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PTS Patch Notes v9.0.3

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The Elder Scrolls Online v9.0.3 contains the highly anticipated balance adjustments for the Arcanist, along with additional bug fixes for the class and other abilities and item sets, including the issue where some monsters could not be attacked. Also included are further fixes and polishing for Necrom quests and content. The size of this patch is approximately 419MB.

  • Template Updates
  • Known Issues
  • Combat & Gameplay
    • Combat & Abilities
    • Companions
    • Itemization & Item Sets
  • Fixes & Improvements
    • Chapters & DLCs
    • Base Game
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    • Blessed Inheritor, Scribes of Mora, and Dead Keeper are now properly unlocked on the PTS template.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    • Item sets and passives that activate when consuming a potion do not currently activate when consuming crafted potions.
    • Bonuses that increase damage done to monsters do not currently work with proc based damage. This is not a bug and is default behavior since their introduction to the game, but we will be monitoring this and may re-evaluate this interaction.
    • Action Duration Timers can be reset erroneously by secondary effects.
    • Remedy Cascade does not currently trigger the Healing Mage item set.
    • Apocryphal Gate can be used to bypass some mechanics or push your character into locations where they should normally not be able to reach. 
    • Resonating Glyphic can become un-targetable in trials and dungeons.
    • Major Expedition applied by Fleet Footed Gate does not currently scale with ability rank.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Fixed an issue that caused monsters or interactable objects to enter a state where they could not be attacked or interacted with.
    • Fixed an issue where some abilities, such as Stampede or Runemend, could cause health desyncs.

