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Vampire/Werewolf cure / bite (crownstore)

Can you remove this kind of stuff from the crown store pls?
Edited by ZOS_Hadeostry on January 7, 2024 8:24PM
  • ADarklore
    WHY? You aren't forced to use them... but other players do. More options are better than less.
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  • ShadowPaladin
    Trust me when I say, they won't remove this :neutral: . Simply because there are alot of people out there who are so lazy and do want to have stuff and things so fast and easy, that they will pay for it.

    From my point of view, this is specifically aimed for just those kind of *stupid* people :neutral: . If they could they would also sell a *max out everything, gain every achievement and have every piece of equipment* option for $10,000 or more and people would be stupid enough to buy it.

    To save people from their own stupidity, I am all in favor for better and more strict regulations regarding *selling digital stuff/items*. I read somewhere that China just put some new laws in place regarding this. Not sure what exactly they regulated, but I imagine it must be quite detailed and strict.

  • Sakiri
    China backtracked when stocks tanked.

    I have two werewolf bites. If anyone wants one message me in game at @Sakiri. Save your crowns.
  • Soarora
    It’s great for PTS but pains me on live. I watched someone buy a bite once. Even if you have crippling anxiety or something, you could just afk at a vampire shrine and you might get a bite without any social interaction…
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  • ZOS_Hadeostry

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  • Tommy_The_Gun
    It is very misleading at best but in reality it feels kinda.. um... "like a scam". New player will see that they can cure themselves with this, and assume since it is a paid option, there is no other option... but well.... you can just pay like what 300 - 600 gold and have same effect for free.
  • Erickson9610
    When I first started playing, I bought a werewolf bite because I wanted it immediately and I also couldn't bring myself to ask for one. I knew about where to go to cure myself, so the thought never crossed my mind to pay Crowns to cure myself.

    Nowadays, I just go to the werewolf shrine in The Rift and ask for a bite on new characters, sometimes giving them out to other people's new characters myself. It helps a lot having Hunter's Glade as a house, because it's right next to that werewolf shrine.

    So, it's not difficult getting cursed or removing your curse with in-game means, but I can understand how newer players would be hasty to use the Crown Store, particularly if they have disposable income. I still think 800 Crowns to cure your curse is a bit steep, especially considering how you can accidentally re-curse yourself with the Armory system the same way you can end up removing curses bought via the Crown Store with the Armory system.
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