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The Elder Scrolls Online v9.2.2 continues addressing bugs and feedback from Endless Archive, including an adjustment to difficulty scaling this week – keep the feedback coming! We’ve also fixed some issues involving item sets, furnishings, the Group Finder and more. This week, we’ll be testing the Guilds and Glory Celebration and have also copied all PC EU characters. The size of this patch is approximately 255MB.

  • New Features / Updates / Big Changes
    • Event Testing: Guilds and Glory Celebration
  • Combat & Gameplay
    • Itemization & Item Sets
  • Fixes & Improvements
    • Chapters & DLCs
    • Base Game
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    Event Testing: Guilds and Glory Celebration
    What do Orcs, the Imperial Legion, a shady criminal syndicate, and a cult of murderous assassins have in common? They’re all celebrated in the Guilds and Glory Celebration! And maybe making a pretty solid Activity Finder group while they’re at it. The assassin is a healer, it’s all good.
    • This event focuses on the Orsinium, Imperial City, Thieves’ Guild, and Dark Brotherhood DLCs.
    • Your Event Tickets from this event come in a single batch of 2 tickets, awarded by completing any one of the following each day:
      • Delve and World Boss Quests in Wrothgar, Hew’s Bane, the Gold Coast, or Imperial City
      • The Weekly Trial Quest for Maw of Lorkhaj
      • Killing and looting an Imperial City district sweeper or Coldharbour Elite Guard in the sewers
      • Killing and looting the final boss of Imperial City Prison or White-Gold Tower
      • Killing and looting the final boss of Maelstrom Arena
    • Various bosses, resource nodes, and daily quests in any of the target DLC zones award extra loot during this event. Like with the earlier Gates of Oblivion Celebration, event coffers work a little differently here. There are zone boxes, Imperial City boxes and dungeon boxes, all named in accordance with the location they were gleaned from.
      • Zone boxes are found by completing daily quests in their respective zones, killing delve and world bosses, public dungeon bosses, random enemies, treasure chests, safeboxes, resource nodes, thieves’ troves, and pickpocketing NPCs.
      • Dungeon boxes come from the final boss of Imperial City Prison, White-Gold Tower, and Maelstrom Arena.
      • Imperial City boxes come from Imperial City daily quests, district sweepers, and the Coldharbour Elite Guards of the sewers.
    • The first of these boxes each day is a Glorious quality box with higher drop chances of the good stuff. The first final dungeon boss of the two dungeons or the arena will offer a Glorious quality box of its respective type. You can earn 3 total Glorious boxes per day as a result, one from zone content, one from Imperial City content, and one from dungeon/arena content.
      • These boxes can contain the following items:
        • Crafting materials
        • Saleable treasures
        • Style items for Guilds and Glory overland or dungeon zone motifs (depending on box source)
        • Set items from Guilds and Glory overland or dungeon zones (depending on box source)
        • Imperial City key fragments (if from an Imperial City box)
        • Tel Var stones (if from an Imperial City box)
        • Companion gear
        • Furnishing recipes
        • Treasure Maps or Survey Reports
        • Motif chapters for Guilds and Glory overland or dungeon motifs (depending on box source)
        • Pages for the new Bristleback Hunter outfit style
      • Note that final bosses from Veteran Dungeons/Arenas drop two boxes to account for their higher difficulty. If one of these would be eligible for being Glorious, you’ll get one Glorious and one regular.
    • The Impresario will carry bound style pages of the Bristleback Hunter armor style for 5 tickets each. She will also have all three fragments of the new Molag Bal Imp pet and the first of three fragments for the Planemeld’s Master face and body markings (one morph that contains both collectibles when completed).
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    Class Sets
    • Basalt Blooded Warrior: Fixed an issue where this set could be influenced by Jorvuld’s Guidance, creating situations where its effects persisted through bar swapping. It will no longer interact at all with duration extending effects.
    • Monolith of Storms: This set’s visual effects now properly differentiate based on their source, so enemy effects look different from your own effects.

    Mythic Items
    • Esoteric Environment Greaves: Fixed an issue where this set could fail to properly mitigate damage of attacks made by certain monsters, particularly in Endless Archive.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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    • Hermaeus Mora Deck fragments are now visible in the Collectibles window before you acquire them.

    • Time Mastery's Toss ability now correctly looks at 5 cards instead of 4.

    • Deck Fragments for The Druid King deck now have a unique icon.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    • Fixed an issue where the audio for the Grand Master Jewelry Crafting Station would include noises for the animated lenses before the animated lenses were visible.

