PTS Patch Notes v9.2.1

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The Elder Scrolls Online v9.2.1 contains a number of fixes and adjustments with the majority being for Endless Archive, including some initial adjustments for Class Sets. We’ve also adjusted the prices for the Golden Vendor and adjusted the achievement requirement to purchase a Grand Master Crafting Station. During this week, we’ll be testing the New Life Festival event. The size of this patch is approximately 328MB.

  • New Features / Updates / Big Changes
    • Event Testing: New Life Festival
  • Known Issues
  • Combat & Gameplay
    • Combat & Abilities
    • Itemization & Item Sets
  • Fixes & Improvements
    • Chapters & DLCs
    • Base Game
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    Event Testing: New Life Festival
    The New Life Festival is back! Escape slushy highways and the stress of your workday by throwing mudballs at your friends.
    • Per tradition, the first New Life quest you complete each day will award you 3 Event Tickets, and any completed New Life quests will award you a New Life Festival Box.
      • This box contains an assortment of crafting materials and toys, along with a chance for motif pages, style pages, furnishings, or special charity writs (Deep Winter or Imperial).
      • Added to the Festival boxes this year are a chance to get a tradeable page of the new Morningstar Frostwear outfit style. If you’ve already earned a Morningstar Frostwear page that day, boxes can instead offer pages of last year’s Evergreen armor style.
    • This year offers a new grab bag, appropriately titled the New Life Festival Grab Bag. This bag contains a collectible or Memento you don’t already possess from among the following:
      • Mud Ball Pouch
      • Nordic Bather’s Towel
      • Colovian Fur Hood
      • Colovian Filigreed Hood
      • Sword-Swallower's Blade
      • Juggler’s Knives
      • Fire-Breather's Torches
      • Snowball Buddy Pet
      • Powderwhite Coney Pet
    • Last but not least, the Impresario has all of 2023’s morphing collectible fragments for the Passion Dancer Blossom and its morphs (including the final fragment for the Hoardhunter Ursauk). She also offers bound pages for the Morningstar Frostwear armor style for 5 tickets each.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    Item Sets
    • Monolith of Storms currently cannot Critically Strike, despite scaling with your Offensive stats and not having an ingrained bonus modifier. There are ongoing discussions on which route the set will go – either enabling Critical Strikes or adding a self-bonus modifier on the set. 
    • Esoteric Environment Greaves currently does not properly mitigate damage from some attacks in Endless Archive. Luckily this bug will not be endless, as a fix is in the works, and will be archived in the future.
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    • Apocrypha sellable items now have proper names and icons.
    • You can now view the Watchful Light furnishing from the Antiquity Furnisher after completing at least 1 Antiquity Codex entry. You can purchase the furnishing after completing the Codex.
    • The Watchful Light Antiquity furnishing can now be purchased from Necrom Antiquity furnishing vendors once the Codex is completed.
    • Archival Fortunes Antiquities now properly award Archival Fortunes rather than gold.
    • The Infinite Tome antiquity will now properly award the Infinite Tome furnishing rather than the Vision of Mora furnishing.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    • Updated the help entries for Tribute to use the correct icon for Draw.
    • Fixed an issue that could allow you to purchase the Hermaeus Mora Tribute deck fragment twice.
    • You will no longer receive Clues for the Hermaeus Mora Tribute Deck card upgrades from Tales of Tribute Reward Bags after they have been completed.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    • Necrom item sets can now be found in their own section in both the Set Items Collections menu and Grand Master Crafting Stations.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    • Fixed a rare issue that could allow Jewelry crafting daily writs to grant more platings than intended.
    • Adjusted the achievement requirement to purchase a Grand Master Crafting Station from “Grand Master Crafter” to “Unsurpassed Crafter”.

