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I completely forgot about this city (Sutch) which was supposed to appear in ES4 Oblivion but was cut last minute before release. I was reviewing a UESP article on Skingrad in anticipation of the upcoming DLC when it mentioned Sutch. If we do indeed go back to the Gold Coast, I wonder if we are going to see what was supposed to be a thriving metropolis. Notably, UESP mentions there is a fair amount of activity related to Sutch during the Planemeld including visits by Jorunn in his youth.
  • LunaFlora
    it would be nice to be able to visit Sutch in eso.
    i love it when chapters have more than 1 city.

    it could become a public dungeon though as that happened with Orcrest and Sunhold too.
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  • HappyTheCamper
    It’s also cool because Sutch can be seen from ESO’s Gold Coast (I think anyway.)

    Also, each city in Cyrodiil was dedicated to a divine except Kynareth. Sutch was apparently meant to hold a chapel to Kynareth. If they added that they could maybe add the chapel or a destroyed ruined version or something.
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  • NotaDaedraWorshipper
    This may be the map area of the West Weald, if so, then Sutch should be there.


    Because this is Sutch's location:

    But it's not the first time ESO has changed or even removed cities. Like Blacklight and the Velothi Mountains no longer exist because Eastmarch is there now.
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