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Getting Monsashana

I've been working on the Dark Brotherhood achievement (to get all targets) now for almost two months, daily. I still need Monsashana and it's been days and days and that one hasn't come up. Anyone else have this sit or any tips? Is this a bug?


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  • Number_51
    Seems to always be one that takes forever to come up. It was the same for me but Dolwinora and Tebeba (pre-AWA) rather than Monsashana. The quests are random but used to reset multiple times a day. That may have changed since the reset timers work they've done recently. The last time I was trying to complete this I would go grab the quest at the start of a play session. If it wasn't who I was looking for I'd abandon it then pick it up again at the end of my session. Took me around 3 weeks of picking it up twice (or more) per day before I got who I was looking for.
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  • Necrotech_Master
    if its the one for the sacraments then yeah just gonna be RNG when the right ones appear

    i believe you can share these like thieves guild heists, if you know other people who have access to the sacraments, more chances to get the one you need
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  • Daiyanae
    I got it! Thanks!!
  • ZOS_Bill
    We are glad to hear that the OP was finally able to complete the Dark Brotherhood achievement. As this issue has resolved itself, we will go ahead and close this discussion.
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