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Is the Companion's Ascendant ring worth it? Or is something more specific to companion role better?

I'm not into companions much, but I do have this gold companion's ring.

I'm wondering if this ring is that great, or if the companion would be better off with a purple, or even blue quality ring that is specific to that particular companions role.

What advice to those that do companion builds have to say on this topic?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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  • TheDarkRuler
    the gold ring had Cooldown reduction right?
    If yes, that's probably the best trait on companions by far.
  • reazea
    the gold ring had Cooldown reduction right?
    If yes, that's probably the best trait on companions by far.

    That ring has 3% cooldown reduction on one item. So ya, depending on how it's being used, it's very strong and can help all by itself on most any companion build.
  • moo_2021
    No thanks. Companions are just distractions to world bosses while I do burst heal and reapply dot
  • Erickson9610
    Legendary quality Quickened Companion gear is extremely useful. Quickened in general allows your Companion to deal higher DPS, have higher HPS, and allows them to taunt more often as well as keep their damage shields up more often. It's essentially a three-in-one trait for damage dealing, healing, and tanking.

    I wish more Legendary quality Quickened equipment would become available in the future — I was disappointed when this Chapter's community event didn't yield any.
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  • Finedaible
    If my calculations are correct, the difference between a purple quickened and gold quickened piece of jewelry will be a whopping 0.2s difference in cooldown on the highest cooldowns available (36 seconds). So quite a marginal difference in practice but if you got one may as well use it since quickened is one of the better traits and there's currently no way to obtain legendary companion gear.
  • ZOS_Icy

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    Thank you for your understanding.
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