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'Surreptitiously Shadowed' achievement - only partially fixed in Update 39 patch Notes?

Quick point on getting this achievement in Murkmire - it has been bugged for absolutely ages, and unable to be progressed at all (I'm on PC).
I was happy to see the topic come up in the patch notes:


However, this is only part of the problem.
You can both choose to 'Remain Silent' (repeatedly until she cracks and speaks), or choose the conversation option - without a crash - and the Achievement won't update. You'll only ever have the first encounter over and over.

The crash would repeatedly occur when you tried to speak to her a 3rd time (regardless of option chosen). I remember this, because I triggered it multiple times to confirm its reproducibility; and submitted at least 2 bug reports some months apart. Choosing either dialogue option to its conclusion and walking away (or both then walking away), neither crashed the game or advanced the achievement.

Could any kind Community Manager confirm if this 'crash fix' will also solve the progression bug?
Or if that part of the fix got left out of the patch notes?

If not, whilst avoiding a crash is welcome - it's rather cold comfort if the achievement progression is still bugged - as that's the reason to talk to her in the first place.
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