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Server Multithreading Update – July 2023

It is approaching midyear and time to give an update on how our multithreading work is going. If you remember, back at the end of last year, I gave the news that we would be performing an ongoing series of server work aimed at spreading out ESO processes across more CPU cores, with the goal that it would result in a substantial increase in server performance. Over Update 37 – launched back in March – and in Update 38, we have completed some of this work.

Initial metrics, however, show that these steps in multithreading are not having as much of a performance improvement as desired, and so we had to roll back one of the process changes because it introduced an unacceptable level of instability. Fortunately, the recent upgrade to server hardware has resulted in more customer-facing server performance improvements than any of our multithreading work in all public realms where we’ve completed the work. (Xbox EU is still scheduled for later this year.) In fact, the recent Whitestrake’s Mayhem event in May showed just how much fun ESO PvP is with the new hardware in place.

All this to say, we continue to look for areas to spread process to optimize our server CPU capabilities. Please remember that we must be very, very careful when making changes of this complexity to ESO’s massive codebase. However, we will continue to dedicate resources to keep analyzing and looking for ways to utilize multithreading to improve server performance, and we will update everyone on any successes that we have when we find solutions.

Thanks for being the best community in gaming!

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Matt Firor
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  • MetallicMonk
    Bro those chaos ball weekends go HARD though.
  • colossalvoids
    It sounds really bad tbh, kind of like "we're shelving the work for the better times and no pvp content in foreseeable future still stands".
  • Arrow312
    So shortcut:
    No new content for any Kind of PvP means Last stand 2016....check some Longtime Players maybe leave.
    A complete PvP is going to Break down X EU Check. I think x EU Server will not updated before Sep or later this means around 1/2 later then PS and NA so what do you think will happen with all the EU Players on NA do you think they Go Back to EU when they Grind CP and all the stuff. I don't think so. Look at the Screenshots Here it is Event time and No Queue in X EU. It feels Like X EU Players are Second class customers and you don't earn enough Money from them and therefore you don't Upgrade the Server because it is to expensive.
    Edited by Arrow312 on July 7, 2023 11:35PM
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  • jhall03
    @ZOS_MattFiror xbox EU upgrades are “scheduled’? If it is actually scheduled then please give us a date/timeframe. If that is still not determined, then it’s not actually scheduled.honesty and transparency are much appreciated
    Edited by jhall03 on July 8, 2023 12:56AM
  • jle30303
    I would just like to say that, at times when there's any significant population on - even if the population is not where I am - I am currently getting horrendous lag and ping issues whenever I change zone *even in PVE areas*.

    And this isn't just "the newest zones and the crafting zones". It's *anywhere*. Like sometimes my FPS drops to literally single figures and my ping goes up to 900+.

    It is particularly bad when I change zone.

    How come it was *ever* better? Because apparently it was, once.
  • markulrich1966
    I tried xbox EU today, was almost like on the screenshot, but DC had 3 bars, AD and EP 1 bar. DC dominated the map over a long period, unlike on NA, where you have 3 bars for each faction, and gameplay is very dynamic.
    As a result, it took forever to gain AP, so I finally resignated at 11 pm and switched to NA again, my main server meanwhile for PVP and PVE.

    On NA, grey host is not perfect, but skills fire 80% of the time, unlike before the upgrade. At least during WSM, I don't play cyro apart from events.
    EU was not as bad as last time, so I think perormance is not so much driving players away, it is more the general being fed up with the low pop on EU. It is dead boring, always the same players and strategies, if 1 faction takes a lead, it is clear they will dominate the map for the rest of the campaign. With alliance lock, there is no chance this will change like before the lock was introduced. So the others resignate and play something different.
    Edited by markulrich1966 on July 8, 2023 4:11AM
  • redlink1979
    Thanks for the info.

    But during that process, my latency to the closest server of my location (EU) has quadrupled at the very least - it now averages between 400 to 1200ms. PvP and PvE zones.
    It happens everyday regardless of how populated the server is (week day and time of day).

    To make it awkard, my latencty on PC NA remains similar to values before the server update (180-200ms).

    I already sent several tickets but so far I only got automated replies suggesting a resolution, that I already had wrote down on the ticket that it didn't worked (the proof that the reply wasn't made by a human).
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