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Whitestrake's Mayhem 101 - May 2023

Let's cut to the chase: It's Whitestrake's Mayhem time and you are about to willingly queue up for Player vs Player combat in order to get event tickets and other event rewards. Here's a guide to the basics of PVP that you might experience during this event.


65fe6s.jpg[img][/img]How do I get my Scroll of Pelinal's Ferocity for double AP and XP from Player kills?
Step 1: If you've never done the quest, visit the in-game Crown Store to acquire the “Details on the Midyear Mayhem" quest.
Step 2: Find the NPC Predicant Maera at either the Battlegrounds camp outside major cities OR your Alliance's Main Gate inside Cyrodiil. She looks like this:
Step 3: Finish the quest to get your scroll. If you've already done the quest, Maera will give you another or you can use the Basin of the Gore Virtuous nearby.
Advice: this scroll is one of the few buff items that can be used in Cyrodiil, so I'd grab the scroll and save it for future use.

How do I get into Cyrodiil?
Navigate to the Alliance War tab. Read through the Campaign Rulesets and choose one that suits your playstyle. Enter that campaign.
(Image from ESO Support, labels by me.)
Note: the higher the population bars are from 1 to 3, the more likely you are to encounter players from that faction. If a bar has the lock symbol on your faction, you may have a queue to enter that campaign.

Now that I'm here, how do I leave?
Travel back to either of your Alliance's Main Gates, i.e. the same place you go to turn in your daily quests or shop at the Golden Vendor. Near the back of the area, you'll see a wayshrine that lets you travel out to other PVE zones. You will also see a transitus shrine that will take you to any connected keep if you decide to stay in Cyrodiil.

How do I get back to my Main Gate fast if I'm in the middle of nowhere?
  • Use /stuck.
  • Queue for an Imperial City campaign, then exit from there.
  • Death Port/Blood Port, where you die to an enemy player or Alliance NPC deliberately.
  • Use a Keep Recall Stone if you've gotten one from Rewards for the Worthy.
  • Ride to the nearest connected keep and use the transitus shrine from there.

How do I get started with Battlegrounds dailies?
Go to the Battlegrounds Camp outside any base game starter or major DLC city (Davon's Watch, Daggerfall, Vulkhel Guard, Vivec, Alinor, etc.) Find Battlemaster Rivyn. He looks like:
He'll give you the prerequisite quest "For Glory" which asks you to complete one Battlegrounds match, win or lose. This unlocks the three Battlegrounds dailies.

How do I get into Imperial City?
Navigate to your Alliance War Tab. Choose the Imperial City option. Read the different campaign rulesets available, check the population bars, and queue for the campaign that best suits your playstyle.
(Image from ESO Support, labels mine.)

Advice: As before, check the ruleset and population bars when you choose a campaign. If you look at Red Diamond in the picture, it looks like there are a lot of AD players. This might be good for AD players, since they can find lots of allies. It also might be good for DC and EP players who want to fight lots of enemies for Tel Var. So be cautious about making assumptions about how easy Imperial City will be based on the population bars.

Advice II: Unless there is a Below 50 option for Imperial City this year, if you are Below 50, I'd suggest going to the No CP campaign because that will be the most comparable experience to how you play now. For leveled players, it's down to personal preference. I found that I preferred the CP campaigns because the miniboss NPCs that are common in the Districts and Sewers were tougher without my CP, but your mileage may vary.

Advice III: Bank your Tel Var before you do anything. When you deposit coin with a banker, you can change the currency to Tel Var and store anything you don't want to lose. Consider buying a Sigil of Imperial Retreat from an NPC Merchant in the sewer base if you want to use that method to get to safety.

Where are the Imperial City dailies?
In your safe underground I underground sewer base, there will be a room with six ladders, each of which will take you up to a raised platform in one of the Imperial City Districts. The questgiver will be on that platform.
Note: once you jump down from that platform into the District, you cannot get back up.
Note: AD players have noted that their quest markers tend to be buggy about directions

If you want to get multiple dailies at once, you need to go back down the trapdoor you climbed out of into your sewer base, and go up a different ladder to another District. Rinse, repeat for each daily you want.
Once you've finished the daily, the questgiver is back in your sewer base. You'll need to get back there to turn it in.
Returning players may remember that the IC dailies used to require the Zone Story as a perquisite. As of Greymoor, they are no longer required.