    Endless Archive
    • General
      • Fixed an issue where you could get into a state in which no monsters are spawning and you could not progress.
      • You will now always be directed to the Archive portal correctly, regardless of the quests currently tracked.
      • All players will now be teleported to the Index correctly once all Threads of Fate have been depleted.
      • The Portal to Endless Archive Index will now always be visually complete.
      • Reordered the visual representation of progression from Stage/Cycle/Arc to Arc/Cycle/Stage.
      • The summary screen after completing a run now allows you to click [F5 – Close] with the mouse to close the summary.
      • The achievement “Archive’s Finest” now correctly requires encountering all 13 enemy factions, rather than 10.
      • Updated the names of multiple achievements.
      • Fixed cApitaliZation eRrors with some tiTles.
      • Master Malkhest will now properly study a book rather than the palm of his hand.
      • Reawakened Hierophant chest pieces now have proper icons.
      • Made some adjustments to prevent you from purchasing more Bound collectible fragments than are necessary to complete the Achievements. Tradeable collectible fragments, such as those for the Public Dungeon collectibles, can still be purchased after completing the Achievement for trading or reselling.
      • Updated the tooltip for the Archival Fortunes Purse and Archival Fortunes Container quest rewards.
    • Currency & Rewards
      • You will no longer receive White or Green items, generic potions, or other miscellaneous loot from Muniment Chests, Gw the Pilferer or Marauders in the Endless Archive. Instead, you will only receive Archival Fortunes, Gold, Companion Gear (when Companions are active), thematic Treasures, Soul Gems and Repair Kits as part of the general loot from all sources.
      • Endless Archive merchants no longer refuse service to Vampire players.
      • Adjusted the pricing for curated Class Set containers and Account Upgrades.
        • We’re planning to make additional adjustments to Archival Fortunes currency and vendor prices as we make balance changes to the Endless Archive experience.
      • Fixed an issue where Tho'at Replicanum would not reward the proper amount of Archival Fortunes on Arc 10 or higher.
    • Verses and Visions
      • Fixed some resizing issues with the Mora’s Boon window.
      • Mora’s Boons now correctly show all Verses and Visions acquired throughout a run once the run is completed.
      • Fixed graphical issues with the display of some Verses and Visions in the Mora’s Boons window.
      • The Verse selection tentacle will now always appear aligned to the ground.
      • The Mighty Bash and Gilded Sleight Verses now correct benefit from the Ghostly Gratitude collectible.
      • Reduced the damage of the Swift Gale verse.
      • Fixed and clarified the tooltip for the Resolute Mind Vision.
      • The Ferocious Fortification Vision no longer displays multiple stacks on its tooltip.
      • Adjusted the visual effects for the Eye Catching Verse.
      • Filer Kor’s Truesight collectible now correctly provides three Vision choices when acquired.
      • The Sweeter Deal collectible no longer incorrectly provides 3 Vision choices.
      • Random Verse consumables are no longer available on certain daily quest rewards.
    • Portals to the Unknown
      • Portals to the Unknown will now always appear when intended.
      • You will no longer be offered duplicate Verses in the Portals to the Unknown.
      • Your abilities will now always be changed when transformed into a watcher or goat.
      • You will no longer receive an erroneous message for completing Portals to the Unknown when you fail to do so.
      • Added a center screen message to the Echoing Den to indicate when time is running out.
      • Vampire players no longer need to eat an additional Sweet Roll in order to defeat the Butcher(s) in Haejfal’s Butchery.
      • Added a visual telegraph to Aramril’s Domain in Theater of War.
      • Aramril no longer displays an erroneous “talk to” prompt when approached quickly in Theater of War.
    • Stages
      • Your character no longer has a chance to inadvertently teleport from within the fight space of certain stages.
      • Fixed an issue with environmental visuals not appearing correctly in certain areas of Endless Archive.
      • Dwarven Centurions now have a chance to join other Dwarven constructs.
      • Cryomancers can no longer target player pets with the Glaciate ability.
    • Cycle Bosses
      • Master Malkhest will now appear and move appropriately when encountered after cycle bosses have been defeated.
      • Voidmother Elgroalif now correctly scales with the current Arc.
      • Zhaj’hassa the Forgotten’s Dark Monoliths will now always protect your character from Void Explosion.
      • Yolnahkriin’s death will no longer stall progression in Endless Archive, and the Flame Atronachs no longer form a pool of lava upon death.
      • Adjusted the visual effects for the Curse of Suffering and Curse of Dominance in the encounter with High Kinlord Rillis.
      • Caluurion will now properly create his totems when engaged.
    • Arc Boss – Tho’at Replicanum
      • Master Malkhest now properly announces you have arrived at Tho’at Replicanum’s sanctuary before instructing you to approach.
      • Master Malkhest will now always use his portal to leave the fight space after defeating Tho’at Replicanum.
      • Glass Tendrils now have a visual telegraph for the Glittering Scrap ability.
      • Splintering Mirror will no longer create Mirror Shards when struck by the Necrotic Orb ability.
      • Splintering Mirror is now easier to see when not the primary target of Tho’at.
      • The damage shield provided by Splintering Mirror will now scale with Tho’at’s health.
      • The Forging Breath ability will now always target the ground as intended from Tho’at’s dragon form.
      • Player heals can no longer heal invisible targets.

