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Who would you worship?

If you lived in TES universe. Regardless of your race, who would you worship, if at all?

I think I'd be a deadric cultist. I'd worship one of good, or at least not so bad, daedric Lords. Possibly Azura, as I don't particularly care for Meridia. I wouldn't mind dealing with Mora if opportunity arises, though he doesn't seem to care that much about being worshiped. Boethiah outright scares me so I'd definitely steer clear.

Anymore Daedric fans out there? Or do you prefer worshipping Aedra? Or even the tribunal if you lived before the 4th era
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  • Tandor
    I've never been keen on worshipping deities in my games, just as in the real world, so I would be unlikely to do so.
  • Braffin
    Lorkhaj of course :smile:
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  • Rebirthment
    Why worship when you can BE worshiped? ;)
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  • Panderbander
    Hircine, obviously
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  • KlauthWarthog
    Sanguine, whose sphere is partying hard.
  • TaSheen
    Akatosh - since Daggerfall. The first town I walked into (whatever it was) had a Temple of Akatosh as one of the earliest buildings I entered. I hadn't paid much attention to the deities in Arena, but the Dragon God of Time? Perfect.

    As for daedric princes, I wrote fanfic about my Skyrim characters, one of whom interacted at great length with Meridia and Azura. Other than that, I don't care much for/about the daedra.

    But even in books, the heroes make mistakes, and there isn't always a happy ending.

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  • Ecgberht_confused
    Why worship when you can BE worshiped? ;)

    I'd be careful of that sentiment. Last time a mortal attempted godhood an entire race disappeared, and another race was cursed by Azura 😜
  • Soarora
    Hircine and Hermaeus Mora. Maybe a bit of Vaermina and Auri-El as well.
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  • I_killed_Vivec
    I bow to no one, mortal or immortal.
  • Grizzbeorn
    Hircine and Nocturnal.
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    • Fenris_Arainai
      The Tribunal
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    • Kendaric
      Hircine and Nocturnal for sure. But basically all of the "spirits" of the Reach.

      The only Daedra I can't stand are Hermaeus Mora and Sheogoarath.
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      • Holycannoli
        Dibella, because of reasons
      • ghastley
        Ulene Hlervu in the Oblivion game would tell you that worshipping the Divines is a wate of your time, as nothing will happen. Worship the Daedra, and you’ll get results. Bad ones, but actual results. She marks Azura’s shrine on your map, and you get a quest there, and a reward if you make good on the quest. Ulene is surprised you got anything worthwhile from a Daedric Prince, as you would expect.

        So based on that experience, I wouldn’t worship, but I would consider the bargains the Daedric Princes might propose. Clavicus Vile can be relied upon to cheat, and Hircine’s would be a bit of a gamble. Sheogorath and Sanguine can’t be trusted not to throw in a prank, and several of the others would want you to do something you’d rather not get involved in. Azura plays fair, but will expect you to work for your rewards. Nocturnal likewise, but she supports the Thieves, which may put some off.

        I would probably keep my dealings to Azura, and avoid the rest, most of the time.
      • menedhyn
        ‘Arkay says: Honour the earth, its creatures, and the spirits, living and dead. Guard and tend the bounties of the mortal world, and do not profane the spirits of the dead’ - The Ten Commandments of the Nine Divines.

        (completely unrelated to the faith and beliefs of my characters, I might add)
        'Pure rains make sweet rivers'
      • Vhozek
        Stendarr, it's not even close.

        I would be a wandering healer just looking for living beings to cure and spreading the word of Stendarr to encourage people to help others. Their opinions, beliefs, and politics don't matter no matter how ravenous they are against me.
        Knowing that restoration magic can protect me and heal me, I'm willing to risk approaching even that which hates me just to fulfill my duties.

        Restoration magic is my right hand and alteration my left hand to assure survivability and security. Illusion magic in my pocket in case of the need to disappear.

        Heavy helmet to protect my head against any possible injury that could leave me unconscious.
        Heavy boots to assure I thread safely, in case I step on something I shouldn't have.
        Heavy gauntlets in case I have to block incoming danger with my arms.

        The rest is light clothing for mobility.
        A shield to cover my back.
        A mace with the desire to knock out danger rather than killing it, leaving me with the possibility to cure it afterwards with a planned escape.
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      • Cloudtrader
        You know those scantily-clad dancers in the Chapel of Dibella in Anvil that come out every once in awhile? I'd be one of those. Worshiping Dibella seems like a sweet gig.
      • laniakea_0
        I wouldn't worship but I would deal with some of them and perhaps even try to befriend a few:
        Hermaeus Mora for knowledge
        Mehrunes Dagon for ambition
        Hircine for the good boy experience
        and Sanguine because for the *** and because he seems like a genuinely interesting character to talk to.
      • AzuraFan
      • NoticeMeArkay
      • RaddlemanNumber7
        Sweet Mother, sweet Mother, send your child unto me, for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear.
        PC EU
      • wolfie1.0.
        Simply, myself... I would go the Tiber Septim route... well me and my army of clones.
      • DarcyMardin
        I’m not the worshipping type.
      • EramTheLiar
        Talos, obviously. Don't tell me he's not divine yet, that's just what the elves want you think
      • NotaDaedraWorshipper
        Not daedra, if that's what you're asking! Ha ha....

        [Lie] Of course! I don't even worship Daedra!
      • emilyhyoyeon
        probably Meridia
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      • MrGarlic
        This one cares not to worship deities and will not be subjugated by the whims of ethereal psychopaths.

        'Sharp Arrows'Mr.Garlic
        Hidden by darkness, a shadow in the night,A sped arrow dissecting the gloom,Finding it's target, such delight.
      • TX12001rwb17_ESO
        Dagoth Ur
      • vsrs_au
        Almalexia. She's a lot more relateable than the lofty daedric princes, can be found in Mournhold, and even once gave me this really nice gift that lights my way in dark places. :)
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      • ProudMary
        The god of reason and evidence.
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