Now that I'm here, how do I leave Imperial City?
Most methods send you back to your underground sewer base. Once you are there, there's a central room that has one exit into the Imperial City Sewers. Directly opposite that door, there will be an [Exit] door that will return you to your last PVE zone.
Here's the Ebonheart Pact map as an example:
(Image from ESO Support, labels mine)

Methods to return to your Sewer Base:
  • Use /stuck. This will cost half the Tel Var you are carrying.
  • Die to an NPC or Player. This will cost half the Tel Var you're carrying.
  • Use a Sigil of Imperial Retreat. This costs 10k AP from an NPC Merchant in the sewer base and teleports you back to the base.
  • Sneak through the sewers to your bases entrance.
  • Queue for Cyrodiil, then once there, queue for Imperial City again.

Methods to leave Imperial City
  • Queue for a Cyrodiil campaign. This will put you at the Main Gate of your alliance, where you can find the wayshrine to travel to PVE zones or queue back for Imperial City to return to your sewer base safely.
  • Enter the dungeons White Gold Tower or Imperial City Prison.
  • While in your sewer base, use that exit door to travel back to your last PVE zone.
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  • VaranisArano

    Here's a rundown of the available daily quests in Cyrodiil, including my judgment on how easy or hard they are for a inexperienced PVPer or player who wants to avoid PVP to complete.

    Scouting: (VERY EASY) Obtained from your Alliance Base quest boards, this quest will send you to a random enemy-controlled resource, where the quest will prompt you to stop, jot down a few notes and return to base. This is easily completed from stealth, but usually requires lots of riding.
    • Tip: pick up the quest in a campaign where your Alliance is losing to get a resource nearby your Main Base or a nearby Keep, then queue for a campaign where your Alliance is winning to have a faster and likely safer trip.

    Battle: Capture a Resource - (MEDIUM) Obtained from your Alliance Base quest boards, the quest will send you to capture a random enemy controlled resource. You can get credit by being present when your alliance captures the resource or you can solo a resource yourself.
    • Tip: As long as no enemy players show up to defend the resource, this is an entirely PVE fight. There will be guards defending a tower, worker NPCs, and a few wandering guards. You need to kill the guards standing on the flag and stand on it long enough for the flag to change color to your alliance. Other people may have slightly different tactics they can share. When I solo a resource, I typically kill the guards at the entrance to the tower along with any nearby wanderers, go into the tower to kill the mage at the top, then rush out to kill the four guards on the flag. (I save my ultimate for players.) The guards do respawn, so it may take some practice to get the timing right so you can kill them all and flip the flag. Be aware that other players can see on their map (and on PC, their addons) when a resource flag is being flipped by another alliance.

    Conquest: (HARD) Capture 9 Resources - same thing as above, just 9 different resources, obtained from the Conquest quest board.

    Capture a Keep/Outpost: (HARD) If you have the quest active and you are on the grounds of the keep or outpost when it is captured by your alliance, you will get credit for the quest, whether or not you participated in the battle. Obviously, there's a high risk of PVP involvement with this one, even though technically you don't have to PVP to complete it.
    • Tip: Join a group or pay close attention to zone chat to figure out where your alliance is going to be attacking the enemy. Bring siege weapons like Ballista to break down the doors/walls or meatbags to kill enemy players.

    Conquest: (HARD) Capture 3 keeps/outposts, same thing as above, just 3 different keeps/outposts, obtained from the Conquest quest board.

