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vampire durations

this is a bit late, considering a ''QOL/bugfix patch'' just went live. but:

could vampire stages 4 hour duration be done away with? There is plenty of methods to reduce/increase it naturally and unnaturally (the furnishings, bloody mara food, feeding etc) It's so tedious to have to eat 2 foods just to keep my stage exactly at 3 every 3 hours. You might say feed, but that is even more tedious. I personally don't think it should even have a duration, but at least make a way to increase its duration or just do away with it all together. For a skill line that is already quite lackluster, all skills are situational aside from stage 3 passive for pvp, making it a bit higher QOL would be nice (oh and also add a food that increases stage by 1, or reduces all the way to 1, that is a bit harder to add though so thats just more QOL). The only argument I see to keep the duration is for new players who dont have a way to access the house furnishing that reduces your stage, or the purifying bloody mara, which is fair. I'd say just add a stage reducer at any of the 3 vampire shrines though rather than a duration though. They'd still have to wait up to 8 hours to get back to stage 1 lol.
  • Panderbander
    You share my frustrations with the werewolf timer mini game. Both the vampire and werewolf timers cause frustrating breaks in the flow of gameplay and need to be removed or reworked substantially.

    Someone here (I think) had once given the suggestion to remove the timer from werewolf and add a stacking damage done buff for a duration after devouring a corpse or dealing damage to simulate the need to feed or slaughter. I support that and feel some similar mechanic could be made for vampire.
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