    • General
      • Updated the tooltips for several Arcanist abilities that have dynamic cost scaling to specify if they scale off your highest or lowest max resource.
    • Herald of the Tome
      • Abyssal Impact
        • Cephaliarch’s Flail (morph): Updated this ability to heal your character upon casting.
          Developer Comment:
          Cephaliarch’s Flail has been lacking a bit in power and we wanted to make the morph choice between it and Tentacular Dread more distinct. With this additional heal, we’re also hitting some of the feedback on how the class is lacking self-healing options.
        • Tentacular Dread (morph):
          • Increased the base damage by 20% per Crux spent.
          • This ability no longer increases the immobilize duration per Crux spent.
          Developer Comment:
          We’ve seen a lot of feedback on how the Arcanist is lacking big bursty damage, and while the class was intentionally designed that way, we made an adjustment to this ability to support some extra burst.
      • Fatecarver: Reduced the cost of this ability to 450 Magicka or 383 Stamina per tick, from 750 Magicka or 638 Stamina per tick.
        • Pragmatic Fatecarver (morph): This ability now grants a damage shield while channeling. Note that you will be immune to interrupts while the damage shield holds.
        Developer Comment:
        Fatecarver has gotten a lot of feedback over the past few PTS patches, in particular how it is difficult to use in a solo or PvP environment. To combat these difficulties, we’ve decided to take Pragmatic Fatecarver and give it some defensive tools, including a new unique effect in interrupt immunity.
      • Fated Fortune (passive): Updated the terminology used in the tooltip.
      • Psychic Lesion (passive): Updated this passive ability to grant increased Status Effect Chance, up to 75% at Rank 2.
        Developer Comment:
        We recognized this passive has felt on the weaker side, so we added an increase to Status Effect Chance to keep with the feeling that the Arcanist has a greater knowledge of the elements than other classes.
      • The Imperfect Ring: The cost of this ability will now be based off your lowest Max Resource.
      • The Unblinking Eye:
        • Reduced the cost of this ability to 175 Ultimate from 200 Ultimate.
        • Fixed an issue where the ability visual effects could disappear early.
        • The Watcher will now be summoned above your target to aid in combat visibility, instead of over your own character.
    • Soldier of Apocrypha
      • Aegis of the Unseen (passive): Updated the tooltip to specify the bonus only applies while a beneficial Soldier of Apocrypha ability is active.
      • Gibbering Shield
        • Gibbering Shelter (morph): Fixed an issue where the ally shield from Gibbering Shelter did not count as a Soldier of Apocrypha ability.
      • Runic Jolt: Increased the range to 22 meters from 15 meters.
        • Runic Embrace (morph): Fixed a typo in the tooltip of this morph.
      • Rune of Eldritch Horror
        • Rune of Uncanny Adoration (morph): Removed the snare on Charmed targets.
          Developer Comment:
          The snare was removed from this ability to allow your newfound adoring fans to get to you even faster than before. They won’t be jumping off ledges to greet you, but they will still be leashed by your silver tongue.
    • Curative Runeforms
      • Apocryphal Gate: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs would not break stealth or invisibility when you teleported between the portals.
      • Chakram Shields
        • The Tidal Chakram (morph): This morph no longer reduces the cost per Crux spent. Instead, it grants a Heal over Time while the damage shield holds based on the shield’s remaining strength and per Crux spent.
          Developer Comment:
          The original Crux spending effect on this morph wasn’t impactful enough compared to other Crux spenders, so we’ve redesigned it to grant a powerful Heal over Time that makes the Crux investment more worthwhile and gives the class some additional measures of sustained healing.
      • Remedy Cascade:
        • Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs were not considered healing abilities for most procs and passive effects.
        • Increased the width of this ability and its morphs to 4 meters from 3 meters.
          Developer Comment:
          We buffed the radius of this ability slightly to help maintain its identity as a “skill shot” heal, while also addressing concerns around its healing uptime on particularly mobile allies.
          • Cascading Fortune (morph): Fixed an issue where this morph could not be interrupted.
      • Runemend:
        • Fixed an issue where the first heal from this ability and its morphs was not considered a single-target heal.
        • Fixed a rare issue where this ability and its morphs could cause health desyncs.
      • Vitalizing Glyphic: The Weapon and Spell Damage granted by this ability and its morphs can now affect up to 12 targets. Note the Healing over Time still only affects up to 6 targets.
        • Glyphic of the Tides (morph): This morph now also grants Major Protection to up to 12 targets once the glyphic reaches full health.
        Developer Comment:
        We increased the maximum targets of this Ultimate’s utility effect to make it a more viable choice compared to other group utility Ultimates, such as Warhorn. We are also addressing the feedback of Resonating Glyphic being the stronger morph choice due to the ratio of healers and damage dealers in group activities, so Glyphic of the Tides received an additional bonus effect once it is fully powered to help reward healers that really invest into pumping heals into the glyphic.

    • Draconic Power
      • Dark Talons
        • Burning Talons (morph):
          • The Damage over Time from this morph will now always apply to the target, rather than only when they do not already have the DoT active.
          • Reduced the damage over time by approximately 27%, but increased the duration to 5 seconds, up from 4.

    • Dawn’s Wrath
      • Backlash: This ability and its morphs now need 60% less total damage needed to reach their final values.
        Developer Comment:
        We're lowering the amount of damage needed for these abilities to reach their big boom numbers, as they needed values that were essentially impossible to achieve in PvP to get to their maximum power. The damage required will still be challenging to reach in PvP environments, and in most cases where opponents are taking countermeasures to deny or mitigate the applier's pressure, the damage will still not reach the maximum amount; we are doing this intentionally so Templars retain a weakness in some capacity. We'll continue to monitor this value and adjust accordingly, if necessary, after we get more data from live servers with how this change interacts with the other buffs the class received in this update.

    • Bow
      • Arrow Spray
        • Acid Spray (morph):
          • The Damage over Time from this morph will now always apply to the target, rather than only when they do not already have the DoT active.
          • Reduced the damage over time by approximately 27%, but increased the duration to 5 seconds, up from 4.

