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rapid regen vs vigor

  • IZZEFlameLash
    OBJnoob wrote: »
    If anybody running rapid regen really wanted to avoid using Vigor but still have minor resolve all they'd need to do is slot blessing of restoration.

    Resolving Vigor costs 2984
    Blessing of Restoration costs 4860, and you have to equip a resto staff

    I’ve tried using Blessing of R as a burst heal on my magsorc, and in addition to costing significantly more, you have to barswap to hit your Burst Heal, and that little maneuver in pvp conditions can spell doom 🦨

    Admittedly, I struggle on my magsorc, but I still think rapid regen needs more utility. Single heal + 5% reduced dmg from players for 10sec would make it more viable. I still probably wouldn’t use it, just because swapping bars to hit your burst heal doesn’t seem to work well for me.

    I have a wireless router that sits around 85 ms ping..,

    Well, I've played with Blessing of Restoration before... it is a super good way to run out of resources faster than necessary while getting... only barely adequate amount of healing (per cost perspective). All in all, Resto staff skills need to do more than just healing to be competitive against any Vigor morphs. Perhaps give it some block mitigation buff as passive, offering some minor buffs would be nice, on top of guaranteed heal on the caster for current 'you or your allies' skills. Currently, you are not incentivized to use Resto except on group occassions pretty much.
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  • DrNukenstein
    I think a really great approach to reworking resto staff would be to give it more self buffs.

    Consider this, there's still no universal magicka bre-buff for Major Sorc/Brut. What better place to put that than anywhere on the resto staff? Healers, just as much as gankers, want that buff without having to do damage for it.

    Radiating regeneration could give minor resolve to the whole team, while rapid regen could be a major resolve choice (which is quite limited outside of class skills). Challenge the resolving vigor monopoly. Easier to make pretty Dragon Knights.

    Why not rework one of the least used skills on the weapon to be a single target heal that gives minor expedition (which is still rare, but very helpful to anyone that can get it on their build).

    What I'm getting at is resto staff has an identity as being better for supporting others than supporting yourself. In the hybrid era most classes have the tools to support themselves without using specific weapon combos, and enough love left over to support others. This leaves the resto staff way behind in the meta. By making it an appealing option for a buff/back bar it suddenly has a place in the meta, and can act as an equalizer for classes that didn't get nice things from update 35-40.

    P.S. the mag return on block is kind of OP.

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