    Conquest: Capture All 3 Towns - (HARD) Obtained from the Conquest Board, this quest requires you to take the flags (or be present when the town is captured for your alliance) at Vlastarus, Bruma, Cropsford. Each town has 3 flags that all need to be turned. Two flags have NPC guards, and the last flag has no guards (except in Cropsford, where all three have NPC guards now).
    • Tip: Like with resources, the guards will respawn and can turn the flag back to their alliance, so I recommend starting with the non-NPC flag so you have time to kill the others and flip their flags. You may run into enemy players who are questing in the town or enemy PVPers looking to capture the town for their alliance transitus. Bruma has a Dark Anchor which can also complicate matters.

    Bounty: Kill 20 Players / 20 Sorcs/Wardens/Templars/etc: (EASY-HARD)
    The difficulty of this quest depends on your playstyle. If you are new to PVP, here are some tips for scoring easy kills:
    • Group up with other PVPers. You'll see plenty of LFG and guild groups picking up players from zone chat. Don't be shy! Strength in numbers is a great thing in PVP when you are new. If you do join a group, try to stick with the group and follow whoever has the crown symbol. Grouping up will also give you credit from your groupmates' kills, though note that you must get the killing blow for achievements like Wrath of the Whitestrake.
    • Grab siege weapons and use them when capturing or defending a keep. Oils and Meatbag Catapults are your best siege weapons versus players, along with any coldfire weapons you get from the rewards. Ballistas and Trebuchets are effective against walls. If you are having trouble getting killing blows for achievements, siege weapons are a great tool!

    Conquest: Kill 40 Players
    Same as above, just more players. I've had issues with this quest before, so if you are grouped up and not getting credit for kills, try fighting solo alongside the group and see if you get credit.

    Cyrodiil Town Quests (VERY EASY)
    The Cyrodiil Town Quests are easy, entirely PVE objective quests where the real threat comes from other players. Be alert, be wary, and don't expect it to be a cakewalk like in PVE zones.
    (PVP Flags) Bruma: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Bruma
    (PVP Flags) Vlastarus: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Vlastarus
    (PVP Flags) Cropsford: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Cropsford
    Chorrol: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Chorrol ; https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Weynon_Priory
    Cheydinhal: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Cheydinhal

    Image Credit: https://arzyelbuilds.com/cyrodiil-daily-quests-guide-elder-scrolls-online/
    • Tip: Remember that all of Cyrodiil is a PVP-enabled zone. Bruma, Vlastarus, and Cropsford have Alliance flags. Cheydinhal and Chorrol are along travel routes for EP and DC respectively. Beyond this, many PVPers know that Questers flock to these spots and will fight players here for the double AP and Daily Bounty Quests. So stay alert for the enemy!.
    • Anti-Ganker Tip: both Stealthy and Tanky builds can make good use of detection potions and skills to spot or warn off gankers.

    Capture/Recapture an Elder Scroll
    Technically, you can do this one from the safety of your home base. However, it requires a certain about of patience and luck.
    You must have the correct Elder Scroll quest and be in Cyrodiil.
    Your alliance must capture the Elder Scroll and place it in its Scroll Temple or in a home keep.
    When the Elder Scroll is placed in its Temple/Home Keep, everyone in Cyrodiil with the quest gets credit for it.

    This method is best used on a populated, competitive campaign, because you are depending entirely on the PVPers in your alliance to go out, capture/recapture a scroll, and share the quest with you (unless you were lucky enough to get it from the Grand Warlord before your alliance grabbed the scroll). If you can't get your desired scroll quest from the Grand Warlord, you can drop the quest he offers and try again, or ask in zone chat for a group to share it.
  • VaranisArano

    If you’ve never done a Battleground before, Battlemaster Rivyn will give you the quest “For Glory!” which asks you to participate in one Battleground match, win or lose.

    The Daily Quests
    Let the Games Begin: Participate in five Battlegrounds matches.
    Test of Mettle: Earn one thousand Medal Points in a Battleground (not necessarily in a single match)
    To the Victor: Win three Battlegrounds matches.