    • Fixed an issue where Companion Ultimate abilities appeared to be influenced by the Power Stone passive ability.
    • Sleetmail:
      • When Sharp casts Sleetmail, he now applies a 20% Reduce Damage Taken Buff. It will still apply Major Resolve to up to five other allies.
      • The Reduced Damage Taken buff and Major Resolve now have a duration of 6 seconds.

    • Between a Rock and a Whetstone:
      • Polished the quest sequence in the Daedra ruins.
      • Updated Herkgrig’s conversation so that you can no longer loop it forever.
    • Paths Unwalked: Fixed an issue where NPCs would interrupt each other on the quest.
    • The Double Edge:
      • Updated how and when other players can see Sharps that are following players in the Telvanni Peninsula and Gorne.
      • Fixed an issue where Harn would gesture too quickly when asked about how he got his scar.
      • Fixed an issue where a quest pin would not display properly in the Necrom Outlaw’s Refuge.
      • Fixed an issue where an NPC accidentally walked into a furnace.
    • The Fateweaver Key: Azandar's run animation plays more smoothly when he's ready to enter Fathoms Drift.

    Mythic Items
    • Esoteric Environment Greaves: 
      • This set now only reduces the damage taken from direct damage, rather than all damage.
      • This set now only activates when you are above 50% Stamina, up from 33%. 
      • Reduced the Stamina drained when taking direct damage to 968 on hit, down from 1567. 
      • Decreased the cooldown of the Stamina loss on hit to 0.25 seconds, down from 0.5 seconds.
      Developer Comment:
      This set was aimed at offering a form of damage reduction that operates like Block, so we’ve reigned in the effectiveness and behavior to more closely mirror it, rather than allowing it apply to things outside of expectations and experiences the game already accounts for. This should make the set much easier to engage with and simpler to understand, while also ensuring it cannot allow wearers to become nearly as god-like as they could before. This should also make the set better against singular or low hit count attackers, but weaker against multiple or high hit count attackers, by draining Stamina less on impact but with the ability to drain much faster.
    • Velothi Ur-Mage’s Amulet:
      • Reduced the amount of Offensive Penetration this set grants to 1650, down from 4968. 
      • This set now grants Minor Force while worn, rather than increasing your Critical Damage done by a unique 15%.
      Developer Comment:
      After getting more numbers and feedback on this set, we’ve noticed that a lot of the power this set was enabling was outside of its intended power, where we wanted to ensure players gained a solid amount of damage to mitigate the losses of not perfectly weaving while not overtaking those types of builds. From what we’ve seen, this set was doing that and will continue to do so after the changes, while reigning in a lot of the power and potential to use the set as an easy win for Area of Effect encounters where Light Attacks and non-Lightning Staff Heavy Attacks already see a falloff in damage production. This keeps the set meaningful to use for its targeted goals, without making it the best option for many situations it wasn’t designed around.

    Trial Sets
    • Test of Resolve:
      • This set now procs when you take damage under 50% Health, up from 35% Health. 
      • Reduced the cooldown to 45 seconds, down from 1 minute. 
      Developer Comment:
      These changes were made to help make the set more readily available and reliable.
    • Transformative Hope:  This set now activates when healing a target under 50% Health, up from 40%, to make it slightly easier to activate. 
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    Gina Bruno
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Tournament of the Heart: Fixed an issue where Isobel would not appear if you accepted her introductory quest from the Collections interface instead of naturally.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Polished the animations used when activating the Meln’s Ghost Sight combat synergy.

    • Pages can now be heard when Seekers flip through books.
    • Added in a wide variety of missing sound effects across the zone.
    • Fixed a mismatch between Hermaeus Mora’s text and VO.
    • Added some missing sound effects to Therime Catalogue, The Walking Nightmare, and Runemaster Xiomara group bosses.
    • Fixed an issue where it sounded like it was raining when inside the Underweave.
    • Certain Dremnaken audio in the Apogee of the Tormenting Eye delve now sound properly telepathic.

