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PTS Patch Notes v9.2.4

Community Manager
The Elder Scrolls Online v9.2.4 is the final PTS incremental patch for Update 40 before it launches on October 30 for PC/Mac. Included are several additional bug fixes for Endless Archive and a few remaining adjustments for Class Sets; please note the known issues listed below, which will be present at launch and fixed in an upcoming incremental patch. The size of this final patch is approximately 228MB. A huge thanks to everyone who provided feedback on this content over the past few weeks!

  • Known Issues
    • Combat & Gameplay
  • Combat & Gameplay
    • Combat & Abilities
    • Itemization & Item Sets
  • Fixes & Improvements
    • Base Game
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    Class Sets

    Please note that fixes for all the known issues listed below will be included in an incremental patch after Update 40 launches on October 30.
    • Gardener of Seasons: The delayed heal of Budding does not currently proc the Minor Heroism of Spring or the plant area of Fall.
    • Monolith of Storms:
      • This set currently ignores Line of Sight checks and can damage enemies through walls.
      • The damage from this set does not currently aggro enemies.
    • Nobility in Decay: Using Bitter Harvest to consume your Beautiful Corpse does not currently refresh Beautiful Corpse, even if Beautiful Corpse is off Cooldown.
    • Reawakened Hierophant: Traveling through an Apocryphal Gate multiple times may remove the visual effects from the Reawakened Hierophant buffs.
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    • Fixed an issue where the visual effects were not properly displaying for Puncturing Strikes, Spear Shards, and their morphs.

    Class Sets
    • Basalt-Blooded Warrior:
      • Fixed an issue where equipping this set only on your backbar would allow you to constantly refresh Obsidian Stance while bar swapping. 
      • Fixed an issue where acquiring Major Heroism from another source could prevent this set from functioning.
    • Gardener of Seasons:
      • This set now grants Herald of Spring automatically after equipping the set, and no longer has a transition state requirement. You transition to Harbinger of Fall whenever you cast any healing ability while bracing (actively holding block) rather than requiring you to cast two non-Green Balance class abilities. 
      • Reduced the duration of Harbinger of Fall to 6 seconds, down from 10.
      • Harbinger of Fall now applies Major Cowardice rather than Major Maim.
      Developer Comment:
      Much of the feedback for this set noted it was complicated and difficult to engage with, as it heavily limited your ability usage and required you to take actions that were not necessarily intuitive with what was needed in the moment. As such, we’ve greatly simplified the set so Herald of Spring is on by default, and swapping to Harbinger of Fall activates through an action that is more intuitive and natural to needing defensive bonuses. Additionally, the time it takes to go back to Herald of Spring has been reduced so it’s easier to jump between the two, now that there is no conditional requirements to enter Herald of Spring. For the time being, Harbinger of Fall cannot be refreshed while it is active, and instead will require you to meet its conditions again after the original duration has ended. We are still determining if allowing the buff to refresh is desirable enough or not.
    • Monolith of Storms: Fixed an issue where this set could reveal stealthed or invisible targets.
    • Soulcleaver:
      • Fixed an issue where Malevolent Offering and its morphs’ heal and damage done to the caster were not affected by this set.
      • Fixed some tooltip errors with this set not properly displaying values.
    • Wrathsun:
      • Reduced the maximum stack count of Sunlight to 40, down from 50.
      • Fixed an issue where Sunlight could continuously refresh while at maximum stacks in some cases.
      Developer Comment:
      We’re cautiously decreasing the maximum stack count for this set to help better facilitate reaching the reward mechanisms of the set, while also tuning down some of the passive recovery it offered.
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    Endless Archive
    • General
      • Players in the process of being removed from Endless Archive can no longer interact with the Reset Hourglass.
      • Relocated the Snushularg’s Promise book to a more accessible location.
    • Portals to the Unknown
      • You no longer need to unequip and re-equip the Cryptcanon Vestments mythic item after completing Haefal’s Butchery.
      • Quest items for Destozuno no longer appear in unreachable stages.
    • Verses and Visions
      • Visions present in the Mora’s Boons UI will now appear correctly in all languages.
    • Stages
      • Fabled Infusers and Fabled Spellthief monsters will now correctly attack when your character is close.
      • When Malkhest appears, he will now always appear in the correct location in all Stages.
    • Cycle Bosses
      • Malkhest and the Filers now correctly appear before and after Cycle boss battles in Arc 2 and beyond.
      • When fighting Lord Warden Dusk, Companions can now use Shadow Portals and are no longer able to be hit by Shadow Nova.
    • Achievements
      • Edited several achievements that refer to "Cycle Bosses". These have been adjusted so they now trigger when defeating bosses at a certain Arc:
        • Back for Seconds
        • Boss Basher
        • Decisive Dispatch
        • Endless Arc's End
        • Endless Endurance
        • Furious Fighter
        • Outstanding Onslaught
        • Proof of Ability
        • Running the Gauntlet
        • Slaying the Hordes
        • Still Standing
        • Watch Them Fall
        • Note: The above Achievements incorrectly state they will increment when defeating a Marauder; it is bosses only. This will be fixed in a future patch.
      • Adjusted some achievement numbers to align with the new progression of Endless Archive, which includes the following:
        • A Little Help Never Hurt
        • A Stage For Two
        • Companionable Combatant
        • Endless Camaraderie
        • Going Solo
        • Who Needs Friends?
      • Fixed an issue where some meta-achievements referenced older achievement names.
      • Removed the transformation Verses from tracking for the below Verses achievements, which reduces their count down by 1:
        • I Crave Violence
        • You Can't Touch Me
        • Viable and Versatile

    • Fixed an issue where Felande Demarie wouldn't let you complete the conversation to get your free inn room in Daggerfall, Vulkhel Guard, or Davon's Watch.

    • Fixed an issue with the "Apocrypha Geyser, Ink" furnishing where it could look incorrect from far away.
    • Fixed an issue with the "Shrine to Dibella" furnishing where your character would sink into it if it was turned upside down.
    • Fixed an issue where two furnishings were called "Necrom Lamppost, Elegant" – the larger of the two is now called "Necrom Lamppost, Metal."
    • Fixed an issue with the Recipe item for "Necrom Lamp Post, Wood" where its recipe was called a Design instead of a Blueprint.

    • Fixed a stretched texture with one of the rocks in Gladesong Arboretum.

    Gamepad Mode
    • Fixed an issue where an incorrect alert would appear when changing difficulty in a group listing.

    Group Finder
    • Fixed an issue where the difficulty selector would not appear when editing a listing.
    • Fixed an issue where long group finder titles were not validated correctly.

    Help & Tutorials
    • Updated the help entry for gifting with the current gifting qualifications.
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