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Crown store - Repurchase

I'm not clear why some items show up as "Purchased" and Some offer purchase even after you have done so.
For example, I just purchased Crown Crafting Motif: Frostcaster which gives a Motif and 5 mimic stones and it shows up that I can purchase again.
But all that would get me is the Mimic stones, Right?
Other things that I purchase are locked, like the Cronometer for example.
So what's the story? One might say gifting, but I'm not clear to gift things - doing that sounds like a nightmare. Seriously I have to submit a ticket to support to clear my account to gift folks something? Where is our XMas spirit here in Eso? Do we fear fraud that much?

Anyway, what's the story with not marking things as already purchased?
Thanks, and merry Xmas or whatever holiday you observe.
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  • PrinceShroob
    You can only purchase a single copy of items that are added to Collections. You can buy multiples of other items.

    You are able to buy another copy of the Frostcaster motif because you could potentially learn it on a different character.
  • Necrotech_Master
    motifs are still learned per character, so there is nothing preventing you from buying it multiple times as it just gives you a bound copy of the motif book for the full set

    it does not account for outfit system, which is per account, and unlocked upon any character learning a style page

    edit to add: other items which are re-purchasable are all consumables (dye stamps, pots, xp scrolls, riding lessons, etc) and there is no limit to how much you can buy of these items
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  • Windy_Player
    Ok. I was confused about Motif - ability to Craft vs Outfit Unlock. I see. Thx
  • ZOS_Bill
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