    Again, the difficulty of these quests depends on your playstyle and the opponents you'll face. A few tips:
    • Stick with your teammates. Again, there is strength in numbers. If you've got Heals Over Time, use them proactively, and cross-heal your teammates when you can.
    • Play the Objective. If its a Capture the Relic match, don't play it like a Deathmatch. I found it really helpful to read over the different gamemodes before I started Battlegrounds the first time: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Battlegrounds
    • Adjust your build for No CP. If you normally play with CP, the biggest difference you'll feel is the lack of sustain. It'll feel like you are constantly running low on resources. So consider using a gear set that boosts your resources as well as food/potions that give you resources.
  • VaranisArano

    Before we get to the dailies, I'd like to talk about Imperial City’s unique mechanics. These are some things you need to understand before you can do well in the zone.

    First, Imperial City was designed as a difficult mixed Player vs Player vs Environment zone. I’ll let ZOS explain it:

    "The dangers of Imperial City and the Sewers below are best suited for small groups of adventurers, but highly skilled warriors have been known to strike out on their own. While exploring and fighting your way through the Imperial City, be prepared to face not only Molag Bal's forces, but also enemy players from the opposing alliances. Rewards that are unmatched in power await those who are brave enough to enter the Imperial City and claim them. Fight Molag Bal's personal guard, the elite Xivkyn, and other invaders from Coldharbour to win Tel Var Stones, the currency used to trade for mighty Veteran Rank 16 armor sets. But be on your guard—enemy Alliance members lurk around every corner throughout the Imperial Districts and Sewers. Should you fall to an enemy player, they can claim your hard-earned Tel Var Stones in their own quest for glory."
    -Imperial City Launch Details, https://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-us/news/post/25357

    Second, Imperial City is designed with a risk-reward currency that you can gain by killing NPCs and enemy players…and will lose if you are killed by NPCs or enemy players.

    Again, I’ll let ZOS explain it:

    “Since Tel Var Stones are so sought after and valuable, there is also a chance that you could lose yours. If a monster or enemy player within the Imperial City manages to kill your character, you will lose 50% of the Tel Var Stones you were carrying—and the enemy player will get all of them (split among anyone who helped to subdue you.) You will be able to see the amount of stones you lost in your death recap window. You can't lose Tel Var Stones outside the Imperial City (Districts and Sewers.)

    “In order to prevent high loses, you can deposit your Tel Var Stones in your personal bank; any banker in Tamriel is more than happy to accept them. All the Tel Var Stones in your bank are safe and can't be lost if your player character dies in the Imperial City. Of course, after you deposited your stones and carry no more on you, your multiplier will reset, too.

    “For those who want to avoid any risk, we've added quests, including repeatable ones, in the Imperial City that will reward you with a Tel Var Stone box. Unlike with Tel Var Stones you get by killing monsters and enemy-alliance player characters, you won't lose these boxes if your character is slain. You can take these boxes to your home base, open them in safety, and deposit all the Tel Var Stones inside straight into your bank. Doing so will prevent these stones from increasing your multiplier, but it keeps them safe. Or you just open them right where you got them … deciding if the risk is worth it is up to you!’
    Source: Imperial City Tel Var Guide https://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-gb/guides/imperialcitytelvar

    Third, Imperial City has two distinct regions - the Sewers and the Districts. Both have a lot of PVE mobs, minibosses, and world bosses who can really mess up your day.

    The Sewers have no control points, though there are plenty of choke points and narrow corridors as you move farther away from your home base. All three Alliances feed into the Barathrum Centrata. This large circular area has a Boss Fight with Molag Bal’s Simulacrum. I advise bringing a group to do this fight and staying alert for enemy groups who may also want to do the boss fight.

    The Districts are controlled by players via an NPC-guarded flag, and grant 33% extra Tel Var to whichever alliance controls that district. The three alliances will try to capture the flags of the Districts in order to increase their Tel Var gains and control spawn points. Your alliance must own a District in order for you to spawn there when killed. Otherwise, you will have to respawn at your sewer base. Killing Patrolling Horrors (World Boss) in the Districts will grant you certain rewards, including leads, event rewards, and some have their own monster helm.

    As a final note: Imperial City is tough, close quarters fighting with NPCs and Enemy Players. ZOS designed it that way. ZOS also included it in their events. They didn’t do that by accident.
  • VaranisArano

    Before you leave your safe Sewer Base, here are some wise preparations.

