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Similarities Between Sharp-as-Night and Narazda

The stories of Sharp-as-Night, the Argonian Companion found in the Telvanni Peninsula, and Narazda, the Khajiit werewolf ally found in Moon Hunter Keep, are both strangely similar. Both Sharp-as-Night and Narazda had the ability to resist the persuasive magic of their captors, a fact which their respective captors used to justify keeping them alive with the continued goal of ensuring that it would not happen again, while both characters call upon the player's help to defeat their respective captors once and for all, freeing others who were unable to resist.


In Sharp-as-Night's case, he is being pursued by Sondivel Ulves, a Dunmer of House Telvanni, who uses a metal called tyranite calx — with heat and magic applied — to bring subjects under his will. Sharp-as-Night was special, because he had the willpower and resistance to break free from Sondivel's influence. Sondivel resolved to capture Sharp-as-Night with the intention to keep him alive so that the experiment could be perfected, making it impossible for any subject to resist ever again. Sharp-as-Night calls upon the player's aid once he becomes friendly with the player, and they track Sondivel Ulves down to eliminate him once and for all.


In Narazda's case, she and many others were drawn to Moon Hunter Keep by Vykosa's magic. Narazda was imprisoned and forced to obey Vykosa's commands, and she was experimented on by the Archivist to make her more useful to them and stronger — but she became strong enough to resist Vykosa. The Archivist kept Narazda alive to study why she was able to resist, to prevent the same from happening to the other prisoners. Narazda sticks around in Moon Hunter Keep rather than fleeing so that she may face her captor, offering to help the player navigate through the keep.


Both characters may have had vaguely similar circumstances, but the situation of their stories vary wildly. Sharp-as-Night is a mercenary-for-hire with amnesia who resolves to keep making new memories, while Narazda is a werewolf who struggled to learn how to control her curse but found both freedom and hardship through it. They were both oppressed by a captor who used them as an experiment, but Sharp-as-Night closes a chapter of his life by defeating his captor, risking his old memories, while Narazda finally enacted justice upon her captors, who caused needless pain and suffering to her and their other victims.

It's a shame we don't get to see more quests involving these characters — both of them are still alive by the end of their storylines. It's even suggested by Mevei at the end of Sharp's storyline that she would send for the player if she and Federo needed the player's help in the future. It's been 5 years now since we've last seen Narazda — wouldn't it be nice to see that character return, too?

What do you all think about Sharp-as-Night and Narazda? Are there more noteworthy similarities or differences between these characters that I've overlooked? How might you imagine their stories would continue?
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