    • Added rivers and waterways to the “Jewelry Crafting Survey: Telvanni Peninsula”.
    • Updated the Alchemy Survey Report in Apocrypha to use Bulging Herbalist's Satchels rather than typical alchemy plants.
    • Updated the Clothier Survey Report nodes to use Plush Torn Cloth instead of typical Cloth plants.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause water nodes to respawn more quickly than intended in the Telvanni Pennisula.

    Sanity’s Edge Trial
    • General
      • Enemies no longer have a chance to die instantly when positioned in just the right spot in Vanton’s Nightmare.
      • Your character no longer has a chance to get stuck if they die in mid-air in Vanton’s Nightmare.
      • The Terror Slayer achievement now has the appropriate icon.
    • Exarchanic Yaseyla
      • The Mage NPCs no longer has a chance to live through the intro sequence to the boss encounter.
      • The Wamasu will now target a random player for its Charge ability.
    • Archwizard Twelvane and Chimera
      • Coruscating Orbs no longer follow Companions, though Companions can still be damaged by them.
      • The visual indicator for the Sizzling Crater ability will now remain visible for as long as the ability persists.
      • Fixed some silent VO in the encounter with Archwizard Twelvane.
    • Ansuul the Tormentor
      • Player characters affected by Manic Phobia no longer have a chance to be targeted by Poison Mind.
      • The Gaping Wound and Ignite abilities can no longer be purged.
      • Adjusted the timing and damage of the Anxiety’s Grip ability.
      • Vanton’s defeated form in the Torment section of the encounter can no longer be devoured by Werewolves.
      • All player characters who enter one of Vanton’s Torment areas will again receive credit for the Voice of Clarity achievement.
      • Only player characters affected by Vanton’s Attunement will be able to remain in Vanton’s Torment area.
      • There is no longer a chance for Ansuul to show an interact prompt in Vanton’s Torment.
      • Ansuul will now always animate correctly when using Ritual Blast.

    • Fixed an issue where you could sometimes get duplicates of the Gravegrasp Greaves before completing the outfit style.
    • Sanity's Edge weekly coffers now correctly award Trial set items.
    • Fixed an issue causing Necrom Quest Rewards to not properly scale to CP 160.
    • Applied various minor adjustments to treasure map locations and survey report harvest nodes to reduce clipping, better conform to terrain, and appear more closely together.
    • Changed the name of Sharp-as-Night’s keepsake to avoid confusion with its granted perks.
    • Fixed a Skyshard that was floating in the air.
    • Updated multiple books from Shalidor’s Library that were not correctly disappearing after being read.
    • Added several books to provide written lyrics for the zone’s new bard songs.
    • Addressed several typos in books.

    • Updated the description of “Gorne Group Event” achievement to accurately refer to Gatekeeper Gruzo as the enemy needing to be defeated.
    • Defeating the All-Seeing Ky’zuu in The Underweave public dungeon now correctly completes the associated achievement “The Underweave Group Event”.

    • Fixed an issue where a Watchling outside the Ravening Morass would not attack you.
    • Bone Flayers will no longer have the chance of becoming invisible after coming up out of a poison pool trap in Anchre Egg Mine.

    • Updated several NPC dialogue animations.

    • Added Slaughterfish to the waters around the Necrom docks.
    • Removed Elk from the Telvanni Peninsula.
    • You can now properly use the portal to the Telvanni Peninsula that appears on Balfiera Island after completing the tutorial quest “The Gates of Adamant”.
    • Updated the behavior of multiple map icons in the Telvanni Peninsula that were not displaying properly.
    • Updated the appearance rate of monsters and crafting resource nodes in the Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha.
    • Fixed some dialogue timing throughout a number of quests.
    • Fixed some issues with the camera stuttering while talking with quest NPCs.
    • Updated multiple dialogue animations across various quests.