    There are a couple important locations to find.
    1. The Banker - deposit your Tel Var stones if you want to keep them. The option to Deposit Currency will default to gold, but has a small drop down arrow that will let you change the type of currency you want to deposit. Make sure you do this if you've been accumulating them from other events or daily log in rewards. I once forgot and died with 10k Tel Var on me. Oops!
    2. The General Tel Var Merchant - they sell the "Sigil of Imperial Retreat", which is a consumable item that allows you to teleport free back to the Sewer Base without losing Tel Var. It costs 10k AP, and may be useful if you don't intend to use one of the other options for how to return to your Sewer Base. If you buy it, make sure to equip it on your hotbar so you can use it quickly when you need to.
    3. The door to the Sewers - each alliance's base opens into one area of the Sewers. If enemy players are hanging around right outside of this door, you'll need to use the next location, the ladders, to bypass the Sewer door and drop into the sewers from the District entrances.
    4. The ladders to the Districts - there will be a room with six ladders which lead to the six districts. Climbing the ladder will take you up to a safe spawn tower in each district.

    Check the state of the Districts to see which alliance owns them. The map might look something like this for an EP dominated Imperial City, though note that one District is being attacked. You can guess there will be enemy players near that district.
    Image Credit: Deltia's Gaming ESO-Imperial-City-Zones.png

    Finally, if you want to see if there are any groups of players doing the dailies, the Sewer Base is a safe spot to organize.

    Where are the District Dailies?
    You'll need to climb the ladders. Most of the daily quest givers will be on the spawn tower. If you want to grab more than one daily at a time, you'll need to go back through the trapdoor, climb another ladder, go back through the trapdoor, climb another ladder, six times. It's annoying, but I recommend picking up all the dailies. I found that having all the dailies made it easier for me to progress when I died and had to respawn in another district.

    Please note that if you jump off the spawn tower, you cannot get back up without dying and respawning in that district. You'll have to get back to your sewer base by another method to talk to the quest giver again. AD players, be aware that there are reports that some of your quest arrows get buggy.

    District Dailies
    A note on ranking - as with all PVP quests, they can be very easy if there are no enemy players around and very hard if you cannot avoid/defeat the enemy players who come to fight. I’ve ranked these based on my difficulty doing them on a non-PVP, non-stealthy build. My main criteria were how exposed the quests left me to being spotted or attacked by enemy players. It was common for me to complete one quest step, die, complete another quest step, die, and so on until I finished the quest. Your mileage may vary.

    Arboretum: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Historical_Accuracy
    (HARD) - Fighting the five Daedroths/Atronachs meant that I spent a lot of time exposed, and worse, ripe for a shot in the back while I was distracted with a mini-boss. I completed this one in stages, killing a few daedra, dying to players, coming back later and killing a few more. The Daedroths are more common around the edges of the district near the pillars and doors near big piles of burning books.

    Arena District: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:The_Lifeblood_of_an_Empire
    (VERY EASY) - If you use something that may or may not be intended. So, ZOS knows about what I’m going to say and has neither said its unintended nor fixed it. So your mileage may vary.
    From your spawn tower, sneak on the top to the edges and use ranged skills to kill the daedra/free the prisoners nearby. Be careful, because enemy players can knock you down if they see you. (You could also attack them, so its fair game.) If you want to be even safer, just sit in the Sanctuary portion of the spawn tower and wait for the players on the edge to kill daedra/free prisoners for you. It’ll take awhile, but you’ll be safe.

    Word of Warning: PVPers can also read these guides, and thus know that players like to sit up in the tower. This might not be as easy as you are hoping for. Also, its probably not what ZOS had in mind when they designed that quest. Finally, bring a book to read or something, because its boring.

    (EASY-MEDIUM) - If you do it as intended. Honestly, I’ve never had a problem with jumping down off the platform and running around until I found enough citizens to release. Its a much quicker and easier version of the Arboretum quest. It was definitely quicker than sitting up in the spawn tower. That might be different if there’s a bunch of enemy players camping the area because they know there’s a bunch of players sitting up on the tower, so be aware of your surroundings.

