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More new assassin/thief housing

Hello team, I come here to ask a favor in terms of content regarding the themes of murder and thief.

Indeed, many houses happen to be houses and other diverse things, but there are very few houses in reference to the murderer or thief milieu to date. Can we have more homes, well, a little more choice, in the style of a lair? For example, we might have something in the sewers, or some underground lair that could easily lend itself to this theme.

A hideout that I have been waiting for a long time and I hope to see one day, would be something in the desert of Alik'r, I find the theme of hideouts of this area very interesting, I think this place can allow achieving very nice things in the style of a hideout.

A little suggestion for the Esrstwhile sanctuary now, I see a lot of building-style housing items like stairs, various walls and other amazing things, like that, then for the shrine wouldn't it be possible to have walls here as well now? Of course, in aesthetic coherence with this cave, IG the cave of killers has walls with shelves or even integrated library walls and where, kind of small hole could we not have things like that also now, given what is being done for other recent themes now?

That's all I want to say here, hoping that I've been heard by the team, thank you very much! ;)
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  • Alharion
    devs, is this possible?
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