    Main Quest
    • A Calamity of Fate:
      • Fixed an issue where Scruut would splay into a default pose before teleporting.
      • Updated the exit portal for the Mythos to appear properly in sequence.
      • Scruut now turns corporeal along with players and Hermaeus Mora in the Mythos.
      • Fixed an issue where Leramil could walk off in the middle of conversation with you.
      • Meln no longer floats in the beginning of the quest when accepted from Scruut.
      • Polished the visual effects in the Mythos and Tel Baro sequences.
    • A Hidden Fate:
      • Fixed an issue where Meln the Mouthless would interrupt Leramil.
      • Polished the sequence when you meet Leramil in her study in Cipher’s Midden.
      • Fixed an issue that would cause stacks of Meln's Ghost Sight to not immediately apply.
    • An Unhealthy Fate:
      • Added and polished several animations for one of Scruut’s sequences.
      • Updated an issue where Meln the Mouthless would repeat dialogue and interrupt other NPC dialogue.
      • Fixed an issue that would cause Blightcrowned to teleport to an undesired location in combat.
    • Conclave of Fate: Updated Master Foves and Sulis’ dialogue to reflect if you had previously completed the quest “Tracing Shadows”.
    • Fate’s Lost Dream: It will now be easier to not accidentally interact with Scruut while she's following you on this quest.
    • Fate’s Proxy:
      • Updated the quest to better guide you to Leramil on the balcony of the Necrom Bindery after completing your investigations.
      • Updated some of Leramil’s dialogue to better account for the states of the three investigations she sends you on.
    • Keeper of Fate: Updated Keeper Cindri’s appearance.
    • Spirit of Fate: Updated the Tel Rendys map.
    • Truer Words:
      • Changed Leramil’s posture in certain conversations so she properly holds her book.
      • Fixed an issue where an NPC was not holding their mug properly in the finale celebration.
      • Polished the sequence with Torvesard outside of Cipher’s Midden.

    Objective Quests
    • A Memory of Mystery:
      • Fixed the area around the boss fight where you could get into an unintended space.
      • Fixed a line of dialogue that was not triggering correctly after defeating the boss.
    • Piteous Envoys:
      • Fixed several issues where Hezekh would clip his hand and various props into his head while in conversation.
      • Fixed an issue where Hezekh wasn’t properly framed by his conversation camera.
      • Fixed an issue where you could not talk to Hezekh on certain steps of the quest.
      • Updated the quest compass and map guides to properly direct you throughout this quest.
      • Fixed an issue where your quest progress could become blocked if you left during the final scene in the Forum Obscura.
    • Forgotten Glories: Fixed an issue where Tyss wouldn’t trigger several different lines of dialogue while on the quest.
    • Escape of the Sane:
      • Polished the initial sequence of the quest so Morian properly shows his Quest Bestower icon.
      • Updated Morian’s dialogue to sound appropriately distant at the end of the quest.
    • Tracing Shadows: Fixed an issue where you couldn’t advance the quest when speaking to Naryu in the Kagouti Nests.
    • Lost in Thought: Huzmargo’s lines in the Rectory Chorus now sound appropriately telepathic.

    Public Dungeons & Delves
    • Fathoms Drift
      • Fixed a conversation that was previously unavailable.
    • Llaro’s Headache
      • Edril will no longer appear in the middle of a conversation with Balver.
      • Edril now looks appropriately old.
      • Edril's conversation options now loop properly on the quest.
    • Underweave
      • Fixed an issue where the Loremaster Trigon Champion would not appear in the Underweave.
      • Updated the functionality of the Underweave Group Event to be more conducive to multiple players participating in it.
      • Fixed an issue where multiple Watchlings would clip into each other in the Underweave.
      • If you had previously met Thaddeus Cosma, you are now treated as such when meeting him inside of the Underweave.