    Elven Gardens: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Dousing_the_Fires_of_Industry
    (MEDIUM): This one requires running over the whole district and interacting with certain objects. Also, watch out for miniboss Kazarvel Scathe-Knight in the foundry/forge area. I’d strongly recommend a stealthy character for this one, better to avoid players and packs of NPC enemies as you move through the District.

    Memorial District: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Speaking_For_The_Dead
    (EASY-MEDIUM): While the fights are easy, the terrain is very exposed and I worried I was going to get backstabbed the whole time. A stealthy character should be able to knock this one out easily. A non-stealthy player may need several tries.

    Nobles District: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Watch_Your_Step
    (MEDIUM): Like in the Elven Gardens, you’ll be running to all four corners of the District, so either be prepared to fight a lot of NPC packs or sneak past them. The locations are less likely to be camped because of the NPC mobs around, but you may encounter enemy players at the same objective.

    Temple District: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Priceless_Treasures
    (HARD): This quest itself is easy, but it features a number of easily campable locations. Again, it would be easy if no enemy is around, but I’d be on high alert for gankers. Detection Pots or methods to suppress stealth like Radiant Magelight will be very useful for when you have to interact with objects.

    When you finish a quest, you must return to your Sewer Base in order to turn it in.
  • VaranisArano

    Most are pretty self-explanatory.

    Blessed/Chosen/Hand of the Whitestrake: this requires gaining Pelinal’s Boon Boxes, obtained from doing daily quests or earning Rewards for the Worthy by gaining AP.

    Pelinerrif Insurgent: to capture an Imperial City District, you need to defeat the three guards at the district flag that will be close to White Gold Tower. You need to stand there until the flag changes color to your alliance, so I recommend that you block and stay very alert for gankers/enemy players, since they can also see on the map that someone is capturing a district.

    Wrath of the Whitestrake: this achievement requires 50 Killing Blows, that is, you must get the last hit on your opponent. If you struggle with PVP, here’s some ideas.
    • Using Siege weapons in Cyrodiil - they do a ton of often unavoidable damage from a distance
    • Using light attacks in battle - you have to do damage to get killing blows, and this increases your chance of getting lucky
    • Killsteal with executes - executes proc extra damage at low health, so its a lot easier to get killing blows if you use an execute when your opponents are vulnerable.

    Personal Note: I got Wrath of the Whitestrake over about five days on my MagDK healer by using siege weapons and spamming light attacks in battle. Its doable.
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  • ZOS_Icy

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    Thank you for your understanding.
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  • disintegr8
    I'm just hoping they fire up extra campaigns like they used to do. I've taken 2 or 3 years off, so aren't sure if they still do this.

    My only tip for new PVPers is that death is inevitable and not to take it personally. You will get ganked and t-bagged, just count to 100 if you get annoyed and keep going.
    Australian on PS4 NA server.
    Everyone's entitled to an opinion.
  • VaranisArano
    disintegr8 wrote: »
    I'm just hoping they fire up extra campaigns like they used to do. I've taken 2 or 3 years off, so aren't sure if they still do this.

    My only tip for new PVPers is that death is inevitable and not to take it personally. You will get ganked and t-bagged, just count to 100 if you get annoyed and keep going.

    They have the last several times as well. I only wish they'd spin up a Below 50 Imperial City Campaign for players who use that option for the Cyrodiil/Battlegrounds tickets.
  • Lauranae
    By respect to VaranisArano, i am removing my post from this one, which should only be reserved to his great guide

    Edited by Lauranae on May 8, 2023 3:32AM
    My most recent characters
    AD - Columba nera NB
    --Gran'ma is away from the game for resting after Covid and 9 teeth removed as she is totally knocked down -
  • FrancisCrawford
    One reason the Arena District quest is easy -- there are two ways to free any prisoner or pair of prisoners.

