 will feature a housing content, this is what I wish for Homestead 2.0

Homestead 2.0

1. Nurturing nodes for gathering
This has been a long requested feature. Some people call it farming feature. I would like to expand it to all sorts of nodes. Plant seeds, ore veins, tree bushes, herd cattle.
How: you unlock - as a furniture - a square of land fit for said task (let's say, gardening). Maybe 2x2 meters? Place at your house (only outdoor). Buy seeds from the merchant, or drop them. There must be a minigame related to plowing, to sowing and to nurturing the node (mandatory). On a daily/weekly cooldown, the crop will grow. Then you harvest it!
Interesting features: special reagents only obtainable this way; exp when harvesting the full crop; inspiration exp to the related crafting skill; harmful weed will prevent the crop from developing - you will need to pick them;

2. Placing your alts at your home
Technical difficulties: they can't speak; the houses nowadays barely hold a few npcs

3. Companions and alts placed at your home could do the work for you, but not as efficient as doing it yourself. And you can assign them to missions around Tamriel.
There will be a furniture for a mission board, you take daily job offerings from them. These jobs have different difficulties, from delivering a letter to escorting a caravan. Better the gear and level of the companion/alt, higher the chances of the mission being completed successfully. Wounded companions would have to rest at your beds.
This gets progressively more interesting by the amount of companions unlocked, because you will often only use one or two companions to go on an adventure with you; the rest could be assigned to these quests.

4. Sleeping in beds
You can actually sleep in your beds. When logging off, remember to go to your house and sleep in your best bed. Why? It gives more elinghtened points the next day you log in. If you log off for, let's say, 5 hours, and let your character comfortably sleep, you will log back in with a bigger enlightened bar than usual.
Interesting features: better, more comfortable beds will give more enlightenment points. Inn rooms give poor rest.
How it works: it's not a bonus to the exp multiplier. The exp multiplier will be the same. What will change is the max amount of exp received under the enlightenment bonus (the bonus will be longer).

5. Mannequins and motifs displays
Display your weapons, gear and jewels in mannequins and glass displays. Maybe skins and costumes too? Or simply craft said item and lay them around as you will (maybe a small pile of swords?)
Technical difficulties: number of items disposed
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  • exoib
    Very interesting ideas indeed.
  • Casul
    Farming is cool but also it would be nice to get some portable fishing spots so you can fish in homes that have water.
    PvP needs more love.
  • Uvi_AUT
    As someone who doesnt use housing I can tell you why:

    No Housing-Inventory and the need to run somewhere and buy every single chair or table you want to place.
    Why cant I just unlock stuff and then place it from a handy UI like for instance in Bethesdas other games.

    If they want more people to actually use housing they need to adress that. They should just look at all the other mmo´s and draw inspiration from there.
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  • Tyrant_Tim
    There’s a certain druid houseguest that I’m sure would love to harvest Columbine for me. 😁
  • TX12001rwb17_ESO
    - More item Slots

    - Dyable Furniture

    - Vampire Structure Pieces
  • LadyLethalla
    Removable grass...
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  • alternatelder
    I just want more slots for all categories. That's it, I don't care if that's the only feature, I'd be happy.
  • Erickson9610
    I'd like to be able to place down Werewolf/Vampire shrines in my house where I'm allowed to bite other characters. Functionally, a werewolf shrine furnishing would also provide an area around the shrine where the werewolf timer is paused, just like it is at the other werewolf shrines around Tamriel. Maybe these shrines could be purchased from the Achievement Vendor for unlocking the Werewolf Sire/Vampire Corrupter achievements, respectively?

    Aside from that, I'd love some more functional furnishings, like logic systems with pressure plates or levers that can open doors or activate lights or music boxes. I'd also like a few other movement furnishings, like Grapple Bow posts or Portals for teleporting or moving around the place. Imagine the kinds of parkour courses or secret areas that could be made with those sorts of things!
  • Caligamy_ESO
    I would just like a toggle so I can designate the entire house as an open PVP zone. No need to run up and request dueling 1 on 1 so stuff like stealth and ambushing could be a thing again in there. As it is now dueling just stamps out a lot of pvp playstyles because it eliminates stealth for the most part, and gets pets stuck on you immediately. I feel like it would open up a whole world of dueling/pvp house designs and put interest into a new crowd that might not necessarily care about housing as it is now. Imagine Doomchar Plateau at max visitor capacity with obstacles and structures placed with full open combat in mind.. :open_mouth:

    Boom! Two crowds get "content" and probably still nobody happy lol

    Farming would be cool too though B)
    love is love
  • Araneae6537
    Having limited farming of resources in player homes would be a nice touch and could be capped per account per day regardless of instance, but I reeeally hope there’s no tedious minigame involved if that’s added. :persevere:

    I don’t see much appeal in adding alts to housing for how much work it would be. I would MUCH rather more generic NPCs be added and I especially want the ability to add emotes to housing — stopping to pull out a book, sit in a chair, do a dance, etc.

    I have zero interest in a companion minigame, sorry, and would much rather see the system expanded as far as additional quests and interactions we can have with them.

    Now armor mannequins and weapon displays we definitely need! These are so ubiquitous, it’s baffling that we still don’t have furnishings of some sort!
  • tuxon
    2 and 5 would be cool, my personal choice would be mannequins to display motifs but they will probably limit the amount of them to a couple and put them into Clown Store.

    Also just let us put all Undaunted trophies in one big home come on... 110 limit with ESO+
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  • ZOS_Hadeostry

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  • LouisaB75
    I also want harvesting in my house for provisions and alchemy ingredients. So it does not kill the markets it should be limited though. Eg. Only so many gardening slots per property, with larger properties maybe having more, and maybe a daily or twice daily gather maximum.

    Growing your own stuff may also give inspiration/experience to the relevant lines and/or bonuses to what you make with home grown ingredients. Either longer duration for buffs or slight increases in what they do etc.

    Not sure I would want a mini game for it though.

    I also really want to be able to pet my non-combat pets or care for my mounts.
  • Galeriano
    I wouldn't be suprised if main feature added in Q3 would be guildhouses that would have some additional features that regular houses don't.

    In this interview https://massivelyop.com/2024/01/18/elder-scrolls-onlines-gold-road-chapter-takes-players-back-to-oblivions-best-city-on-june-3/ there is a fragment saying "Improvements to guilds are also on the list. Players believe there aren’t enough reasons to be in guilds. ZOS hears you"

    Guild houses are one of the more requested features since housing release and since we know they are adding some new feature into housing and also want to make guilds more desirable adding guild houses would really fit the bill in both areas.
  • Ilumia
    I wish they'd add more structural items, mostly from the zones released before they did the structural furnishing plans. Especially summerset structures, they're beautifully designed and I want to create with them :)

    More than that though, more slots in all categories, especially for pets/houseguests/mounts so we can make interesting lively houses.
  • derkaiserliche
    My Wishlist:

    - houseguests should eat, sleep and interact with each other
    - more thematic houseguest bundles like soldiers, guards, servants etc.
    - weapon racks, target dummys and more tent variants
    - little houses as furniture (typical one room houses) to place in bigger yards in different race styles
    - furniture bag
  • Sakiri
    I'd just like to be able to interact with a bed to lie down in it.

    And I'd like something I can turn into a hot tub. Knee deep to thigh deep water, I can do the rest.
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