    World Events
    • Fixed an issue where you could not get optional dialogue with Ordinator Tandessa on certain variants of the Bastion Nymic dailies.
    • Herald’s Seekers no longer teleport if they are close to their leash range.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Lair of Maarselok
      • General
        • Changed the Eyes to the Sky achievement to award credit for defeating Maarselok without any member of your group being affected by the Blight Ball or Blighted Ground abilities.
        • Changed the Garden Master achievement to award credit by defeating the Azureblight Lurcher while it is enraged by Maarselok’s Blighted Ground on Veteran difficulty.
      • Maarselok in Flight
        • Gadnalon now shouts less frequently.
        • Maarselok no longer strafes the encounter space and has had his flight speed increased.
        • Increased the damage of the Blight Ball and is now cast more regularly.
        • Maarselok now leaves Blighted Ground behind after bombarding the Azureblight Lurcher.
        • The Azureblight Lurcher now spends less time idle between attacks and no longer slows itself when attacking.
        • Increased the damage of the Azureblight Lurcher’s Claw ability.
        • Reduced the damage of the Seeds of Corruption and added associated visual indicators.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Ruins of Mazzatun
      • Tree-Minder Na-Kesh
        • Avatar of the Hists will now correctly show damage done to them when you are wearing the Velothi Ur-Mage’s Amulet.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Fixed a number of animation issues that could cause problems involving NPCs including unusual clipping, eyes rolling in the backs of someone’s head, sitting on empty air, or walking over weird objects.

    • Fixed an issue that caused the Provisioning Stations' fish fillet feature to have no sound when filleting.

    Zeal of Zenithar
    • Honest Toil: Fixed the gold amount required to complete the guild trader transaction condition to 10,000, as it is now intended to be.

    • Made a small adjustment to the tooltips of some rare saltwater fish for overall consistency across trophy fish descriptions.

    • Fixed erroneous housing category assignments on several new furnishings.
      • Apocrypha Nightstand, Marble – Tea Tables > Nightstands
      • Necrom Lamp, Elegant – Candles > Lamps
      • Necrom Lamp, Standing – Candles > Lamps
      • Telvanni Box, Fungal – Trunks > Knick-Knacks
      • Telvanni Nightstand, Fungal – Dressers > Nightstands
      • Telvanni Stool, Fungal – Chairs > Stools
      • Telvanni Teapot, Fungal – Drinkware > Cookware
      • Wood Carving, Cat – Art > Knick-Knacks
      • Wood Carving, Dog – Art > Knick-Knacks
      • Wood Carving, Kwama – Art > Knick-Knacks
      • Wood Carving, Strider – Art > Knick-Knacks
    • Fixed a few naming issues where some furnishings had multiple spaces in their names or improper capitalization.
    • Fixed an issue where furniture containers from the Crown Store could show some of their items with a sell price.
    • Updated the name of the "Cliffracer Skeleton Stand" Antiquity furnishing to "Cliff Strider Skeleton Stand," to properly reflect the correct creature portrayed.
    • Fixed an issue with the "Apocryphal Well" furnishing where the well's oil slick was not displaying properly at first.

    • Agony's Ascent
      • Fixed an issue where the map for Agony's Ascent was temporarily overwritten with the map for Tel Rendys.
    • The Fair Winds
      • Reactivated the currents that were previously found in this home.
      • Fixed an issue on the top deck where the collision for the grates was offset in the wrong location, causing your character to float on the wooden part of the deck.
      • Fixed a gap that was between the door and the doorframe leading back out to the Ship’s Deck.

    • Sir Hughes' Fate: Odette Jerrick no longer walks around the room, which could sometimes lead to her deciding to go out for smokes and never come home. Nursing is hard work, I get it.

    • Fixed a visual issue with the merchant assistant search box after searching in inventory.
    • Fixed an issue where hovering over the backbar in the Armory when it is locked was not showing the proper tooltip.
    • Fixed an issue where ready check prompts were not showing up on some UI screens, such as at crafting stations or the Armory.

    • Arcanists will now be listed on the Weekly Solo Leaderboards.
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