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Pre-Order Bonuses

I just purchased the deluxe edition upgrade:

Were we not supposed to get a costume and a crown crate for the new season? Or is that coming with the launch. I logged out and back in and got my mount and pet but nothing else yet :)
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  • Braffin
    Usually it's the mount and the pet, which are immediately available. The other goods arrive with chapter launch.
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  • TX12001rwb17_ESO
    You still need to wait a few months for that, for now you get a mount as a pre-order bonus.
  • Maitsukas
    The Deluxe Edition items will be available when the Gold Road Chapter launches. Only the pre-order items are granted immediately to your account at the moment.

    That is how it works whenever a new Chapter is available in the ESO Store.
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    Please see our FAQ below for details regarding what each version of Gold Road will contain.

    What editions are available for The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road?
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