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Please: No more Sorc and Necro nerfs

After YEARS OF NERFS these classes landed on the bottom of the PvP food chain.
Sorcs and Necros urgently NEED HELP. But what do we get in U39? MORE NERFS. :s
ZOS wrote:
Lightning Staff-Ancient Knowledge: This passive now increases your damage done with over time and channeled attacks by 6/12%, rather than increasing your damage done with Area of Effect attacks by 5/10%.
Lightning Staff-Tri Focus: This passive now only triggers on fully charged Heavy Attacks, rather than any tick of a Heavy Attack.

Two classes currently are so OP, they play like GOD MODE: DK and Arcanist
Two classes have been nerfed so hard, they play REALLY BAD: MagSorcs and MagNecros

ZOS, please do not hit another nail in the LightArmor-Lightning staff coffin.
Please buff the weakest classes depending on lightning skills instead of nerfing them even more.

If the Lightning Staff AoE-bonus is replaced by a channeled attack bonus,
which is making Lightning Staffs USELESS for non-channel classes,
buff the AoE skills of Sorcs/Necros by 5-10% to let these skills survive the Lightning Staff loss.

Edited by BalticBlues on July 13, 2023 11:17AM
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