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Black Reach Travel - UDS Nchuthn - Underground Drill Ship

Dear ESO Community,

Born by the two Sky Ship projects and a movie evening with my Kids (The Incredibles) I started to brainstorm about a vessel which travels between Nirn (the surface to the Sky) and Blackreach. Other than e few caverns and the Dwemer Elevators there are no larger trade lanes where bigger Items like large mushrooms and crystals can be traded from Blackreach to the surface. So I started to work on a mole - a bit enlarged, a bit more a machine and able to crack through rocks...:

Born was the Underground Drill Ship (UDS) Nchuthn MRK I

Its MRK I, as I am still a bit unhappy with the construction of the drill head, but honestly did not get a better idea yet. Furthermore, after completing it, the chosen House is probably not the best, as it is kind of stuck between the nordish tomb and the main house. So maybe a second travel hub is needed :-)

The mechanic of the Ship is rather simple. Driven by engines behind the drill heads, the drill heads are powered and are cutting the rocks by dwemer approved torque-box-actuator techniques to get through the even strongest rocks. As a U-turn is too time intensive, the ship has on each side an independent drill head, to be able to drive backwards and forwards equally fast.

Movement is granted by 4 dwemer double crawlers in the front section and 3 double crawlers in te rear section. Hinged on special actuator systems, an optimized grip to the tunnel walls is granted and a maximum torque support for the drill head is given.




Developed on the Sky Ship platform, two double side sliding doors give access on both sides of the ship. Larger cargo entrance reduces un- and up-loading times and is increasing work safety massively. Never the less, standard personal protective equipment like helmets and safety shous (Havey Armor) is strongly recommended.



The cargo pier and the open sliding door:


As usual the Ship has full interior. It has no closed rooms in this sense more different decks which are open to the main room when you enter the ship. The ground floor houses a small library and a botanical section, which has enough headroom to transport larger mushrooms.


From there you can enter the cargo area and the machine room. Please be careful as the machine room has a lot of moving parts - so watch your step. You can access the main switch from the drill head by passing down the cargo area.


Next is the captain quarters and the areas for the workers and sailors.


From there finally you can access the main bridge with navigation tools, maps and the stearing mechanisms.


As usual my desire was to build in a way that it looks like it is a natural part of Tamriel. I hope you enjoy the setup and feel free to visit the location EU-PC Server @toovy flagged as the main house currently.

Next project is planned but work not started yet. So, it will take some time until I am back on this channel. From the idea to realization, it usually takes 3-6 Month.

Cheers, Karigasa

Previous Projects:
Sky Ship - HSS Nalzthdbar - Military Grade
Sky Ship - HSS Arkthzund
Botanicum in the Sky

Special Thanks to my friends from Ellysium, Ars Necandi and Blut und Schweiß for supporting

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