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do you get DLC with purchase?

I want to purchase the upcoming Gold Road chapter. I was curious if besides the prior chapters that it does say is included. Do you also get the all the DLCs that were also released? I am going to imagine you do not get the DLC you just get the base game so they can continue to make money off people purchasing the content.
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  • Hamiltonmath
    Not DLCs, but I do believe the prior chapters.
  • vsrs_au
    There's 2 types of purchase for each new chapter, usually:
    - the upgrade, which is the base game + the new chapter, but NOT the chapters in-between those
    - the collection, which is the base game and ALL chapters up to and including the new chapter

    In addition to this, each of the above 2 has a 'deluxe' edition, which is the same as above, but with a few extra collectibles thrown in. Also, in response to redlink1979's reply below, none of these purchase options include the dungeon/specialty DLCs (sorry, i should have mentioned that when I first wrote this post).
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  • redlink1979
    If you buy the Gold Road Collection you only get the previous chapters. To play DLC content, such as dungeons and smaller zones not considered chapters, you need to have ESO+ or you need buy those DLC in the crown store .
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  • HyperBeam
    Ok, that is what I thought. Thanks for the info
  • ZOS_Bill
    Thank you everyone for providing assistance to the OP. This thread will now be closed since the OP's question has been answered. For anyone else needing information regarding Gold Road please see our FAQ below.

    What editions are available for The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road?
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