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[REQUEST] Allow option to NOT play IMMEDIATELY against the same player again

It is really frustrating to be pitched twice or more often against the same strong players. So I ask to have an OPTION(!!!!) to avoid the same player for a specific delay (e.g. 15 min).

I explain: If a player wanting to queue for a ToT match checks that option before queuing the match finder will prevent in the following queue to make a match if the same players would play against each other within let's say 15 min after the previous match. When this delay expires the match finder does no longer check if these players have just played against each other within the last 15min (or so) and if the option was checked by one player.

This would potentially increase waiting time for the player with active option but that's his choice.
  • NeKryXe
    We should have at least an option to never repeat an opponent in the same game day. I mean, in ranked matches, because in casual it's ok. This kind of mess never happens in Elder Scrolls Legends, it's quite easy to fix. But I think that they are forcing matches with same opponents intentionally for some reason. I can't understand why, but it happens.

    A couple of days ago I got stuck with two players. With one player I was always winning and with the other mostly losing. :smiley: In both cases it was super boring for all, because we already knew our level so we were just relying on luck. Ridiculous. I even intercalated the TOT matches with dungeons and other tasks, but it didn't solve. Even after many hours I was still stuck with the same two opponents. So, I asked some guildies to join the queue on ranked TOT, to test if we were really the only three players online and even so, I still got matched with those same opponents and they got different ones.

    I really don't understand why this happens on ranked matches, it shouldn't. But as you know it happens a lot everyday.

    A few months ago I made the same request and some said that it could be related to few players online. But now we know it isn't. It happens even when there are other players online. But even if it is, we could have an option in setting to decide if we accept or not to be stuck with the same opponent.


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  • Abstraqt
    If people are complaining that they were stuck with the same two people all day then surely it is an issue of the playerbase currently online? A solution for this would be for Zos to incorporate an anonymous match up where neither player would know who they are fighting. Therefore reducing the emotional issues of fighting the same person time and time again.
  • RCubed1967
    I hate the idea of anonymous matchups. Players have consistent strategies based on biases and heuristics. We can use game theory strategies against them. Use the information on how they played the last game to your advantage instead of backing away from it.

    As an example, I know that one consistently top player will always choose Sorcerer if I choose Rajhin, so I use that to my advantage. I know the deck they will take and how they will work it. Another player always pushes patron victories early. If I do not know who I am playing takes away significant strategies that I use.

    RNG dictates in ToT on who we play and what cards we get. I don't have a problem with that (except that the first player advantage is still too big).

    The major a problem with is the RNG of the ranking system. Fixing the ranking system properly will also fix issues such as playing against the same person 20 times in a month (which is useless). Let's play and be scored based on our abilities, not RNG.

  • HappyDan
    Idk I once played like 8 games agaisnt the same person back to back in a row, I've won like 5/6 out of them so we were fairly matched (first game he threw).
    But I did get couple of times matched agaisnt someone who dunked on me 2-3 times, and the losses weren't closes dude *** destroyed me. It was a bit annoying, but if you get a strong opponent just wait 30 seconds before queue'ing again.
  • NeKryXe
    HappyDan wrote: »
    if you get a strong opponent just wait 30 seconds before queue'ing again.

    That doesn't work. When the algorithm matches you systematically with the same opponent, even if you try a couple of hours later, if that player is still queuing you'll be matched again. And the problem isn't about how strong the opponent is, even if you get stuck with a weaker player this shouldn't ever happen.
  • NeKryXe
    Abstraqt wrote: »
    A solution for this would be for Zos to incorporate an anonymous match up where neither player would know who they are fighting.

    In a way, it would solve everything, because no one would be interested in playing ranked again. :smiley: Competitive matches are about who plays who. If suddenly all players were anonymous, it would basically be the same as playing with an NPC. :smile: Currently I don't know anyone in the game, but I do know names, and I identify gameplay modes by names and it motivates competition.
  • Ye_Olde_Crowe
    NeKryXe wrote: »
    In a way, it would solve everything, because no one would be interested in playing ranked again. :smiley:.
    I would still play the five ranking matches, because I want the trophies; I just love to have small stuff to clutter up my homes with.

    But ya right, when I first played ranked I played three out of the five matches against the same opponent.
    Later I ran into the same person time and time again when I just needed those Orgnum patron moves for the achievement. Luckily they owned and used Orgnum.

    PC EU.

    =primarily PvH (Player vs. House)=
  • spartaxoxo
    I think anonymous matches could have it's good and bad sides. There is strategy to facing certain opponents, but also it might be less aggravating to face the same person over and over if you don't even know it's happening.
  • Seraphayel
    My solution for this: just wait a minute to queue again. I have this happen when I instantly queue again after a match. I guess both players just want to keep going and then you end up with the same opponent. If you wait half a minute or more before you’re queuing again, there‘s in most cases a new opponent.
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