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Why Didn't You Participate in Whitestrake's Mayhem?

  • Mesite
    I only got a few tickets but forgot to spend them before the end. Also I mainly want a ghostly Indrik but they aren't on sale at this time of year so no incentive to get tickets.

    Went back today for last day and Cyrodiil was extremely empty in the campaign I joined.
  • BlueRaven
    Just wanted to add;

    As someone who is not very good at pvp, I played very defensively, utilizing stealth and invisibility a lot. With stealth apparently getting heavily nerfed in pvp (in Necrom) my personal participation in future events will be decreasing.
  • Daoin
    this event was just simply get to Cyro, do a quest get 2 tickets (5min)....get to IC do a quest, if killed go to a different place for the other daily and do that one instead then pull a few mobs over to kill me for instant tele to base and done (10min) but even this and my view on pvp (not including BG) became too much and just ended up skipping days here and there anyway.
  • anadandy
    Meh rewards. I did my one quest per day for tickets and called it good.
  • daim
    anadandy wrote: »
    Meh rewards. I did my one quest per day for tickets and called it good.

    Same + was invisible 98% of the time.
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  • Mesonyx
    I was put off by the fact that I have to queue for 35-45 mins each time I want to hit Cyro. No thanks. It also actually put me off the game in general for a bit so I moved on to other stuff.
    1st event in a long time where even the lure of tickets wasn't strong enough to pull me in
  • TybaltKaine
    I wasn't as active because the drop rate for the new pages was abysmal. The effort required (as well as the physical pain of PVP for me) didn't give the rewards I wanted. I very quickly became a "ticket PVP" guy after day 3.
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  • Elephant42
    TaSheen wrote: »
    That would be ChaosBall. And that was one of the "unkillable tank" players.

    Which is one very good reason to stay out of pvp far as I'm concerned.

    I understand "unkillable tank", "glass cannon" and "supersonic speed" builds. What I don't understand is what I see _constantly_ every time I venture into Cyrodiil - characters that are all three at once.

    I guess this is what the PvP cognoscenti call "Balance"...
    Edited by Elephant42 on May 24, 2023 9:20PM
  • Korinth
    Because I HATE PvP. Never really enjoyed it (especially in ESO). I do still get my tickets but for Cyrodil I try and do it on "off times" in the US and do the quickest town daily I can.

    I always felt ZoS shot themselves in the foot by not making a separate skill tree for PvP. This would have ended the constant nerf/buff battle that either impacted PvP and screwed PvE or vice versa.

    In Imp City I park myself on a mission in a certain area where you can complete quest objectives without ever engaging in PvP while watching Netflix or doing something more fun than PvP like cleaning my toilet or cleaning my den.
    Edited by Korinth on July 10, 2023 7:13PM
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  • TheImperfect
    I did as much as possible and enjoyed it. My Husband doesn't like the time it takes to do it and if he gets killed he has to go back to the beginning and travel again so he did not bother.
  • SeaGtGruff
    @TheImperfect, I also enjoyed it. I tried to split my time between Cyrodiil and the Imperial City, but I didn't get to spend as much time in either one as I'd have liked. It didn't help that I play on two servers each day. I wish I'd spent more time in the Imperial City sewers farming the mini bosses for pages, but I suppose that the few pages I wasn't able to get will be available again during future Mayhems, so no worries.
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  • DoofusMax
    Speaking strictly for myself, I don't PvP (I don't even duel), so neither the May nor the June/July event had any interest at all for me. After the July event was over, I sent a couple newer toons into Cyrodiil, mostly because it's got 46 skyshards and I was interested in seeing how many I could collect while managing to stay out of the way of other players (quite a few, as it turned out).
  • LukosCreyden
    No rewards that interest me.
    Don't need the AP as the vendor has nothing new.
    Struggling to find a new class to call home.Please send help.
  • moderatelyfatman
    I think the overall playerbase has changed significantly over the past year. Very few people now are interested in group events and most of the players now seem to be short termers who do mostly solo content.

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