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Will Necromancer ever get any meaningful changes?

The ult buff is nice, but... what about everything else?
The clunky gameplay?
The janky pets that stop working sometimes or just do their own thing?
Grave Grasp? This skill is still RP only.
The complete lack of in-house Major Sorcery/Brutality?
Please throw us a bone, it doesn't even need to be "make number bigger", just "make class more fun to play."
Struggling to find a new class to call home.Please send help.
  • Melzo
    The skull has been reinforced. The ultimate was strengthened and made cheaper and the major protection was strengthened before it was useless. Everything is shaping up well. The necromancer is still *** but we are heading towards a brighter future. Maybe so in a dozen years there and the necromancer will play.
  • Red99
    months and months of constructive feedback ignored
  • Dekrypted
    No. Nightblades need another buff. They're not going to buff rangeblade, just the nightblade stuff that's already been buffed for like 6 patches. Suffer.

    PC NA

    Templar Main
    (Plays other classes sometimes)
  • IncultaWolf
    They desperately need class major sorcery/brutality, the tethers need a rework, and the pets need a buff, even something small like minor berserk or something attached to the undead minion, just anything to make it worth slotting
  • x99KungFuTacosx
    Agreed. The class needs a lot of help, and the ultimate changes are not even close to making necro a viable class for PvP (outside of healing).
  • Alaztor91
    I was hoping that there would be more significant changes after the recent Flame Skull meme buff. Here are my humble suggestions:

    -Add an offensive buff to Skeletal Mage like Major Sorcery/Brutality or Minor Berserk so it becomes more than just an inferior generic 20s dot. Maybe change one of the morphs to deal more damage between longer intervals to make it more attractive for PvP
    -Change the Remote Totem morph to a single target delayed stun/fear similar to Rune Prison/Rune of Eldritch Horror
    -Change Grave Graps to... something idk, this skill currently has no purpose imo
    -Change Spirit Guardian duration to 20 seconds and Intensive Mender duration to 10 seconds so they fit more with the standard duration that most buffs have
    -Change Restoring Tether duration for the same reasons described above

    -Rework Blastbones so it behaves similar to Scorch or at least make it a non-tangible entity like Skeletal Mage/Spirit Mender. I'm tired of having to play the Blastbones roulette and guess if my BB is going to explode after 2 GCD because target is stationary, after 3 because target moved a bit, after ?? because target teleported/used LoS, after ?? because target used a PBAOE CC, after ?? because there is a Silence AOE in between BB path and the target or after ?? because some mix of the above happened and BB just decided to time out. THERE IS NO OTHER OFFENSIVE SKILL IN THE GAME THAT IS AS UNRELIABLE AS BLASTBONES.
  • StarOfElyon
    I am once again asking for Necro changes. I will not slot Colossus over Dawnbreaker (no matter how sick I am of it) in PvP.
    Here are some ideas that I have to add some more utility to the skills on the class.

    Hungry Scythe: also applies life steal to all enemies hit. (I think this still won't make the spammable very good for damage but at least it'll add to the use for survivability)

    [Also, life steal should probably be tied to a status effect too]

    Skeletal Arcanist/Archer:
    grants major sorcery/brutality when active.

    Mystic/Detonating Syphon:
    grants major prophecy/savagery when slotted. Both morphs apply a damage over time to targets that stick to them after touching the tether.

    Flame/Venom skull:
    applies burning/poisoned status effects. Does additional damage to targets afflicted with a status effect. No longer does increased damage on third cast but instead does increased damage on low health enemies.

    Spirit Mender:

    - Spirit Guardian: when active, applies major cowardice to attackers. (I just like the idea of the ghost scaring attackers.)
    - Intensive Mender: increases the healing over a shorter period of time. (Buff the healing more please)

    Bone Totem:
    summons an effigy of bones up to 28 meters away. After 1 second, the totem begins fearing nearby enemies every 2 seconds, causing them to cower in place for 4 seconds. (Changed to allow both morphs to be targeted)
    - Warding Totem (Formerly Remote Totem): grants minor protection when standing in the area of effect.
    - Agony Totem: afflicts enemies in the area of effect with minor vulnerability.

    Putrid Colossus
    (formerly Frozen Colossus): Unleash a decayed Flesh Colossus to pulverize enemies in the area. The Colossus smashes the ground three times over 3 seconds. Dealing damage applies Major Vulnerability to any enemy hit for 12 seconds.
    - Frozen Colossus (formerly Glacial Colossus): does frost damage and freezes (stuns) enemies on the first hit instead of the third. (If a stun is too strong, the first hit can apply a strong snare instead)
    - Pestilent Colossus: smashes the ground once and does disease damage. Afflicts enemies with a pestilence that does damage over time. (In PvP ultimates are all about burst and that's what necros lack so I tried to make the bursty part of these ultimates at the beginning of them)

    Animate Blastbones:
    instead of resurrecting allies, this ultimate summons three blastbones to attack the nearest opponent. It consumes corpses in the area to summon up to three more blastbones. Summoned Blastbones are immune to being crowd controlled (other than by another ultimate). Reduce the cost of this ultimate to 200, down from 320, to make it more usable.
    Edited by StarOfElyon on July 10, 2023 9:28PM
  • LukosCreyden
    They shall have to remove me from the forums to get me to stop going on about this lol. I've waited for far too long now to just say "oh, maybe in the next update" to myself.
    Which update shall I wait for? Q4? 2024 Q1? Maybe 2024 Q4?
    Struggling to find a new class to call home.Please send help.
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