    Gates of Oblivion Celebration
    • Burdensome Beasts: Fixed an issue where the scorpion beast would reappear after being warped back to Plokun.

    • Reduced the prices of the wares from the Golden Vendor, Adhazabi Aba-daro. Please note there will be a pricing discrepancy for her wares between console and PC players, until Update 40 launches for consoles on November 14.
      • Overland Jewelry will now cost 125,000 gold, or 225,000 AP.
      • Dungeon Jewelry will now cost 200,000 gold, or 375,000 AP.
      • Masks and Shoulders will remain the same.
    • Removed an item that was appearing in the Antiquity and Item Set Collections UIs before it was ready.

    • Fixed an issue where path nodes in the housing editor could not display their nameplates.

    • Fixed some visual gaps on the bottom of the furnishing “Mushrooms, Gilled Dusk Cluster”.
    • Added final icons for several furnishings.
    • Fixed several visual issues with the furnishings “Scrying Brazier, Short” and “Scrying Brazier, Tall”.
    • Adjusted the glow from the “Painted Stone Frog” so it fades in slower.
    • The “Vision of Mora” furnishing no longer has a gold value when sold to merchants.
    • Fixed an issue with the four new Tribute tapestry furnishings where the icons did not match the furnishings.
    • Updated the “Daedric Arch, Glass” achievement furnishing's quality from blue to purple, and fixed an issue with purchasing this furnishing.

    • Fixed an issue if you built high enough in the house “Gladesong Arboretum”, your character could fall into the center of certain trees.
    • Fixed an issue with the house “Gladesong Arboretum” where its collectible stated that it was in the Telvanni Peninsula instead of Galen.
    • Adjusted the entrance portal of “Tower of Unutterable Truths” so it now says “Enter” instead of “Exit”.
    • Fixed an issue with the house “Unutterable Truths” where your character could die when falling through the basement portal.

    • Of Dubious Value: Fixed an issue where the cart examination would not let you read the details if it is the last thing you investigate.
    • Blackguard enemies now properly drop zone loot in Chid-Moska ruins.

    • Fixed an issue where entering combat would not close the Companion outfit screen.
    • Class Sets now have their own Class categories under Endless Archive in the Item Set collections UI and will now properly appear when searching the Item Set Collections with the Gamepad.
    • Fixed an issue where the quests tab at crafting stations could occasionally become unresponsive.
    • Fixed an issue where the dropdown text for withdraw/deposit at the bank did not display correctly.

    Gamepad Mode
    • Fixed an issue where a tutorial pop-up window was not displaying the new grain to plating conversion. The text has also been updated to alleviate confusion.
    • The help entry for the Group Finder now displays the correct button prompts.
    • Added the ability to change roles to various Group Finder screens.
    • Fixed an issue where attempting to use a fragment from the actions menu would not work correctly.

    Group Finder
    • Added an Accept/Decline option to the right click menu on Group Finder applications.
    • Added tooltips to some of the Group Finder buttons/controls.
    • Added "Achievement" to the playstyle option for Group Finder.
    • Updated some missing or bugged icons, in addition to some small visual adjustments for the Group Finder.
    • The Zone category in Group Finder is now properly populated.

    Help & Tutorials
    • Help entries for ESO+ now correctly point out the 10% bonus to Archival Fortunes gain.
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