    Endless Archive
    • General
      • Adjusted the difficulty scaling in Endless Archive. Arc 1 is now less difficult while further Arcs increase in difficulty more quickly. This affects Stage monsters, Cycle bosses and Tho’at Replicanum.
        Developer Comment:
        The goal of this change is to address two pieces of feedback: Arc 1 was too difficult for the intended audience, and it took too long for experienced players to reach difficult content. Now, you’ll have an easier time with Arc 1 but the monsters ramp in difficulty much sooner.
      • Armory Assistants are now correctly disabled within Endless Archive, matching other Leaderboard content.
      • Standardized the number of monsters you will encounter in the first Arc. In most cases, this will reduce the number of monsters throughout Arc 1.
      • You will no longer have a chance to erroneously lose extra Threads when suffering a defeat in Endless Archive.
      • The Ghostly Gratitude unlock now correctly applies to the Bountiful Resources Verse.
      • You will no longer get stuck pending a resurrection when your last Thread is removed.
      • Added text to the description of Destozuno’s Safety Net to clarify that additional Threads of Fate are applied to future runs.
      • All books within Endless Archive are now correctly assigned to collections.
    • Portals to the Unknown
      • Haefal and Sja’s cleaver chops now make a sound in Haefal’s Butchery.
      • Ghosts of the Echoing Den now consistently explode, leaving a visible effect where they stood.
      • Your character is now healed to full health and your stamina replenished once the Filer’s Wing event ends.
      • You can once again use quickslot potions after completing the Filer’s Wing.
    • Verses and Visions
      • Verse options are now correctly filtered based on which Verses you select in a previous Stage.
      • Your character will no longer slide on the ground when closing a Verse and Vision selector without making a choice.
      • Fixed some punctuation on Vision tooltips.
      • Pustulent Globs can now be used by werewolves.
    • Stages
      • Stage monsters will now grow more powerful more quickly as you progress through Arcs.
    • Cycle Bosses
      • Adjusted the abilities and difficulty of many Cycle bosses.
      • Brace is now correctly applied in the Lord Warden encounter.
      • Dark Monoliths no longer expire prematurely in the Zhaj’hassa encounter.
      • Lunar Platforms now have clearer visual effects indicating their active and inactive states.
      • Cycle bosses no longer have a chance to appear back-to-back across Arcs.
      • Companions knocked off the Cycle boss platform will now correctly be teleported back to an available location.
      • Yolnahkriin’s death no longer has a chance to stall progression in Endless Archive, and his Flame Atronachs no longer form a pool of lava upon death.
    • Arc Boss – Tho’at Replicanum
      • Master Malkhest now immediately summons Tho’at Replicanum when you approach him upon entering the chapel.
      • Adjusted Tho’at’s power scaling so she starts with less initial health and power, but increasing in difficulty more quickly as you progress Arcs.
    • Itemization
      • Apocrypha Antiquity Leads available on the Endless Archive weekly vendor now require Necrom to purchase to prevent you from accidentally purchasing a Lead you cannot actually dig up.
      • Updated the name of the Gold-quality Archival Fortunes Pouch to match the Antiquity name.
      • Treasure Maps acquired from Archival Essays are no longer Bound. Additionally, Archival Essays have been reduced to Blue quality to match the quality of the Treasure Maps they award.
      • Fixed an issue that caused the Endless Archive quest rewards to only award Gold and XP; new rewards are now available for all Endless Archive quests.
      • The Archival Sack of Provisions will no longer occasionally award hundreds of Bittergreen.
    • Achievements
      • The achievement “Destined Dungeoneer” now correctly begins tracking progress with Arc 2.
      • Changed the name of the achievement “Arms Ascendence” to “Armed Onslaught.”
      • Adjusted the achievements Heavy Hitter, Monster Mercenary, Fortune’s Soldier and Fabled Foil to clarify the monsters and amount needed to complete the achievements.
      • All icons are now correctly displayed.

    • Gold 'Zone' reward boxes for Gates of Oblivion and Guilds and Glory events will no longer drop from various sources. They will only be available as a reward from Daily Quests from the associated content.

    New Life Festival
    • You can no longer interact with the keg of mead next to Breda, as the XP buff now runs passively and independently during New Life. 

    • Guild Daily containers will no longer sometimes fail to give all intended rewards.
    • Fixed a typo with the Leads “Scrying Brazier, Short” and “Scrying Brazier, Tall”. They are no longer referred to as “Blaziers”.

    • Fixed an issue that caused the camera to be too close to furniture previewed from your inventory.

    • Fixed a few visual issues with the furnishings “Necrom Dresser, Elegant”, “Apocrypha Bookshelf, Intricate Filled”, and “Necrom Lamppost, Elegant”.
    • Adjusted the collision on the furnishings “Apocrypha Spike, Curved” and “Apocrypha Spike, Tall” so your character no longer clips into it.
    • Adjusted the category that the furnishing “Necrom Planter, Tall” is sorted under to now be under “Conservatory, Plants”.
    • Fixed an issue with the furnishing “Watchful Light” if you turned down the spotlight, it momentarily pointed in the opposite direction.
    • Added all missing icons for new furnishings.

    • Made multiple minor visual and collision adjustments to the Tower of Unutterable Truths.
    • Fixed a minor visual issue with Gladesong Arboretum.
    • Fixed a few minor visual issues with the walls in Emissary's Enclave.

    • Former leaders of deleted guilds that were listed on the Guild Finder will no longer receive excessive mail about their guild listing being removed.
    • Fixed an issue if you had Ancient Grains and Platings in your inventory, you could occasionally have difficulty loading into a zone.

    • Added error messaging to indicate why you cannot use a booster for the Mages Guild, Fighters Guild, or Undaunted. 

    • Fixed an issue where the Exalted Viper encounter could repeatedly repeat again and again, repetitiously. 

    Group Finder
    • Adjusted the error text displayed after inputting an invalid invite code when applying to a group in Group Finder to be more accurate.
    • Fixed an issue where Group Finder dropdowns could get into a bad state if you closed the Group Finder menu while the dropdowns were still open.
    • Keybinds will no longer go outside the dialog window in the Group Finder Additional Filters for certain languages.

    Help & Tutorials
    • Adjusted the bolding of some words in Endless Archives tutorials to better match previous tutorial formatting.

    Screen Narration
    • Added screen narration for the "Progress" column to Endless Archive leaderboards.
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