    1. Interact with them as per the quest arrow.

    2. Fight the NPCs right around them, if any (and there usually are). You don't have to win a fight with NPCs to free prisoners. You just have to start one with the NPCs guarding the prisoners, and the prisoners are automatically freed.

    Edited by FrancisCrawford on May 11, 2023 2:15AM
  • VaranisArano
    Folks, this is the appropriate thread to leave your feedback on forum moderation re: moving threads.

    If we could keep this thread for its intended purpose of Whitestrake's Mayhem 101, that'd be great. Thanks!
  • chessalavakia_ESO
    One reason the Arena District quest is easy -- there are two ways to free any prisoner or pair of prisoners.

    1. Interact with them as per the quest arrow.

    2. Fight the NPCs rogjt around them, if any (and there usually are). You don't have to win a fight with NPCs to free prisoners. You just have to start one with the NPCs guarding the prisoners, and the prisoners are automatically freed.

    I could be mistaken but, my impression was the freedom triggered on CC/Death not on the engagement.

    Edit: Nope I was wrong. Hitting each enemy is enough.
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  • FrancisCrawford
    One reason the Arena District quest is easy -- there are two ways to free any prisoner or pair of prisoners.

    1. Interact with them as per the quest arrow.

    2. Fight the NPCs rogjt around them, if any (and there usually are). You don't have to win a fight with NPCs to free prisoners. You just have to start one with the NPCs guarding the prisoners, and the prisoners are automatically freed.

    I could be mistaken but, my impression was the freedom triggered on CC/Death not on the engagement.

    You're mistaken. I've did it twice recently, including once tonight, and it worked just like it did before.
    Edited by FrancisCrawford on May 9, 2023 8:45AM
  • Tommy_The_Gun
    For those who just want event tickets and they don't enjoy PvP:

    - IC - The Arena district daily quest can be done without even jumping down from your respawn. All you need is a ranged attack as many mobs you need to kill for that quest respawn within the range. Also, if other player from your allaiance interacts with the npc and you are near (yes, even above, without jumping down) - it will count, you don't even need to group with them. The risk is minimal.

    You can do this quest before event starts and if you have more than one character - then you can do it more than once & just hand over one quest each day.

    - Cyrodiil - Scouting quests - those are quite easy and those also have low risk. Don't use "main roads" (between Keeps or Outposts) but instead go a little bit side ways to avoid gankers. Gankers will be mostly focused on "main roads" and city questig hubs (yes, unfortunately during PvP events griefers will try to find easy pray in those). To further avoid enemy players you can use Night's Silence set (crafted, removes sneak speed penalty) and use some speed buffs to run while being invisible / stealthed. Again, avoid main roads and use less popular passages (bridges & mile gates). Once you scout the objective type /stuck as this is the fastest way to get back home.

    Tip: Quests to scout objectives are random, but those have tendency to scout enemy objectives. So you might want to join campaign where your allaiance owns nothing as the chance of receiving a quest to scout something that is near is greater. Then you can leave Cyrodiil & queue for the Campaign in which your allaiance owns more objectives and port to the keep you need to scout. It can be a little bit time consuming in the 1st days of the event though (queue times).

    Another advice is to do those quests BEFORE event starts on as many characters as possible. That way you can just hand over 1 quest each day.
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  • NordSwordnBoard
    Don't be afraid to ask for help. Some may be rude. Many like myself will enjoy helping and doing things like escort missions for boxes during off peak times. I love to dispel the notion that its so bad you just cant.
    Fear is the Mindkiller
  • Crown
    Here's some more guidance: https://darkelves.com/mayhem/
    Crown | AD NB | First AD/NA Grand Overlord (2015/12/26)
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  • BergisMacBride
    I do my ticket quests a few weeks early on my chars so I won’t have to bother with it during the event. That saves me time for the campaigns. Not a big time PvPer but I’ve come to love this event. I start with my main and work through each char getting them to max level for the campaign (doesn’t take long with the buff and the low level torte. Get them all max rewards and extra jewelry for those that end up in winning campaigns. Plus, each char gets 50 transmute stones for reaching the first level of the campaign. Great way to accumulate them. It’s a win, win, win for me.
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